12 Best Solana NFT Projects / Collections in 2022

NFT is a digital asset that proves ownership of digital items like images, art, video games, or virtual land. This is one of a kind digital asset that can take the form of GIFs, tweets and more. They exist on a blockchain currency & give the buyer digital ownership rights. Its features are:

  • Solana is the fastest blockchain globally and the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning Defi, NFTs, Web3 and more.
  • NFTs (Non – Fungible Tokens) are increasing in popularity, and Solana NFTs are starting to take the spotlight.
  • Solana’s low gas fees make the blockchain an attractive choice for new NFT projects or investors.


List of the 12 best Solana NFT Collection

Cereal Club

This NFT is available on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of algorithmically genera table munchers. The popularity of this is increasing day by day, and when you are among the first 10,000 club members, you will get access to the Seiko system.

Degen Toonz

Degen Toonz is one of the most highly-talked NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain, with more than 15k active discord members and minting exactly 8888 NFT attributes on the open sea marketplace. Changes in the eye, clothes, random gifs, and much more make each NFT original and unique.


It describes itself as a deflationary collection of degenerates, misfits, and punks. Its features are its DUST token, which powers the entire DeGods ecosystem. By buying an NFT, you may earn a certain amount of DUST per day and receive access to the DeDAO channels via Patricia.


This is the most popular NFT collection on Solana in the past 30 days and is none other than LUX, a virtual reality Metaverse experience bringing together NFTs, gaming, entertainment, virtual real estate, and more.

LUX features its three main collections: LUX Entertainment, LuxAI, and LUX Real Estate, the latter being the most popular. It combines popular aspects in Metaverse applications like play-to-earn, stay-to-earn, social media, and digital events.


This is one of Solana’s most anticipated play-to-earn NFT games. This is a Japanese RPG with PVE and PVP mode where players can be involved in war using their NFT.

It employs the exact play-to-earn mechanism as Axie Infinity, with players competing to win NFTs and AURY tokens, which can be used to purchase goods and boost their chances of success.


SolPunks is like Degenerate Ape Academy and has specific characteristics that set them apart. There are three different categories: type of solpunks, attribute counts, and attribute types.

This is now trading on Solanart at a floor price of 5 SOL while ranking third in total volume sold, at 418.4k SOL.

Lotus Gang

This group of 2,000 Lotus Lads and 2,000 Lotus Ladies dressed in Asian-inspired costumes on the Solana Blockchain.

Its concept is inspired by Cryptopunks and Solana Monkey Business, with Asian-influenced qualities added to the characters.

The Lotus Gang is a community-driven NFT initiative to develop tools and information to assist investors in navigating the Crypto/NFT environment.

Chains, helmets, and Asian-inspired apparel such as saris, sherwanis, bhangras, Thai crowns, and samurai armour are all included with each Lotus Gang NFT.


This gang is limited in number with rare traits. They call themselves angels with fears, anxieties, wrong turns, and still leading a righteous path.

They are available with various traits: they differ in Types, shades, face tattoos, smoking style, earrings, beak colour, and hats.

They are further divided into four gang roles:

2970 or 89% of them are Thugs. 9% or 315 of them are Enforcer, 0.9 % or 25 are Underboss, and one thug bird is Boss. Rappers are rarest among them. They include Nas, Jay-z, Biggie, Tupac, mob deep, and Outcast. They are currently listed on the Solana marketplaces, but they aspire to be listed in all NFT marketplaces.

Pesky Penguins

Pesky Penguins is a Solana block-chain-based deflationary collection of pixel art penguin NFTs. The group initially had appx 8,888 penguins; however, the current number of penguins accessible is 8,588.

This is due to an NFT burning process known as “The Snowball” by its inventors, which eliminates the cheapest penguins from circulation.

The Snowball NFT burning function is auspicious, especially given how cryptocurrencies like BNB have risen in price due to their token burn mechanism. And this can be purchased at Magic Eden and DigitalEyes with a current floor price of 4.50 SOL.

Flamingo Party

This is the Solana NFT ecosystem’s latest bird, which skyrocketed in the second markets after a slow stealth mint.

After a successful stealth mint (1,111) that took Appx 3 days, the team started the work to get listed on Alpha. Art and Magic Eden. It took two days to get listed on Alpha. Art, and as soon as the “Mingos” hit the secondary market; the Mingos heated you.

Little Noot

This NFT (2,222) is a derivative of Pesky Penguins, but alongside the hundreds of derivative NFTs, Little Noots is fantastic, fun, and promising. If it is compared to the other NFT bird projects, Little Noots aviary is teeming with utility:

  • Little Noot DAO via Grape.
  • $NOOT Tokens earned by staking Little Noots.
  • McNoot Nests are minting- residences to host Little Noots; 5% of secondary sales of McNoot Nests is redistributed to Genesis Little Noots holders forever.
  • 3D NFT Little Noots.

Solana Monkey Business

This Gen2 is a collection of 5000 unique 24×24 generative pixel Monkeys on the Solana blockchain. Its metadata is stored on Arweave, a permanent decentralized data storage. All the monkeys are generated from 99 possible traits spread over six layers, with some monkeys being rarer than others. The monkeys feature owner-exclusive advantages, including NFT IP ownership, access to MonkeDAO, a community-run DAO, and overall pure vibes. Reject Humanity, Return to Monkey.



What’s the most popular Solana NFT marketplace?

Ans. Opens. The biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea, has boosted the Solana NFTs after being added to this platform.

Does Solana support NFT?

Ans. Following last week’s official teaser that support was coming, NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain network are now available to trade on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace by volume.

Can you lose money on NFTs?

Ans. It’s important to remember that, due to the costs of making NFTs, there is the possibility that you could lose money on your creation.



Thus, the best SOL NFT marketplaces to focus on right now are MagicEden, Solanart and Solea. You can say these are the digital assets that can take the form of GIFs and more. They are on a blockchain currency & give the buyer digital ownership rights.

If you are not using the Solana blockchain as an NFT creator, you may check them out as they might impress you well enough to switch blockchains.

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