7 Best 3D Character Creator Software for Windows Free

Character design today requires the use of 3D software. The options for concept artists or professional designers in charge of creating 3D characters for diverse projects are growing limitless thanks to these effective technologies. To have an optimum output, you must use good software to design the correct figure.

3D modeling software enables you to work on a variety of projects, including sculpture, painting, and texture. Some are better for representations, while others are more suitable for filmmaking. There is also software designed specifically for 3D character creation, making it easier to work on morphologies and expressions to produce a unique character.

There is software for everyone, from beginners aiming to better their 3D skills to experts wishing to increase their tools. The best free 3D character maker software is listed below.


7 Best 3D Character Creator Software for Windows Free


MakeHuman is regarded as one of the best character creator tools among professional animators. Anyone can use the software to generate 3D characters because it is open-source. This free 3D character designer software works with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Animators can use the MakeHuman software to create characters utilizing the morph targets.

Using so many sliders, creating a character with this software is simple. You can use those slides to deal with a variety of characteristics, including weight, height, gender, ethnicity, and more. The program is great for designing three-dimensional human characters.

This Tool is suitable for beginners as it has a user-friendly interface. Selecting a gender to create 3D characters is easier.

Body parts can be easily customized.

The disadvantage is that Clothing and accessories are limited and there is no way to add scars or wrinkles.


Daz Studio

Daz Studio is a free rendering and compositing program. This tool will allow you to customize characters to meet your requirements. Inside Daz Studio, there are several platforms to choose from:

Victoria 4 is a high polycount model with a big number of morphs to apply to your 3D figure. You’ll be able to work on body morphing with Genesis. Genesis 2 and 3 are ideal for practicing movements and articulation. Genesis 8 will help you to produce realistic renderings and work on your characters’ expressions. To construct more realistic figures, you can quickly export your design to the 3D modeling software Maya. Additionally, 3D models that are optimized for 3D printing can be created.



Blender is a character maker for Windows that is open source and free. It is a widely used and advanced software for 3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, simulation, visual effects, game creation, video editing, rendering, and scripting, among other things. This software can be used to build a variety of objects, including 3D characters, however, it is difficult to do so. Therefore, before using Blender to create characters, I suggest people watch this character modeling tutorial.

You can make a character in this program by importing and scanning a photograph of a real person, importing 3D model files (3D Studio, X3D, and so on), and using predefined solid models like Sphere, and Cylinder, and so on. It also comes with a slew of extra tools for carving base solid models or 3D files into characters.

The following are some of the most important tools for creating 3D characters:

  • Pose editor for character animation.
  • For autonomous movements, Non-Linear Animation (NLA) is used.
  • For rapid poses, use IK forward/inverse kinematics.
  • Automatic skinning, envelope, and skeleton
  • Simple weight painting
  • Mirroring capabilities
  • Colored groups and bone layers for an organization.
  • Interpolated B-spline bones

You can save or export a character in 3DS, FBX, PLY, X3D, STL, and other formats after it is created.



DesignDoll is another free Windows program for creating 3D characters. Initially at the tool, you’ll see a default doll model on the dashboard.

The Model Tag tool allows you to modify the 3D character to your liking. You’ll discover tags like Positioning, Scale, and others in addition to Model Tag. While the Scaling Tag allows you to adjust the length and thickness of your characters, the Position Tag allows you to build 3D characters in various states.



ZBrush is a versatile 3D character design program that takes a playful approach to 3D character creation. It allows you to shape, texture, and paint virtual clay using configurable brushes. With a real-time environment, you may obtain rapid feedback on your work and make changes in real-time. ZBrush is the same tool used by film studios, game developers, illustrators, and other artists. In summary, you can use your ideas to build 3D characters quickly enough to stand out in today’s fast-paced market.



The next free open source character maker software for Windows is Bforartists. This software includes a full 3D suite for creating 3D material. You can use it to make game visuals, prerendered videos, and still images. It is very similar to Blender in terms of functionality and offers the same set of features and tools. Characters are also created using foundation 3D models in this software. You can, however, use this software to design a whole character from scratch. You may import external 3D files in a variety of formats, including 3D studio, X3D, FBX, and others.

After importing a model, you can view it in many layouts such as Animation Layout, UV Layout, Compositing Layout, Scription Layout, and so on.

To build a character using this software, you’ll need a lot of talent, therefore I recommend watching these tutorials to learn more about how it works and how to make characters with it. It, like Blender, has a plethora of tools, which adds to the software’s complexity. It is, nevertheless, an excellent software for creating 3D figures and animations for skilled users.


Autodesk’s Maya

In our category, Autodesk’s Maya is the top 3D modeling program. It also offers 3D modeling, simulation, and rendering capabilities, all of which are supported by a comprehensive toolkit.

The software may be used for everything from animations and environments to virtual reality, character creation, and motion graphics.

Apart from outstanding VFX effects, the Time Editor function makes creating animations extremely simple and quick.

The Arnold RenderView, on the other hand, allows users to see changes in scenes such as lights, materials, and cameras in real-time.

Furthermore, the motion graphics toolbox aids with the creation of animations that include quoted objects and complex routine effects.

The UV toolkit in the software also allows users to build and edit UVs collaboratively, similar to Maya modeling operations.

Other notable characteristics include cached playback, quick performance, and a pleasant working environment.

Reallusion developed iClone, a 3D software designed specifically for animation work. Animators, filmmakers, and even video game developers employ it in their work. It’s professional-level design software. Freeform body morphing, facial animation, and bodily motion may all be done using iClone. Character Creator, a superb method for creating fully-rigged characters for animation projects, is one of the many creative tools available in this software. It will enable you to create a limitless number of human faces and bodies, which you can customize to your liking. You can improve your character’s movement as well.



Creating 3D images, whether for games, videos, or movies, is an art form. Any art requires not only the necessary talents but also the greatest software to produce characters. So, select wisely from the list above and get started developing your design talents.

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