A Brief History of YouTube

Just two decades ago streaming video over the internet was considered to be a thing of science fiction but today YouTube is taking over the world and changing the way people consume the content.

YouTube has only been there in our world for a decade now and the consumption of video content has been going up since then. people are changing the way we use to learn things and communicate our messages.  YouTube has been the third largest search engine after Facebook and Google.

This all started from Elon Musk’s Paypal company, Paypal was one of the first to make the electronic transaction possible, and from PayPal, many successful entrepreneurs have gone on creating many successful Technologies. They are also known as the Paypal Mafia, The Paypal employees have gone on creating Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Elon Musk had created two companies, one in space exploration and the other is the all-electric car company, Tesla.

After PayPal three of its employees thought of creating a dating website where you can upload your photo for some other to watch it and fix the time and meeting of the date. Initially, it was called Tunein and will serve as the foundation for the making of YouTube.

One of the Founder members of YouTube was finding it very hard to find a particular specific video of Jannat Jackson and he was not able to find that video anywhere on the internet and. One of its founder members realized the lack of that video created was creating the market need for such kind of video platforms or search engine based on videos only. And that will go later on changing the content sharing platform, YouTube was born in a restaurant cafeteria in California.

The first-ever video that came on the YouTube platform was by its founder member and it was titled as me at the zoo and from there at the beginning of YouTube started. YouTube reached its first million when Nike uploaded a product promotion video, Nike was very well impressed by youtube as being one of the great potential platforms for promotions. In 2005 the site even received a venture capital of 2.5 million dollars and in 2006 and YouTube had a deal with CNBC for forming the media for the digital age and after all these big hits it called up the attention of tech giants like Google and YouTube was acquired for  1. 65 billion dollars and Google called YouTube as one of the revolutions of the future. Buying YouTube was one of the risky things for Google because during that time Google only had 65 employees and buying YouTube for such a huge amount was looking into the project and growing it with one of the biggest potentials that it had. YouTube fulfilled.  Google expected and became one of the fastest-growing websites of the internet during that year and this was just the beginning, it was going to be the most searched search engine for the year.

 during the 2007 YouTube partner program came into work and this changed completely about videos that were uploaded on YouTube because with the help of the YouTube partner program the user who is uploading the video and can earn from it by the video advertisement that comes in between the YouTube videos. Therefore many people started using YouTube and making a living from it, many personal videos of people spending time in their daily life were uploaded that changed the way and YouTube became one of the personal sites to the users and for the first time, the normal people could turn their hobbies into a business. A year later, successful people on YouTube were able to make 6 figure income from the YouTube partner program and even the presidential campaign was announced with the help of YouTube and for the first time, the user-generated videos were able to improve the debate.

Many of the big companies started opening them on the YouTube channel to reach their demand markets.

After YouTube live streaming feature was added and it also became a great hit and for the first time user, it meant that the people can watch the live wedding or the Olympics any other ceremony from the YouTube channel directly and can communicate with the help of chats with the other users.

YouTube was doing much bigger things and was influencing world history. And from there YouTube did not a look back and despite the many of the great feature was added in the YouTube, but regardless of these features please website keep on getting the exponential growth that it receive the years after starting, and with the short amount of time it has become one of the greatest cultures of our world.

 YouTube is going to replace TV watching, as YouTube is also offering their premium TV streaming for the TV advertiser to publish their ads and run like in televisions.

And all of this started from three best friends who are trying to find a particular video that didn’t exist and it’s funny to see how things go far from that.


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