Advantages of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics offers us the tool to create not only real-world objects but also objects that are abstract in nature such as 4D mathematical models. There are many application and advantages of computer graphics in real world. Some of the main advantages of computer graphics are mentioned below –



The high-quality graphic displays help us to easily communicate with the computer systems. For example, the graphical user interface is the medium of communication between the user and the computer. It utilizes bit mapping and a mouse which enables us to interact with the computer graphics that are displayed on the computer screen. 



There is a plethora of software that enables us to create animations with computer graphics. These animations are used for a wide variety of purposes such as for understanding, entertainment, business, etc. 


Control animation

The control animation is one of the aspects of computer graphics that allow a user to control fine details that are present in the animation. These control animation aspects can be speed, the geometric relationship between objects, the total scene in view, a portion of the view, etc. The computer graphics enables the user to control all these fine details in animation.


Motion dynamics

With the help of computer graphics, we can also control the motion dynamics of the graphics. With the motion dynamics, the user can move the object with respect to the stationary object, also the user can make the object stationary with respect to some moving object. For example, the 360 views in Google Maps, which enables the user to take a 360 view of the environment on the device. In this case, the environment is moving with respect to the stationary user. Also, there can be cases where both the user and the object moving.


Update dynamics

The computer graphics also offers the facility of update dynamic. The update dynamics can be used to change the shape, size, color, or other properties of the object.



With the help of computer graphics, the user can create virtual 2D as well as 3D objects. The augmented reality and virtual reality are the concepts that are gaining popularity and this is all possible due to the discipline of computer graphics. We can create objects that are not present in the real world but with the help of the right hardware and software, the object can be virtualized to be displayed either overlapping with the environment of the world or completely overtaking the environment. 

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