Advantages of Computer

The advent of computers has really added value to our day to day working. There are various advantages of computers that help man to work better and improve the quality of life.


Computer increases productivity

The person who is experienced in operating any software on the operating system is more productive because they can do tasks more easily such as the writing of the text material and designing on the software that would have been a cumbersome task if they would have opted for writing the same thing on the boards and papers. This has improved our productivity as now if we have an idea about any design we don’t have to search pen and paper we simply have to open our computer and draw them with software and send them to anyone at any time and also you can trace them back very easily which is not at all possible in real life.


Improved communication

The earlier way the people used to communicate to letters but soon the telegraph replaced the letter and the telephone replaced the telegraph. Now today the computer has taken over as the new form of communication between the population and today the transfer of information from one place to another is easier and much cheaper than it was at the time when the postman delivered the letters to the addresses. The communication emotions have changed among the people, now they do not have to follow any particular protocol like in Letter where they require stamping and addressing correctly. Now they only have to type and send the message and the information is delivered within fractions of seconds. This would have been magic to a person who has lived in the era of letters and posts.


Reduction of wastage

Computers have greatly reduced the usage of papers. The books that were printed and published are now typed and uploaded and also available to people instantly rather than waiting for the papers to come at a specific period of time. Ebooks are the best example that people have changed the behavior of reading. The books are converted into the form of audio and are readily available online for use. 


Data storage

Today we are generating a humongous amount of data that we have ever had in the 19th century. The advent of the internet has led to understanding users on the basis of their behavior on the internet and this has led to the storming of the data. The data capacity of the computer has been improved significantly and this is all due to the technology advancement. Today we are introduced to the concept of cloud computing and big data which is dealing with real-time data and processing then on servers rather than computers. The cloud computing has significantly changed the way we use technology and this has led companies to change their data storage center to be replaced by the cloud computing that is owned by Amazon and Google this help then to handle the real-time data which is coming and any spike in traffic which would have been not supported by their servers.


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