Best AI Image Upscaler Websites Online Free [2022]

The importance of employing relevant and high-quality images to capture your audience’s attention is clear when you take these statistics into consideration. Unfortunately, digital noise and inadequate quality are present in 78 percent of the photographs published to the Internet. AI scaling technologies should be useful in this situation.


Best AI Image Upscaler Websites Online Free

VanceAI Image Enlarger- Best for AI Upscaling Quality

The top spot on our list belongs to VanceAI Image Enlarger since it not only provides an 8x AI image upscaler to upscale low-resolution photographs without sacrificing clarity, but also a specific AI anime upscaler that specialises in upscale small anime photos up to 16x.

Image Enlarger, offered by VanceAI, can be your excellent choice if you’re looking to upscale and save a low-quality image, whether it’s a product photo, a blurry landscape image, or an old photo for Instagram. This is because it comes with flexible scales to choose from, allowing you to scale up images by 2x, 4x, 6x, and even up to 8x. When AI is used, unwanted blur and random noise can be automatically removed.


Icons8 -Upscale Image for Free

You may upscale images online for free using icons8, an AI-driven image upscaler. With this machine learning-based picture upscaler, you can increase an image’s size by two or four times without sacrificing quality. When used to upscale image resolution, it can also automatically fix flaws in your pictures.


Deep Image AI -Best for Bulk AI Image Upscale

A useful AI image upscaler that works with both Windows and Mac OS is Deep Image AI. For customers to effortlessly upscale images both online and on their mobile devices, this online image upscaler has developed an app. Now is the time to add AI photo upscaling functionality to your mobile app. Keep in mind that both registered and unregistered users are limited to images that are 5000 by 5000 (25 megapixels) in size.

Additionally, you may get additional AI-powered tools to enlarge photographs by reading Image Enlargers Review.



Waifu2x is an image upscaler driven by AI Deep Convolutional Neural Networks that works well for anime-style graphics. Additionally, this AI upscaling tool can upscale images online and offers picture processing. The functions to upscale an image are quite good, despite the UI of its website being poorly designed and arranged. You could upload from a local file or enter the URL of an internet image. When compared to the other image upscalers mentioned above, this one’s 2x image upscaler may be somewhat constrained. It also supports noise reduction.


Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an online photo upscaler that aims to achieve 4k upscaling without sacrificing quality. This image resolution upscaler employs methods for enhancing colours, recovering lost textures and features, removing compression, and more, and it can increase a photo’s quality by up to 16 times.

AI picture upscaling would be a simple task with the best image upscaler. You could only upscale images using the free function to 4K. You must purchase a premium plan if you want to accomplish 4k upscaling and faster processing. Please keep in mind that the free function has a 15 megapixel and 15 megabyte limit, and that if you upload an image in the JPG or JPEF format, JPEG noise will be removed during processing.


Up Scaler

People can upscale their photographs up to four times using the internet tool Up Scaler. With the use of AI picture upscaling, this image upscaler was able to upscale images without compromising on quality while also analysing the upscaled images to add any missing elements. The maximum image size is 5 MB, with a 2500 pixel width and height restriction. This AI image upscale tool is excellent at upscale cartoon, anime, or other synthetic images, making it a terrific anime image upscaler.


Upscale Pics

A website called Upscale Pics allows users to increase image resolution without sacrificing quality. The ability of this image upscaler to upscale images to any desired size up to 2X is fantastic. It enhances your photographs with details, giving them the appearance of having been taken by a professional photographer thanks to the AI upscaling algorithm. A free trial plan is available for Upscale Pics.


Crea8tiveAI – Photo Upscaler

You can upscale photographs by 16 times in 10 seconds with Crea8tiveAI, an AI image upscaler. This AI photo upscaling tool is a fantastic option if you have small images that you wish to upscale before printing. In contrast to traditional methods, this online picture upscaler employs deep learning to increase image resolution without lowering the quality.


AI Upscaling Solution – Imglarger

Imglarger deserves to be at the top of this list of image upscalers since it makes it simple to upscale images without sacrificing quality. Right, this platform allows you to upscale photographs online, and the free plan allows for 19 images every month. You must sign up for a Premium plan, which costs 14.99 dollars per month for 99 photographs, or a Pro plan, which costs 39.99 dollars per month for a bigger number of images, in order to have more images upscaled.


Zyro – Free Image Upscaler

Zyro is an intuitive picture upscaler that enables you to employ deep convolutional neural networks to upscale images. Using it is free. You can process an unlimited number of photos. However, the production quality falls short of expectations. This free online image upscaler can be a fantastic choice if you just want to upscale photographs without thinking about the quality.


Image with – Topaz Gigapixel AI

In this review of picture upscalers, Topaz Gigapixel AI beats out the competition. It can upscale photographs without sacrificing quality and reduce image shaking. This AI-powered image upscaling programme can fix the problem in the image after processing when it comes to image blur. The picture upscaler has been trained to learn the characteristics of detail and noise through millions of tests and trials; as a result, it can eliminate motion blur and make handheld photographs appear to have been taken with a tripod. This image upscaling programme, which is supported by AI machine learning, can precisely upscale your low-resolution image into full-resolution files that you can truly use and add the lost features in the process.



BigJPG is renowned for processing anime photos and illustrations and upscaling pictures without sacrificing quality. Colors, details, and edges are all thoroughly filled throughout this procedure. Also supported by this picture upscaler is API. The picture upscaler currently has set a restriction for an uploaded photo of 3000x3000px and 10MB, so keep that in mind as well.



Free software called GIMP can upscale pictures without any quality loss. If you’re a technical type, you can optimise the app because it is open-source. There is a wealth of additional free open source software available on its official website. It is something you must not miss if you are interested in that.


Pixbim Enlarge AI

Pixbim Enlarge AI gives excellent results without sacrificing image quality and is based on potent machine learning techniques. Through insightful analysis and precise prediction, it functions as an AI upscaler that can automatically fill in missing pixels. The details in the image can also be improved when you utilise it to expand it.


AI Sharpener Scaling

Based on superior scaling technology, AI Sharper Scaling is a free photo enlargement programme. It allows for up to 400 percent photo enlargement while maintaining image quality. It is only compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and is offered as freeware.

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