8 Free Logo Maker Tools That Use AI [ AI Logo Generator ]

Logo makers, also known as logo creators or logo generators, are web-based programs that allow you to generate a logo in minutes. Some need you to enter your company’s name, choose an icon or font from a stock library, and select custom colors to match your brand. Others are more open-ended, giving you a blank canvas and a set of icons and tools with which to create your logo.

AI logo maker is a simple and quick way to create a logo for your company. It is also the most affordable option! However, before you make a decision based just on speed and cost, consider all of your design possibilities.

There are four ways to obtain a logo from minimum to maximum cost

  • Working with a design firm; 
  • Working one-on-one with a freelance designer.
  • Holding a logo design contest.
  • Using an internet logo creator.

Using websites to generate logos will be more effective and convenient than other methods.

Here are some things to consider while selecting the finest logo maker for your requirements

  • Ease of use – some logo creators perform most of the work for you, while others expect you to start from scratch.
  • Price — some logo designers are completely free, while others charge if you want a high-resolution version of your logo.
  • Some logo creators have comprehensive drag-and-drop interfaces and a large number of design features, while some are relatively constrained.


Best AI logo Maker Tools That Use AI


One can begin Vistaprint by providing the company name and supplementary text, such as a slogan or the date of establishment. Then, to assist the logo builder in finding suitable iconography and color combinations for your logo, one can input more information about their company. The final step is to browse and choose the desired logo. They may also alter the company’s name or tagline here.

After choosing your logo, one can begin editing. To download the logo, one needs to create an account, but there’s no need to pay.


Wix Logo Maker

 Wix’s logo creator asks a few simple questions before automatically creating a logo template. After answering the questions one can then have complete control over the design, including colors, font, text, and sizing.

The best thing is that a custom-looking logo will be provided for free, along with complete commercial rights (meaning one can use it for business and profit without knowing who holds the license). They can even download the source files for the logos (in SVG format) to use on everything from the – company logos to t-shirts.

To use the logo maker, users must first create a Wix account. The silver lining is that it also grants significant exposure to their business name generator and website builder. As a result, it’s the perfect shop for a startup company.


Themeisle Logo Maker

We’re excited to present you to our Themeisle Logo Maker, which has a user-friendly UI. It can assist you in creating a professional logo for your entire online presence. In particular, the multiformat method saves time. Your final download includes all the pre-sized PNG files you need for social media, as well as favicons and (free!) SVGs for your website design, all from a single logo design.

It’s a terrific alternative for quickly creating and downloading a simple logo because it comes with several pre-made themes and icons. You can change the templates to make a wide variety of logos, including abstract, combination, and pictorial markings.

The design studio is simple to use, with endless color combinations and unique font options. You can edit the wording before downloading it at any time, giving you plenty of opportunities to test and iterate before actually making the final decision.



Zyro is a free logo generator that prioritizes simplicity. To get started, you won’t need to register an account or take any extra steps.

Begin by entering your company’s name and tagline. Second, decide which shape will serve as the foundation for your logo. You can pick from thousands of choices by simply typing in a keyword. Finally, make changes to your logo. Change the font, color, and size of the words and place them wherever you want concerning the shape. When you’re finished, save the PNG to your computer and use it on everything from your website to your company logo.



Canva has been around for a while, offering both free and paid templates for social media photos, posters, invites, business cards, and other things. A huge number of free and paid logo possibilities are included in their amazing template lineup. Start with one of their free templates and customize the text, colors, fonts, and other elements to match your company’s identity.

What you see doesn’t appeal to you? Use the simple drag-and-drop functionality to add your graphics or elements from Canva’s large library of free materials to the logo template. Create a PNG, JPG, or PDF file from your design. Using your free logo, make letterheads, business cards, and more on the site.

The only disadvantage is that anyone could use the same templates, so you may find similar ideas floating around the internet. It doesn’t take much more to give these free logo designs your particular touch and get a skillful logo at no expense with a little imagination.



Users can start the design by selecting 5 logo samples that they like, as well as colors and industry. They can then choose up to five icons to put with the logo. Users should make an account before accessing the results. After that, they can select one’s favorite logo and make their order.

At first, I was concerned by the platform’s visuals, which consisted primarily of rudimentary icons. However, Designhill does a wonderful job of combining them with appealing color schemes and inventive typography. Finally, I was astonished by how many of the designs were able to make the simple icons work for them, especially considering that they were the same icons used by other logo designers.



Shopify’s Hatchful is a basic logo maker. In just four to five clicks, one can create a slew of templates. It includes an easy-to-use interface which is perfect for beginners. To begin, choose your business location and then follow these steps:

  • Choose your specialty.
  • Choose your look.
  • Name your website here.
  • Tell me where you’ll put the logo.
  • Choose your logo from a wide range of options.

If necessary, you can make more changes to your logo. Every downloadable logo bundle will include photos for your website and social media profiles in various resolutions.



Ucraft gives you a blank canvas on which to build your logo by dragging and dropping icons, text, and shapes. You can look for specific icons using the search bar, and there are many basic options to pick from. If you become lost, a helpful chatbot is available to help.

Because ucraft’s concept is based on an open canvas, it assists users in producing high-quality products by providing as many alternatives as possible. It also implies that the logo’s quality is determined by your abilities. The software not only has over 1 million icons, but it also has a full-color spectrum tool and interfaces with Google Fonts to deliver a wide range of typefaces. Some people may find all of these options overpowering, but if you have the time and a good eye for design, you can create something fantastic.



If you want to do things yourself, one of these logo makers is an excellent option. If you’d rather have someone else design your logo, we also have a page with some ideas on how to get a logo developed. While it may not be as inexpensive as these tools, it is probably not as costly as you think!

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