Free AI Meme Generator Online Websites [2022]

Making memes is straightforward thanks to a broad variety of free tools and programmes. A fantastic strategy to counter being made into a meme about someone else is to create your own meme. Here is a little introduction to getting things going.

5 Best Free AI Meme Generator Online Websites

Github meme-generator

You should be familiar with the GitHub meme generator. It has one of the best meme creators when it first came out. You can follow the instructions on the GitHub meme-generator to make the funniest meme possible. With the most simple user interface and a tonne of simple-to-use meme-making tools, this platform is a no-brainer. In addition to being free, there are lots of customising possibilities available.


With all the users, there is a sizable community. There, you can first share your masterpiece and look at others’ to obtain inspiration.


There should be more features.


Imgflip – This Meme Does Not Exists

These captions are produced by a deep artificial neural network. Other than a cap on the maximum text length for sanity purposes, there are no hardcoded parameters for creating text. By defining the prefix text of one or more characters, character-level prediction allows you to modify the final text. It works well to create a prefix out of a person’s name or other brief content.

The network’s neural nets were trained using the top 48 most well-liked meme templates from the Imgflip meme generator. You run the possibility of encountering foul language because the training data was not filtered for obscene language.


With just one click, extra text boxes can be created.

The font size, colour, and width can all be changed by users.


Fewer features.

AI Meme Generator

In the fall of 2020, this was started as a capstone project for the Machine Learning: Deep Learning programme at Johns Hopkins University. To improve upon prior attempts, the main engine for producing meme captions was a pre-trained GPT-2 language model from the Huggingface transformers library. From Imgflip, over 800,000 meme captions were edited.


Eventually, you’ll be able to personalise your memes with hundreds of stickers and emoticons.

Additionally, you can change the font, size, and colour of the text that you add to a meme.


Quality problems occasionally.


It’s pretty unusual for meme creators to offer merely the fundamentals. Kapwing’s efforts are about to bring about a shift in that. For creatives and social media influencers, it’s a cutting-edge video editing tool. You can utilise the mobile apps for Android and iOS of the web-based programme to make memes while on the go.

From simple text-over-images to maps of the US presidential elections, Kapwing offers a wide variety of designs. Despite its complexity, all of its features are accessible thanks to the user-friendly design.


Limitless watermark-free videos are available.

Suitable for people in the creative industries.

Exemplary customer service.


It’s a Web application.

Meme generator 

One of the easiest things you can do online is use a meme generator. It puts the content in the right spot for you and gives you rapid access to the most well-liked memes. For instance, the “Change my mind” meme will immediately display whatever text on the sign. Even after you’ve entered the text, you can rearrange it.


There are countless varieties of meme templates.

Places content in the meme automatically.

Strong search features to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.


There should be more features.



In an effort to simplify the world of online editions, they founded iLoveIMG. Thus, batch image editing is now a breeze! If you do, you’ll have more time for other issues. This extensive book covers just about every type of picture alteration you can imagine. You can even make animated GIFs with just a few clicks. And if that weren’t sufficient, it’s totally free.

Our small engineering team works tirelessly to ensure that you have the greatest experience possible while using our services, always keeping in mind that you are the primary focus of all they do. But we’re still racking our brains for brand-new, cutting-edge tools to employ.


A database with hundreds of different meme forms to select from and alter.

Strong organisational and search tools to make using the database simpler.


Required to sign in.


You can make your meme with InVideo and share it with your friends. Create emoji, text, stickers, and other kinds of memes using the platform. The all-time most popular meme will initially still be updated. Additionally, creating memes is straightforward thanks to the user-friendly design, and millions of people will be happy to share your funny memes.


Numerous meme templates 

Supports GIFs 


Fewer features.

Make a meme

Create your first meme right now! You may make a wide range of memes, like this one, using the Make a Meme generator. Simply upload your images, edit them with some text, and export them in the format of your choice. Various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube, allow users to share memes.


Layer assistance

Pleasant user interface

Tools for powerful editing


Registration is necessary.

Memes Maker

One of the most popular applications for creating original memes is Memes Maker. This programme, which has more than 30 million users, may be used without any prior experience with image editing. You may add your material and publish a meme in a matter of seconds using one of the millions of available templates. All of the videos in Memes Maker’s repertoire are accessible, from The Mank to Game of Thrones. It’s possible to alter sporting events. No matter what kind of memes you want to create, you should pay attention to the all-in-one platform.


30,000,000 users

Many meme templates

Supports GIFs and videos 


No cutting-edge features.


Use our online video editor to edit your video, then select an aspect ratio and start uploading your movies. If you don’t have have video content or are seeking for something different, take a peek at our Stock Library. Here, you may access more than 800,000 royalty-free audio and video resources. By looking through their library of motion pictures, you can find memes. Simply drag and drop it into the timeline to include it in your movie. The language can then be changed to reflect your own style.


Countless images and illustrations

Adaptable text editor

Options for social sharing


Ads that appear when saving.

To give your humour a visual representation, use the online meme generator. It is totally free. You can import films, GIFs, and photographs all in one place. It is incredibly user-friendly because importing is as easy as dragging and dropping. Nine different customizable meme templates are available through the meme generator.

You can select one, type a caption, and alter the font used for the text. Additionally, the user interface of this online meme maker is simple. With a few simple clicks, you can quickly and simply create humorous sticker memes. You must upload the video or image and begin altering it using the built-in meme template in order to create a meme using the meme generator.When you’re done editing, you may either save it to your device or share it on social media.


Canva goes above and beyond other websites by providing you with professionally made templates for your memes. You have access to more than a million stock images. Compared to other websites, it has a considerably wider selection.

However, you may also upload your own photo, edit it with pertinent text, and then make a meme.


A huge selection of stock photos

Ability to use your own photographs to make memes.

Adding filters to photographs is an option for your memes.

Font and text colour changes are available.



You can produce your own memes whenever you want by using an online meme generator. All you need is your text concept and a source image. Your meme will be available for download from the meme generator you are using in a matter of minutes. Following that, you can store it on all of your devices and share it with friends. The best part is that you can create all of these memes for free using an online meme generator.

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