Best AI Story Generator Based on Prompt Online Free [2022]

An AI story generator is a piece of software or online service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and supervised learning to create new stories, books, plotlines, and other things on an automatic basis.

The AI story generator is a specialist AI writer who only writes stories with the help of AI. The AI Story Generator assists you in finding the correct words and produces well-written fiction that stands out by quickly generating unique, original story content based on your suggestions.

They employ advanced story-generating algorithms (SGAs) to turn textual prompts into extended stories – or at the very least, to recommend the next few phrases for you. Users may choose how thorough their input will be, then produce ideas in as low as 15 words to avoid writer’s block.


Best AI Story Generator Based on Prompt is one of the greatest AI narrative creation tools available, and it will always deliver the best outcomes. You’ll be able to compose intriguing and innovative stories without any difficulty or writer’s block if you use this tool. I’ve been using this tool for over a year and have had no problems with it.

It’s a fantastic tool with a simple UI that allows you to write fascinating stories and novels with your voice without difficulties. It also aids in the development of your writing abilities, allowing you to write more effectively.


  • One of the greatest tools for long-form writing is, which allows you to quickly produce stories and novels.
  • It has several powerful features, templates, and shortcuts.
  • There are also infinite words, plagiarism, Grammarly assistance, and 25+ languages supported.


  • No more disadvantages were found in using this AI Story generator.



DeepStory is one of the user-friendly  AI script generators. It allows you to easily generate, save, share, and download any AI script. You can use more than one existing film as a starting point for the narrative, background settings, and characters.

To adapt the example movies offered before and come up with a fresh creative script, you may specify the genre and duration restriction of the sequences. When you’re ready, hit the start button, and the AI story generator will create one for you.


  • The simplest and most self-contained variant.
  • Users can choose genre and cast options.
  • Can write an endless number of scripts for free


  • Only a few reference files are available.
  • There are fewer characteristics to describe the script.
  • The stories developed by AI don’t appear to be penned by humans.



ClosersCopy is another fantastic AI narrative generation tool that you may find on the web. Its sophisticated editor may help you break through writer’s block and get started producing long-form stories and novels with ease. This AI story generator application may be used to create any form of material, including stories, plotlines, dialogues, music, eBooks, website content, emails, and more.

ClosersCopy is an excellent AI narrative writing tool that will undoubtedly assist you in overcoming writer’s block. It is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective AI-generated article writing solutions among all other AI Story generators.

It has exceptional output quality, limitless usage, a lifetime deal, and a 30-day 100 % money-back guarantee. To summarize, I believe ClosersCopy is the greatest AI-generated content writing tool I’ve ever come across on the internet.


  • ClosersCopy’s “Premium” and “Unlimited” subscriptions include lifelong discounts.
  • It has a good framework builder as well as community frameworks.
  • This tool’s output quality is excellent for story and book writing.


  • Not as straightforward as or ShortlyAI.


Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is the AI narrative generator for you if you want to use as many words as you like because it doesn’t use a payment system.

For individuals who need to produce intriguing and innovative stories or novels, ShortlyAI is another fantastic AI story writing tool. This tool may be used for a variety of writing projects, including narrative writing, book writing, copywriting, and sarcastic blog posts. It, like, assists you in enhancing your writing abilities and assisting you in becoming a better writer with less effort.

And if you’re thinking about starting to write long-form content (like stories or novels), this is a must-have tool. In addition, if you’re unsure about their cost, I recommend starting with their monthly plan and then upgrading to their annual plan (of course, once you get used to it).


  • For story and book authors, ShortlyAI is an amazing AI writing tool.
  • It has an affordable cost and limitless usage (obviously, with a fair usage policy).
  • It includes a good long-form editor and allows you to compose stories without being interrupted.


  • Absolutely none, however with the acquisition, has shifted its emphasis to


Rytr AI

RYTR is a dynamic application that generates blogs, taglines, sales material, short stories, and webpage fillers using a powerful AI short story generator. You may start the AI story generator right now by launching the app, selecting the language and tone, content type, and marking keywords.

Once the material is created, you may use the finest SEO analyzer application and formatting icons to edit, tweak, and rewrite it. You may also use it to work directly with Shopify or WordPress systems.


  • There are about 30 languages and 20 tones available. 
  • Drop-down menus with vivid descriptions of the concepts 
  • You may change the material later using the mobile application. 


  • It doesn’t function well with lengthy scripts. 
  • Keywords are limited.


Talk to Transformer

Talk to Transformer is an extraordinary platform for excellent content creation using artificial intelligence. It provides insightful and expressive content as per the user subject requirements using cutting-edge technology.

It gives good experience in language translation. It provides a wide range of translations into many languages. The user interface of talk to the transformer is straightforward. and are the same websites. When you search for in any browser, it will redirect you to A sample prompt can be chosen by users, or they can create their unique prompt and explain the concept. Users should type a word, sentence, or paragraph in the text area when they need a unique writing style. Users are allowed to choose the writing style that best suits their requirements from a wide variety of styles available to them.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Different writing styles.


  • A free version is limited, so users need to update the pro for the best use of tools.


SassBook AI story Generator

SassBook AI story generators are helpful for bloggers, digital marketers, journalists, students, storytellers, simple & small emails, or social media post content creators. Sassbook AI Writer helps the users in making the flawless ideal words that best suit them. It creates content that is well-written and unique based on the user’s suggestions. SassBook AI story Generator will work beyond our skills in writing content. Users can create content by simply typing the keywords and selecting its originality level. It is based on three prospects

  • Conservative.
  •  Balanced.
  • Inventive.

Users can use these prospects to decide the narrating style of their story.


  • Powered by modern AI. 
  • Excellent source of content.
  • The amazing word quick summary generator.


  • Creative content is only available for the Pro version. It allows content creation of up to 100 words with 6 creators creating at the same time.


Plot Generator

Plot Generator helps the users to create plot lines for the character in their story. It offers free cloud-based software so there is no need for users to download or install anything on their PC, mobile, or laptops. Users can create input-based AI-generated stories, even though the story is still being developed and the reference scripts are not readily available. Whenever you reach the landing page you will find three different fields:

  •  Protagonist.
  •  Sidekick.
  • Villains.

Users can select any of these three choices to define their character for story narration. They can even add particular renowned scenes of legendary characters to make the story more impressive. Users can create input-based AI-generated stories, even though the story is still being developed and the reference scripts are not readily available. Users can use any of these tools like the random selection option to complete the content writing. It generates content by itself without any human help. 


  • Contains tools useful for creating movie scripts, short stories, impressive and well-known characters, and genres.
  • Generates output quickly. Users can fill plot generator forms with random inputs and check what their output looks like.
  • Plot Generator website allows users to publish their story once it is ready. So that the audience can read and vote on it.


  • Requires more input from the user. Most of the tools require either brief templates or two or more lines of words about the story for producing the content. But in Plot Generator the process is lengthy as it requires more words about the story which makes it time-consuming.
  • No account is required. So users aren’t able to save their work.
  • It allows users to copy-paste and alter the content from anywhere. It will not be safe for the users as they may lack security.



One of the best tools which create or generate text automatically is InferKit. The developer of this tool is  Adam Daniel King. It has a web interface so that the user can use it without installing or downloading it. It provides higher efficiency in creating the words. Users can also download the API version if they require it. Inferkit uses OpenAI processing modules such as GPT-2 and Natural Language. So that the users can easily generate their stories from internet sources or any other documents. Users should type a few words related to their stories for creating AI-generated stories. Based on the words it can generate content. Users can give the specifications such as sentences, paragraphs, or entire stories for the story generation. 


  • User-Friendly.
  • Very simple as it makes the neural network generate stories with a given few texts.
  • The free version allows users to generate up to 10,000 characters per week.


  • Can’t be used for heavy work as it allows only 10,000 characters.
  • Giving instructions or selecting the tone of the story can’t be chosen like other tools.
  • No templates or tools are available for paraphrasing, extending, or compressing text.
  • Hard to understand some of the advanced settings.
  • Hard to use some of the unfamiliar tools.


AI Writer

The most effective tool which provides the best-automated story generation is AI Writer. The style of content created by AI Writers is always different from the style of the content generated by other AI-based story generators as it allows users to create drafts of their work. Users can decide whether to finish the article or leave it uncompleted. References provided by the applications will help the users to find and confirm the relevant information. It also helps them to check whether the information is real and reliable. Users can find their drafts just by entering the headlines on the search bar of the tool. It helps users to create content on a wider range of topics than other tools which concentrate only on a small number of topics. Text Rewording feature helps to create fresh and unique features. 


  • Very simple to use as it will create a complete page of content users can modify whenever necessary.
  • Creates realistic content from trustworthy sources. Because of this reason, it requires less time for checking a nonfiction piece.
  • Produces a complete page of content based only on the title and gives more content about the story which helps the users to get more ideas about their fiction.
  • Contains Publish to WordPress feature.
  • SEO-friendly content helps to get a faster ranking in search engines.


  • Need to give the best words that suggest the concept of your story if the user chooses story creation based on a single word.
  • Users always need to rewrite the flow of the article once it is generated as it requires some modification related to the user’s expectation.
  • Provides better performance only on nonfiction stories as the fiction story contents are not creative because of factual research and search engine optimization.
  • Limited only to English as other tools like a jasper, talk to transform provides multi-language access.


Article Forge

Article Forge helps to create lengthy content by utilizing certifiable AI story creation software. Article Forge will be the best tool for a novelist or story writer who wants to finish their work without getting stuck.  It produces real and fascinating AI-based stories and novels. It creates high-quality content by using deep learning and natural language processing (NLP). This tool can be used to write blog entries, scripts, stories, novels, and other kinds of content in addition to stories and novels. It creates long-form content which gives more engaging to readers.

Automatic Publishing of the content to the blog and Copyscape features are available which makes it give unique content. Copyscape provides 100% unique content so users will never get duplication in their content.


  • One of the first oldest AI story generators.
  • Cost-effective with good features.
  • Copyscape is available which checks the content and avoids duplications.


  • Not Efficient as Shortly AI and Jasper AI.



StoryLab is another story generator that allows editors to generate content from scratch. Users can use this content for various blogs, stories, and ads.

It includes three step

  • Content selection.
  • The content formation is based on the keywords given by the user.
  • Select the AI to generate unique content.

It improves the content based on the SEO checklist given on the home page. This also makes the users alter their content if necessary. It produces content in ten different forms which will be helpful for business users.


  • Suggests blog title and introduction for the content using the keywords given by the user.
  • Very creative in making content.
  • Provides marketing content for business promotions.


  • It doesn’t produce lengthy content.
  • Doesn’t provide plotline and character narration.

How to Generate AI Scripts, Stories & Novels (With Examples)?

There are many AI story generators available online which will be helpful for the users to create their content. Each tool has its own way of functioning and some require more input from the user than others. However, all of these tools can be used to generate AI scripts, stories, and novels. To get started, simply choose a prompt or title and enter it into the search bar on the respective website. Follow us.

Creating Novels with DreamPress is an online Novel generator and can write many chapters of the Novel based on your input. It is AI-powered and can help you come up with ideas for your story. You can use this tool to get ideas for the plot, characters, and settings. You can also use it to develop ideas for your novel.

Watch the above video to get a good understanding of using this AI-based Novel Generator. To summarize you will have to enter the title of your Novel along with a description. Then you will have to select the genre for your Novels such as fantasy, fiction, adventure, and many more. Then AI will start to generate multiple paragraphs and will ask for your input for selecting the best one. And this process will go on repeat for as long as you want.

Creating Short Story Script with AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game that uses AI to generate a story. You can start by choosing the genre of your stories such as fantasy, mystery, or horror. You will then be asked to enter a description of your character. After that, you will be able to choose the actions of your character and see how the AI generates the story based on your choices. AI Dungeon is a great way to generate short stories or even novels. However, you will need to have a good understanding of how AI works to get the most out of this tool.

FAQ for AI Story Generator 

What are AI Story Generator Tools?

AI Story Generator tools are computer programs that can generate realistic and fascinating stories.

Can AI Generate Stories?

Yes, AI can generate stories. AI Story Generator tools use deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create realistic and fascinating stories.

How AI Story Generator Works?

AI Story Generator works by using deep learning and natural language processing (NLP).

What is the best AI Story Generator Tool?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different preferences. However, some popular AI story generators include Article Forge, Shortly AI, Jasper AI, and StoryLab.

How to make an AI Generated Story?

The steps to make an AI-generated story are: 1) Choose a language; 2) Decide on a tone; 3) Select your use case; 4) Type the words. After completing these steps, you will have the AI-generated story right away!

Can AI write a script?

AI can write a script. AI Story Generator tools use deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create realistic and fascinating stories. ScriptLab is one AI story generator tool that can write scripts. 



AI story generator programs are intended to assist in the creation of creative material utilizing simple inputs. Any AI story creator may develop a storyline, build a story background, and write out the story material with the needed keywords and instructions using artificial intelligence principles. While AI cannot independently create a story, it can provide significant help to users in the creative process. These AI story generators are becoming increasingly popular as they can provide valuable assistance to writers, content creators, and even businesses. As AI technology develops, these tools will likely become more sophisticated and user-friendly.

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