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Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian Youtuber, Unacademy’s top educator, Public Speaker, and Influencer. Aman Dharttwarwal is the founder of 5 YouTube channels – Aman Dhattarwal, Apni Kaksha, Apna College, Hustlers Bay, and Aman Bhaiya Vlogs. He is also one of the early educational content providers on YouTube. 


Aman Dhattarwal’s School Years

Aman Dhattarwal was born on 4 March 1997, in a small village of Rajasthan. The two most close things to the people of Rajasthan are Army & Sports. Aman and his family had to move from Rajasthan to Delhi due to his father’s job. 

One day Aman’s father asked him which Sport Aman wanted to play, Aman replied with Cricket but his father said cricket is an 11 player game and if you have the passion then you will do great at lawn tennis. So, in third grade, Aman took tennis seriously and started practice during breaks at school. Aman practiced lawn tennis for up to 5 hours every day, and he did this from his third grade to eleventh grade. During this time he also switched many schools –

From 3rd grade to 6th grade – Laxman Public School

Form 7th grade to 10th grade – DPS Vasant Kunj

From 11th grade to 12th grade – DPS Rk Puram

During his time at DPS Vasant Kunj, Aman played lawn tennis for the school at the national level school competition and brought back the silver medal for his school. Also, in the first place was the DPS RK Puram, so when Aman switched his schools he was determined to bring gold to RK Puram. 

Aman also says that playing tennis was one of the best things in his life. Tennis taught him many valuable lessons in life and gave him the spirit of never giving up. 

Aman says that he was a good student and scored well up to his tenth grade but in eleventh grade everything was different, the syllabus increased and he paid more attention toward studies than playing tennis.  

Aman joined a coaching institute in his 11th grade and when he realized that it was costing him much traveling time and self-studies were more valuable, then he dropped out of the coaching in his 12th grade. In his 12th grade, he opted for personal tuitions also during that time 12th-grade marks were also counted in JEE Mains Rank. All the hard work paid off and Aman Scored 95 percent in his 12th boards.

Aman Dhattarwal appeared for JEE Mains in his 12th class and his all India rank was 6024. With this rank had choices NITs/IIITs/NSIT/DTU. During 2015 8 people were given a 1.25Cr package from Google in NSIT and this motivated him to opt for NSIT. With a rank of 6024, he was offered the IT Branch whose packages were nearly equal to CS Branch. During that time Aman’s father also asked him to take a drop year and prepare for IIT but Aman thought NSIT was good enough for him. 

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Aman Dhattarwal’s Life Story at Apna College

Aman Dhattarwal’s College Years

Aman explored various societies in his college years, he tried in dramatics society, dancing society, debate society, and so on and had been rejected by many of them. And the reason that he tells for his exploration is to overcome his shy nature. He then found the rapping society that clicked with him and he continued to write rap after his colleges also. 

Soon two years of college time was over and the third year started. During the third year of college, students started taking internships in companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc and they used to pay good sums of money in their internship period.  Aman did not sit for the internships and seeing his friends in the internship made him think about what he has to do in his life. At that point, Aman was making studios for other creators and also learning about freelancing and affiliate marketing along with his YouTube Channel. And with this, his third year of college came to an end. 

As the fourth year of college started, companies also started coming into colleges for placement. The first company that came into the college was Microsoft that offered a 40 lakh per annum package and this was around august 2019. Aman was determined for doing something of his own and he did not sit for the placement. When his father asked Aman about placements then he replied that if within a year he failed to achieve a certain amount then he will start preparing for government services. 

Aman also says that seeing the offers of 40 lakhs in placement made his heart heavy and made him question himself. And for some weeks the worries caught him which also affected his work. He says that there were days when he was not able to work. 

One day Aman was watching a video of Graham Stephan about “How I became a Millionaire in Real Estate by 26”. This video led him to think if a person who is 26 years old can be a Millionaire then when can’t he. He started to write some of the ways that he can make his first million dollars on the whiteboard, and came up with some ways that were able to make him only around a quarter-million dollars only. He tells this incident led him into a thought process which led the things started rolling, so it is very important to first make your goals no matter how big, and the universe will give you ways. 

He has started up to 5 YouTube channels and also is one of the top educators on Unacademy. He graduated from his college with the highest package which came from his entrepreneurial journey.


Aman Dhattarwal’s YouTube Journey

On 7th July 2015, Aman Dhattarwal posted his first video Titled “Tips for class 12 Board Exam You should Not Miss (DPS RK Puram)”. This was his first video which could be found on his main channel (Aman Dhattarwal). When asked about his first video Aman said “The video is a proof of what I started with and What I became today, and so if I can do it then anyone can.”

Aman Dhattarwal’s First Video

Aman Dhattarwal continued to make videos that added value to students who were appearing or going to appear for board exams. Even he prepared handwritten notes on various subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, English, etc, and made those notes available on his channel for free. 

When Aman Dhattarwal came into his second year of college, his video content was based around college life such as “My first day of college”, “First-year college album”, “What all things to buy for College”, etc. So in college, Aman shared all the things that he knew about college life. He also talked about placements, computer science, freelancing, etc. 

Also, at this point, Aman started making videos about college reviews. This was also a major point in his YouTube career as his YouTube channel started growing exponentially. These videos about placements were very helpful to other students who cleared their board exams and were taking admission to colleges. Also, he started taking interviews of students outside the exam center of “how was their board exams?”. All of his efforts paid off and within one year he reached the 1M subscriber mark. 

After achieving the one million milestones, his content revolved more around self-improvement and motivation. Aman started posting a series of videos of the seminars that he took as a guest speaker at IITs, NITs, IIITs, and many other colleges. Unfortunately, at this point Tanishq Dhattarwal (Aman’s younger brother) went missing and many YouTubers started sharing this message on the platform and this helped to find his younger brother. 

Aman Dhattarwal also started his other channel named ‘Apni Kasha’ with Anuj (Aman’s college friend). Later on, Anuj left due to some work purpose. Then, later on, Aman started to hire college graduates that are working in major tech companies, to work with him to create an animated course series. 

Aman has always believed in adding value and giving back to society. That is also the reason that he has not enabled the monetization on his starting six months on his main channel. Also, there is no monetization enabled on his channel ‘Apna College’ to date. He says that value addition is much more important than generating revenue.

Aman Dhattarwal has also recently started a new YouTube channel named “Hustlers Bay” and has crossed one lakh subscribers within a week. This YouTube Channel is more focused on interviews with amazing people, motivational, and self-development content.  

Aman also has a Vlog channel named “Aman Bhaiya Vlogs” it has 5 videos and more than one lakh subscribers to date.


Aman Dhttarawal is an inspiration to many students who want to follow their path as well as doing something amazing in college. Aman has played a huge role as the big brother of many students guiding them in the right direction. He understood what students required and never failed to give his hundred percent. If you are a college or school student you must subscribe to Aman’s Youtube Channels, he has provided very valuable content for students. 


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