Application of Computer in Business Field

Today computers are undergoing a great transformation to suit the needs of the business people. The reason why computers have become so much embedded in our world is that they were able to become useful to support the needs of every common and working-class person. And today most businesses have become either completely or partially dependent on the computer for their day-to-day operations. There are various fields of the business that they have proved to be useful such as decision making, financial analysis, marketing research, etc. The business is growing with the help of computers.

Let’s talk about the fields of business that have been influenced by the computer


Office automation

There are many days to day operations that have been automated by the computerized. The concept of email marketing came into existence because email automation came into place. The emails are automated to send to the right clients at the right times and the follow-up emails based on the client response are also automated and this has helped each and everyone in the business whether it is a small business owner or a big company. There are many industries out there that have brought automation in their fields to reduce human efforts such as there are dozens of tools that have come to support video automation on basis of drag and drop effects without having any specific knowledge about any advanced video editing software. Earlier there existed various industries such as handwritten text replaced by typewriter, now typewriter by keyboard and keyboards by voice typing. Every step is reducing human intervention and thus the introduction of automation has greatly changed the way of conducting business.


Desktop publishing

Earlier publishing was a hectic task when the papers were introduced in Europe in the renaissance period the method of mass information communication took place for the first time. During that time the publishing was done with the help of copies being written by people and the same task to be repeated thousands of times by hand. This was replaced by the printing press which took upon the human writings and greater publication can take place at a time. But today we have the concept of desktop publishing which means for mass communication you do not require any form of the printing press and handwritten layout, you just have to design them on the pre-design themes and lay the information on the paper and then publish them on the internet and they are ready for the masses to read and gain insights.


Stock market

When the computer did not exist in the stock market then all the trading was done by the brokers and the prices were declared after an interval of every fifteen minutes on board with the help of chalk and duster and the broker decide to invest in stock or not on basis of the figure written on the board and the figures were written on the pieces of paper of the clients that bought the stock. This all changed as the people adopted the computers into the stock market and everyday trading was reflected on the computer with the real time data and thus made the stock more transparent.



Before the advent of the internet and the computer, the advertisements were conducted on the papers and boards rather than the ads you see today on Facebook and Instagram. The improvement in internet technology has brought millions of people to social platforms. People are more on the internet than in the real world. Therefore this has created a market for the people to be influenced by digital media. The revenue that is created on the internet has become much higher and is increasing as the year’s pass. Therefore the advertisement trends have changed Facebook and Google has created a platform for marketers to reach their targeted audience.


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