Applications of computer graphics

The application of computer graphics is one of the most important parts of computer designs. Computer graphics is one of the growing fields today and is continuing to adapt to the best technology that comes and is opening the world to a newer way to perceive and design objects.

There are various applications of computer graphics such as –

Computer-aided design (CAD)

There is absolutely a wide range of projects that can be done with the help of computer-aided design. Earlier the computer-aided design used wireframing to design their objects but today the computer-aided design has been incorporated with so many automated tools that we have drag and drop features available along with huge amounts of open-source data on the internet. For any industry, the preparation of the layout before the original work has even begun is necessary, before the structure of the building has been laid the architect has to prepare the design but today this design preparation is done with the help of CAD software, the automobile sector requires the automobile design to be prepared before the manufacturing has done and here also computer-aided design plays an important role. The network engineer uses CAD software such as Cisco packet tracer to design a network before people are told to buy the physical parts and get into preparation. The other examples of computer-aided design include MATLAB for preparing simulation for mathematical formulae or visualization of machine learning algorithms.

Medical application

First of the 2D images are captured of the human parts where the operation has to be performed and then these images are then provided as an input for the computer graphics tools which convert the 2D generated images into 3D which helps the surgeons to get a good estimate of where they require to find the disease. These are all done with the help of computer-aided design which creates a replica of the human body part of the patient and the surgeons can practice the surgery before the real operation and can discuss the problems that they may deal with which improves the chances of success.

Entertainment industry

Animation with computer-aided design has revolutionized the entertainment industry. Initially, Disney brought 2D animation into the industry which was done with sketches and then converted into motion pictures with the help of computers. After that Pixar came into the industry and was the first company to create 3D computer-generated animation motion pictures. The technology during those days was not capable of supporting the 3D graphics so Pixar had to design its computer hardware that it can support the computer-generated graphics which took days to compile with previous technology. The result of the hardware design was costly and each machine cost about $200k, all effort was gone to support the computer-generated graphics. Today the technology has revolutionized the industry and it has become much easier to make computer-generated graphics in 3D and also the 2D videos have become a thing of common use rather than any industry-exclusive as it was earlier.

Simulation and virtual reality

There are many simulation software that helps to create an environment for a trainee to learn the operation process before experiencing the real scenario. For example, the flight simulator can create virtual reality for the pilots to be trained before flying the real airplane, the real geolocations are simulated with computer graphics and the hardware of the pilots are used to train the pilots of the real mechanism of handling the airplane. 


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