Applications of Computer Networks

Computer networks are the interconnected group of computers that can share data with each other by following some specific protocols. The computer networks can be wired and wireless in nature, the wired connections are much faster than the wireless connection. 

Resource sharing

Resource sharing is one of the major with the help of which operating system functions and the same concept can be seen in computer networks. The computer network allows users to share their resources such as their memory and processing power with other users. For example, the mainframe computer has a great processing speed up to 10 times faster than any normal personal computer. These mainframe computers are present inside an organization that uses this computer for their own computational purposes but with the help of computer networks the same company can process the instructions that are given by other companies or users in their own mainframe computers. The company which has the mainframe computer can charge a nominal fee for processing all the instructions from the other companies for users and because of the computer in the network, the other companies don’t require to buy the mainframe computers. 

Remote access

With the help of remote access in computer networks, you can access your resources from any place such as a computer which is connected to the internet but is not on the world wide web. Remote access allows us to work on our computers despite direct contact with our computer. Remote access can help us to upload and download files onto our remote access resource and also send instructions to our remote resource to perform operations and get back the results and all this can be done because of the computer network and its ability to share the information from any place to our remote access.


Because of the presence of the users on the internet business find a good opportunity to sell their products and influence the users on the internet. Earlier the business systems were offline and now starting to switch their business strategies to online methods. The computer network has made the business operation suitable for the entrepreneurs because of its ability to scale the business faster than the offline mode. The internet is the place where anything can be scaled up unlike the offline business which stands saturated because of its market location and geography, but because the internet has a global market this has increased the reach of businesses to a worldwide market then being saturating their own market and facing competition. The strategy used for scaling up of online business requires providing a better quality of service and increasing the number of users that use that services and with the increase users, we need more computation power which can be easily borrowed by the other server providing companies such as Amazon and Google which has come up with the cloud hosting technology to support the requirement of companies to handle their traffic on their websites. The internet and the computer network has paved the way for scaling of business to a worldwide market.

Communication platforms

Before the computer network and the internet, the major source of communication was voice calls. The voice communication technology was able to only send analog signals from one place to another and used circuit switching methods to connect the users to each other and this technology only supported the voice calls. The communication method changed when the internet came and the services such as voice-over IP and simple mail transfer protocol were introduced and this enabled the users of the internet to send and receive images, pictures, text, and voice over the internet. Today there are a lot of product calls that enable the internet to send and receive messages from users and there are various platforms that utilize the internet and provide users with a better interface to interact with each other.

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