Assassin’s Creed Timeline in Chronological Order

The history of Assassin’s Creed begins with the godlike people of the First Civilization called the Isu or the Precursors and are often dubbed as ‘Those Who Came Before’. They created humanity to serve them as servants. This was known as Project Anthropos. This happened a long time ago and the exact timeline is unknown.  

The people of the First Civilization created many artifacts possessing godlike powers. These artifacts are known as The Pieces of Eden and the most prominent of them is the infamous Apples of Eden which will be a cause for conflict many times in the coming time.  


75010 BC

Although humans were created by the Precursors to serve them, the humans didn’t like being enslaved by them. A Isu-human hybrid by the name of Eve was born during this time due to which her Isu father and human mother fled Eden to protect their child from the Isu and took refuge in Atlantis. After some years of being born, Eve stole an Apple of Eden marking the beginning of the Rebellion of humans against their Isu masters. She was unaffected by the effects of the Pieces of Eden due to the lack of necessary neurotransmitters in her brain. She proceeded to wake another hybrid called Adam and together they attempted to flee Eden.  

Later Eve became the leader of the Rebellion and was romantically involved with Adam and one of their child Cain created a group called the Children of Cain who later became The Order of the Ancients and then finally the Order of the Knights Templar.  


75000 BC 

10 years after the rebellion began, a solar flare approached the planet. The Isu tried many ways to survive the catastrophe by trying to protect the Earth, half of the Earth, Quarter or even a City but all their methods failed and eventually the solar flare hit the Earth wiping out all the Isus and majority of the human population. This event is termed as the Toba Catastrophe. The humans who survived started rebuilding and soon took control of the new world. 


465 BC 

During this time, Darius became the first person to use a hidden blade marking the rise of the Assassins. Darius had a son named Natakas who later gets together with the descendent of King Leonidas of Sparta called Kassandra.  


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Timeline (431 BC) 

The main story of Alexios / Kassandra takes place around 431 BC during the Peloponnesian War in Greece. It was specified by Ubisoft that Kassandra is the canon character instead of Alexios so we will talk about Odyssey in relation to Kassandra. Kassandra’s memory is experienced by Layla Hassan in the present timeline. Kassandra, as a child was thrown off a cliff by her foster father. Kassandra survives the fall and then later ends up in a place called Kephalonia. The only thing that Kassandra inherits from her mother is the broken spear of the legendary Spartan king Leonidas, who was her ancestor. What she doesn’t know that the spear of Leonidas is actually an ancient Isu artifact called the Spear of Eden. Even broken, the spear still retains some of its power as it helps Kassandra in conquering the mightiest of foes.  

Kassandra is a Misthios (mercenary) in Kephalonia but is later pushed into the war between the Spartans and the Athenians. She battles her way through the Peloponnesian War, all while trying to find her mother and punishing the infamous Cult of Kosmos for destroying her life when she was young. Kassandra later goes toe to toe with her evil younger brother Deimos / Alexios, who was stolen by the Cult of Kosmos when he was a baby and later on corrupted by them to do their bidding. 

Kassandra also meets many important people during her endeavor like HerodotosPericlesAspasiaSokrates and many more. Without revealing much of the plot, Kassandra not only finds her mother but also learns about her father Pythagoras is the Keeper of a legendary staff known as the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus. Kassandra then becomes the new Keeper of the Staff and then goes on to destroy the Cult of Kosmos and frees her brother from the Cult’s influence.  

Later in her life, Kassandra gets together with Natakas, the son of Darius and together they have a son named Elpidios. This is when she also comes in contact with the Order of the Ancients who wanted to kill her because she was a descendant of Eve, an Isu-Human hybrid. The Order attacks and kills Natakas and abducts Elpidios. While Kassandra rescues Elpidios with help from Darius, she decided to hand over Elpidios to Darius and leave believing he will never be safe due to his heritage as one of the descendants of the Tainted Ones. Darius takes Elpidios and flees to Egypt where he grows up and after hundreds of years after his descendant becomes responsible for the creation of the Hidden Ones, later becoming the Assassins Brotherhood. The name of this descendant was Aya who later marries a medjay named Bayek and they together create the Hidden Ones. 

Meanwhile, the Staff of Hermes Trimegistus keeps Kassandra eternally alive until she willingly gives it to Layla in the present making her the new Keeper.  


Assassin’s Creed Origins Timeline (49 BC) 

The story of the origins of the Assassin’s Brotherhood (or the Hidden Ones as it was called during that time) begins in Ancient Egypt in 49 BC during the Ptolemaic Era. Layla Hassan finds the body of an ancient Egyptian pair called Bayek and Aya and decides to view their memories using the Animus 

Bayek is one of the last Medjays of Egypt and lives in the town of Siwa with his wife Aya and son Khemu. Aya is the descendant of Kassandra and in turn the descendent of Eve. Bayek and Aya live happily with their son. But soon their happy lives take a turn for the worst as Khemu is tragically murdered in front of Bayek by a group of people calling themselves The Order of the Ancients (later known as the Order of the Knights Templar). The order kills Khemu and obtain the Apple of Eden. 

Bayek and Aya, now grief stricken, depart on a quest to destroy the killers of his son. Aya gifts Bayek with the hidden blade which later on chops Bayek’s finger thus beginning the tradition of chopping the ring finger to become an Assassin. They are able to obtain several victories against the order which in turn attracts the attention of the beautiful Cleopatra who wants to dethrone her brother Ptolemy XIII from the throne of Egypt. Cleopatra tells Bayek and Aya that Ptolemy is the one helping the Order of the Ancients and thus must be taken down.  

Bayek and Aya are finally able to take down the five men responsible for killing their son and get help from many new allies, one of them being the Roman dictator, Julius Ceaser. But they are betrayed by Cleopatra and Ceaser and come to know that the Order of the Ancients is a very big organization with a lot of influential people under their thumb. Thus, Bayek and Aya decide to end their married life for a greater cause. They decide that they need to fight from the shadows to take down the Order of the Ancients. They recruit several people to their cause and thus from the ashes of Bayek and Aya’s marriage, the Hidden Ones (later renamed the Assassin Brotherhood) are born. The eagle pendant which Bayek wore all the time becomes the source of the iconic logo of the Assassin Brotherhood. Aya departs for Rome and takes care of Ceaser and Cleopatra, and later becomes the legendary assassin Amunet. Both Bayek and Amunet start spreading the Brotherhood to take down the Order of the Knights Templar. 


Assassin’s Creed Timeline (1176 AD) 

The first Assassin’s Creed game that kicked off the journey is set in 1176 AD. This also marks the entry of Desmond Miles who later on became a fan favorite character. Desmond is kidnapped and forced to relive the memories of his ancestor, an Assassin by the name of Altair Ibn-La’Ahad. Altair was a 12th century Assassin who was born and trained within the Assassin community of Masyaf. The grandmaster of that community was Al Mualim. In the beginning, Altair is an arrogant and overconfident person. He is tasked by Al Mualim to retrieve the Apple of Eden from the grandmaster of the Templar Order, but Altair fails miserably due to his overconfidence and also becomes the cause for the death of a fellow assassin. This incident causes Altair to lose his standing and his rank among the Assassins. 

Al Mualim gives Altair another chance to regain his past status by forcing him to redo his entire training and realize what being a member of the Brotherhood means. Al Mualim gives Altair the task of assassinating nine Templars, the ninth person being Robert de Sablé, the grandmaster of the Order of the Knights Templar. As Altair starts eliminating each target, he comes to realize that they were all after the Apple of Eden. It is also revealed to him that Al Mualim had betrayed the Assassins to the Templar Order. 

Upon returning to Masyaf, Altair faces his master in a battle to the death. Al Mualim uses the power of the Apple to fight against Altair but fails and is eventually defeated and killed by Altair. Then Altair settles down with an ex-Templar aide Maria to study the Apple and unlock its secrets. But civil unrest and coup d’état among the Assassins makes him go into exile. 

Altair eventually returns to Masyaf after 20 years as the leader of the Assassins and reunites the brotherhood once again. Altair later on trusts in two explorers and gives them five keys to a vault. Altair seals himself within the vault along with the Apple of Eden fearing that its power will corrupt the Assassins and sow seeds of discord. He instructs his followers to establish the Brotherhood’s influence around the world and then Altair spends the rest of his days sealed in the vault. 


Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, Embers Timeline (1459 – 1524 AD) 

Assassin’s Creed 2 marked the rise of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Desmond is rescued from the Templar facility by an undercover Assassin, Lucy. He is brought to an Assassin facility and meets Lucy’s team, Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane. They decide to use their own version of the Animus to train Desmond through a shortcut known as ‘The Bleeding Effect’. Desmond relives the memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze belonging to a family of Assassins. Ezio’s father and elder brother are hanged to death in the beginning so Ezio decides to flee along with his sister and mother to the aid of his Uncle Mario who is also an Assassin. The death of his father and mother marks his rise to the mantle of an Assassin as he decides to avenge them by assassinating those who were responsible. 

His mission takes him all around Italy where he assassinates his targets and also makes new allies in the form of Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci. Soon Ezio learns about the mastermind behind everything, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Knights Templar called Rodrigo Borgia. Using the power of the influential families standing behind him, Rodrigo becomes Pope Alexander VI and seizes all power. He also secures himself a Staff of Eden which he uses in his final stand against Ezio. But against all odds, Ezio secures himself and the Brotherhood another victory. Ezio combines the Staff and Apple of Eden to open an entrance to a vault in Vatican City. 

Inside the vault, Ezio is confronted by an image of an Isu called Minerva. Minerva explains how her people, the Precursors created the humans to serve them but they were destroyed by a huge Solar flare. Humankind survived and lived while the Precursors were forgotten. Minerva knew that Desmond was listening and gives him the message that only he has the power to fulfill the prophecy and then she vanishes. Both Ezio and Desmond are confused by this as Ezio doesn’t know who Desmond is and Desmond doesn’t understand what the prophecy means.  

Soon the present Assassins detect a strange phenomenon indicating a solar flare just like the last time. Desmond once again prepares to enter the Animus to resume Ezio’s story and get his answers. 

After securing a win against Borgia, Ezio and his Uncle Mario flee Vatican City with the Apple. But their peace is short-lived as Rodrigo’s son Cesare Borgia attacks Monteriggioni, kills Mario and steals the Apple. With this attack, the Assassin influence in Italy has all but vanished. Ezio starts from scratch and decides to rebuild the Assassin Brotherhood even stronger than ever. He, systematically, destroys the Borgia influence in Rome and later goes on to become the Grandmaster of the Assassin Brotherhood. He reclaims the Apple and later uses its power to take out the Borgia forces temporarily and later assassinates Cesare. He then hides the Apple inside a temple of the Precursors beneath the Roman Colosseum. 

The next memory for Desmond takes place four years after Cesare’s death. The Assassin Brotherhood stands tall under Ezio’s leadership. Ezio comes to know about a secret vault in an ancient Assassin City of Masyaf which apparently hides the secrets which Altair had discovered and hidden there (read above for more info on this). He is ambushed in Masyaf by the Templars but he escapes and is able to enter Altair’s library where he discovers the entrance to the vault. But the vault is locked by 5 keys. Ezio travels to Constantinople to discover the keys. There he teams up the Ottoman assassins and is entangled in a conflict between Prince Ahmet and his brother Selim, who are quarreling over the throne of the Sultanate. Ezio soon discovers a plot to overthrow the Sultanate and re-establish the Byzantine Empire. Ezio resolves this and obtains all five keys and opens the vault. 

Inside the vault lies the skeleton of Altair who had sealed himself inside to protect the Apple of Eden. There he experiences the life of Altair and the secrets he learned from the Apple of Eden. Ezio realizes that the power of the Apple is too great to be given to anyone so leaves his own Apple inside the Vault as well. Ezio remembers Minerva mentioning someone called Desmond and begins talking to him, knowing that he is listening. Ezio entrusts Desmond with the responsibility to find the purpose of the Assassins and find the answers to his questions, signifying his retirement from the Brotherhood.  

After this, another Precursor called Jupiter appears who warns Desmond of a great calamity that’s going to destroy the earth. Again. She shows Desmond the location of the Grand Temple where he can stop the second disaster from happening. 

Ezio, now retired lives with his wife Sophia and their children. In the later years of his life, he is approached by a Chinese Assassin known as Shao Jun, who came to receive guidance from Ezio. Ezio teaches her what he could and after a small fight with the goons of the Chinese Emperor he sends Shao Jun on her way to liberate her people. 

At the age of 65, Ezio was suffering from heart problems (probably due to injuries from his life as an Assassin). He suffers a heart attack while visiting a market and dies. Thus, ends the story of one of the greatest Assassins in the history of the Brotherhood. 


Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Timeline (1715 AD) 

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag deals with the memories of a pirate Assassin through the eyes of an anonymous present day Abstergo employee. 

During the peak of the era of piracy in the 18th century, a pirate by the name of Edward Kenway comes face to face with an Assassin turned Templar named Duncan Walpole. After a shootout, which leads to the destruction of both of their ships, Edward kills Duncan and learns that Duncan was on his way to meet certain members of the Templar order and betray Assassin secrets to them in exchange for a reward. Edward, being a pirate, decides to impersonate as Duncan Walpole to get the reward. 

After his identity is discovered and after several other things, he comes to know about a mysterious Precursor site known as the Observatory. The Observatory hides within it a great power as it can spy on any human on the Earth via a crystal skull and a vial of their blood. As such a war to control the Observatory breaks out between the Templar Order and the Assassins Brotherhood. Templars, who believe in Peace through Control want to take full control of the Observatory and Assassins try to stop them. Edward becomes entangled in this conflict. He soon comes across someone called Bartholomew Roberts also called the Sage. The Sage is actually a reincarnation of Aita, the husband of the Isu called Juno. The Sage is reincarnated repeatedly after dying throughout the human history, this time being Roberts. Only the Sage has the power to open the Observatory. 

Edward is later betrayed by Roberts and left for dead. But Edward escapes his predicament and fully becomes a member of the Assassin Brotherhood in order to put a stop to Roberts and the Templars. Edward secures multiple victories against the Templar and assassinates the Sage as well as the Grandmaster of the Templars. Edward is later pardoned for his crimes as a pirate and later on travels to England with his daughter and settles down. He has another son, with his new wife, who is named Haytham Kenway, who later plays a very important role in the history of Assassins and Templars. 


Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Timeline (1756 – 1779 AD) 

Approximately 40 years after Edward settles down, his son Haytham Kenway joins the Templars and rises within their ranks and soon becomes the Grandmaster of the Templar Order. 

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue is set during the English colonization of America. Shay Cormac starts out as an Assassin. He and his best friend Liam are trained by an American Master Assassin Achilles Davenport. Although Shay performs his mission perfectly, after a few incidents, he starts questioning the Assassin. Later an earthquake is triggered by an artifact of Eden which makes Shay believes that the artifacts are dangerous but Achilles still wants to pursue the artifacts, shaking Shay’s resolve in the Assassin cause and he betrays them. 

Shay later joins the Templar order believing that the Assassins have become corrupted and need to be stopped from retrieving the artifacts. Shay sets out on a mission to stop Achilles assassins from retrieving different pieces of Eden and killing them, decreasing the power of the Assassins in America. Shay eliminates many key figures among the hierarchy of the Assassins, till there are only two assassins left in America, Achilles and Liam. Achilles and Liam journey to the Arctic to retrieve another artifact from an Isu temple located there. Shay and grandmaster Haytham pursue them to the Arctic but another earthquake is triggered by the artifact. Shay and Liam fight it out until Liam is defeated and killed by Shay, making Achilles the last American Assassin. On the other hand, Haytham defeats Achilles. 

Shay persuades Haytham to spare Achilles’ life in order to sow fear among the Assassins that the Templars are there and have won. Haytham lets Achilles go after crippling him by shooting him in the leg.  

Later Haytham tasks Shay with retrieving another Precursor artifact in Europe. Shay tracks down the artifact in the next 16 years although during that time, another Assassin known as Conner rises in America under Achilles’ training and completely annihilates the Templar presence in America. Although this does not stop Shay from pursuing the artifact. He soon discovers the artifact in the possession of a French Assassin by the name of Charles Dorian, the father of Arno Dorian, who will play an important role later on. Shay assassinates Charles and retrieves the artifact. Shay later on becomes a senior member of the Templar Order. 


Assassin’s Creed 3 Timeline (1754 – 1783 AD) 

Assassin’s Creed 3 starts with Haytham Kenway hunting down a Precursor Grand Temple in the recently colonized America. Haytham possesses the key in his hands but has yet to find the temple. He arrives in America and makes new allies like Charles LeeThomas HickeyJohn PitcairnWilliam Johnson and Benjamin Church. He also seeks the help of a local tribe and becomes romantically involved with one of the tribe members called Kaniehti:io, but he calls her Ziio because he couldn’t pronounce her name. They discover the temple together but the key is not able to open the temple. They part ways but not before spending a night together resulting in the birth of their son known as Ratonhnhaké:ton. 

The perspective shifts to their son who witnesses the death of his mother Ziio at the hands of an attack from Charles Lee. He is then asked to pursue the Assassin’s symbol which leads him to Achilles Davenport. Achilles has retired and becomes an estranged man after Shay Cormac destroys the Assassins in America and Haytham shoots him the leg. As such, Ratonhnhaké:ton had to try very hard and eventually succeeded in making Achilles agree to train him. Achilles renames him Connor Kenway after Achillies’ son Connor who was also killed by Shay. Thus, begins Connor’s training and his eventual mission to free America and his tribe people from the Templar Control. 

Over the following years, Connor assassinates multiple Templars and becomes involved with George Washington in the American Revolutionary War. After some misunderstandings with George and revolts among his own tribe, Connor becomes conflicted about eliminating the Templars and hopes that his father, Haytham Kenway could be persuaded to work with the Assassins. But Haytham believes the Templar cause of Peace through Control and stands against his son and wants to replace Washington with Charles Lee. As such Connor infiltrates the Templar stronghold and has a duel with his father where he defeats him and eventually kills him. Connor also assassinates Charles Lee thus ending the Templar influence in America completely.  

With the key of the Grand Temple in his hands along with an Apple of Eden, Connor has a vision of Juno who instructs him to hide the key where it can never be found. Connor buries the key inside the grave of Connor Davenport, Achilles’ son. 


Assassin’s Creed: Unity Timeline (1776 – 1794 AD)

Assassin’s Creed: Unity deals with the story of Arno Dorian, the son of Charles Dorian, an Assassin, who was killed by Shay Cormac. Being orphaned, Arno is taken in by the Grandmaster of the Templars De La Serre despite knowing the fact that he is the son of an Assassin. As such, Arno grows up in the De La Serre household with the daughter of De La Serre called Elise. They become secretly involved in a romantic relationship for some time but things take a turn for the worst as Grandmaster De La Serre is murdered and the blame is put on Arno. Arno is imprisoned but later escapes with a fellow inmate, who was secretly an Assassin during the Storming of the Bastille 

He is invited into the Assassin Brotherhood which he accepts. After a lot of sloppy victories where Arno puts his needs above the Brotherhood, the leaders of the Brotherhood question his loyalty and his relationship with Elise, who is now a full-fledged member of the Templar Order, also becomes strained a little. After he fails to execute his mission to kill the Templar Grandmaster Thomas Germain in order to protect Elise, he his exiled by the Brotherhood.  

Arno spends many months in exile, until Elise approaches him to ask for his help to defeat Germain once and for all. Arno and Elise fight against Germain, who now wields a sword of Eden. They succeed in taking down Germain at the cost of Elise’s life. Arno kills Germain but not before he reveals that Germain was a reincarnation of the Sage. Arno grieves Elise’s death and is later inducted into the Brotherhood once again. Years later, Arno becomes a master Assassin and vows to watch over Paris in the memory of Elise. He understands what being a part of the Creed means. He then hides the bones of Germain inside the Catacombs of Paris so the Templars may never get their hands on the Precursor DNA. 


Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Timeline (1868 AD) 

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate takes place in London during the Industrial Revolution of the Victorian Era. Henry Green, a London Assassin writes to the Brotherhood for their help as the Assassins in London have fallen to the Templar Order and its Grandmaster Crawford Starrick. The Brotherhood has yet to come up with a plan but two master Assassins twins. Jacob Frye and Evie Frye, defy the orders of the Brotherhood and come to London to free it from the Templars. 

Jacob and Evie start to stir things up in their own different ways. While Jacob believes that they should take the fight to the Templars by mobilizing the different gangs in London, Evie believes that they should get an edge against the Templars by locating a Piece of Eden. They disagree with each other and do their own thing to free London from Starrick’s control. Jacob creates a gang called the Rooks while Evie infiltrates Edward Kenway’s mansion to find more information about the Piece of Eden. They meet several key figures in their journey like Charles DickensFrederick AbberlineAlexander Graham BellFlorence Nightingale, and a young Arthur Conan Doyle.  

Soon their different views lead to a rift between the twins and they decide to work together one last time to stop Starrick from obtaining the Shroud of Eden after which they will go their separate ways. Jacob and Evie infiltrate the Buckingham Palace and try to stop Starrick. They also meet Queen Victoria there as well. But they are too late as Starrick obtains the Shroud and prepares to seize power by killing the Queen and other prominent figures. Jacob and Evie set aside their differences and fight against Starrick together with help from Green and eventually defeat and kill him.  

Jacob and Evie reconcile their differences and agree to work together. Evie becomes romantically involved with Henry Green. They are also rewarded with Knighthood for their services. 



In the year 2000, Daniel Cross, a Templar sleeper agent, who had infiltrated the Assassin Brotherhood. He met with the highest authority amongst the Assassins, an elderly man referred to as The Mentor by the Brotherhood. Daniel murders The Mentor and retreats to a Templar facility where he reveals all the locations of the Assassins’ hideouts across the world he went to. Thus, the Templar Order and Abstergo Entertainment, the modern face of the Templar Order began worldwide extermination of the Assassins known as The Great Purge. This resulted in the extermination of most of the Assassins and this surprise onslaught reduced the Assassins Brotherhood from a mighty organization to a small group who went into hiding from the Templars. 



The modern timeline of Assassin’s Creed begins with an ex-bartender by the name of Desmond Miles. Desmond is the son of the leader of the Assassins called William Miles, but they do not get along and Desmond doesn’t want to associate with the Assassins. But his life is changed when in September 2012, he is abducted by Abstergo Entertainment. Abstergo’s motive behind abducting Desmond is that he is descended from families of different legendary Assassins like Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, Ezio Auditore, Edward and Connor Kenway. Abstergo comes with a way for a person to relive the memories of his / her ancestors using a device called an Animus. They abducted Desmond in order for him to relive the memories of Altair Ibn-La’Ahad in order to find the Apple of Eden which was in Altair’s possession. Forcing Desmond to use the Animus, they are able to gain the knowledge that Altair had learned while studying the Apple including the location of ancient Precursor sites and all the location of the different pieces of Eden. Later an undercover Assassin inside Abstergo called Lucy Stillman helps Desmond and escapes with him before Abstergo can kill him.  

Lucy takes Desmond to their Assassin hideout and there he meets other Assassins, the history obsessed Shaun Hastings and Animus whizz Rebecca Crane. There is also an indication that the Assassins Brotherhood is not doing too well in the face of Abstergo Entertainment which has a very huge influence on the world. Thus, the Templars have more power and forcing the Assassins to be on the run.  

Later, Desmond enters a newly updated Animus created by Rebecca to relive the memories of another one of his ancestors, the legendary Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze. The Assassins intend for Desmond to improve his Assassin skills a method known as ‘The Bleeding Effect’ where Desmond will relive Ezio’s memories and learn Ezio’s skills as his own. But while watching Ezio’s memories, he is greeted by an Isu known as Minerva. Minerva had met Ezio during his time but she knew that Desmond would be watching so she explains to both Ezio and Desmond how the humans were created and how the Isu of the First Civilization were destroyed by a solar flare. She warns Desmond of a coming catastrophe and tells him only he can fulfill the prophecy. The Assassins also detect a change in the Earth’s Magnetic Field indicating another solar flare which will destroy humanity if not stopped.  

Trying to find the location of the Apple that Ezio possessed, Desmond watched Ezio’s memories of how Ezio took back Rome from Cesare Borgia and how he became the Grandmaster of the Assassins Brotherhood. They find the location of the Apple beneath the Colosseum and go there to find it. They do find it but another Isu known as Juno possesses Desmond and forces him to kill Lucy with his hidden blade. 

Desmond goes into a coma after this and the remaining team decides to put him back into the Animus in order to wake him up. Inside the Animus, Desmond tries to find a way to rebuild his mind by reliving Ezio’s later life in which Ezio goes to Masyaf to find Altair’s secret vault and discover the true purpose of the Assassins. In the end, after finding the vault, Ezio greets Desmond, knowing full well from his interaction with Minerva that Desmond is listening. He passes on his questions and knowledge to Desmond and believes that Desmond can find the answers to his questions. Desmond wakes up and is greeted by his father who also arrives to help. They go the Grand Temple beneath New York in order to stop the solar flare. But in order to unlock the temple they need to find the key to the temple which was last in the possession of Connor Kenway, an American Assassin and also one of Desmond’s ancestors. 

Desmond enters the Animus and relives the memories of Ratonhnhaké:ton, who later becomes an Assassin called Connor Kenway. After reliving the memories, Desmond finds the key inside the grave of Connor Davenport. They unlock the vault using the key and reach the inner chambers of the Temple. There they discover that the Isu had created a technology to stop the solar flare from destroying life on Earth but the catch is that using the technology will unleash Juno upon the world.  

Desmond decides that humanity can fight Juno if they survive the solar flare. He activates the technology and sacrifices himself in the process but the Earth is saved and remains unharmed from the solar flare. During all this, Juno escapes and uploads herself onto the internet using the Assassins servers and starts looking for a new host.  



After Desmond’s death, William Miles becomes distraught and goes into hiding. He hands over the leadership of the Brotherhood to one of his most trusted generals called Gavin Banks. Under Gavin Banks, Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings go undercover. Abstergo, on the other hand decides to explore more of Desmond’s genetic memories they had harvested from him before he had escaped, using their newfound Cloud Computing technologies. They assign a new unnamed researcher to relive the memories of one of the ancestors of Desmond, a pirate Assassin called Edward Kenway, he father of Haytham Kenway and the grandfather of Connor Kenway. They want the researcher to relive his memories in order to locate an ancient Isu structed called the Observatory, which holds the power to spy on anyone in the world just by using a vial of their blood. 

While reliving the memories, the head of Abstergo’s IT Department, John Standish asks the researcher to hack the tech around the facility and pass on important information to the Assassins. John convinces the researcher that their employers know more than they are telling and encourages him to investigate in more detail. Shaun Hastings, while undercover, meets with the researcher and collects information. Later, it turns out that John Standish is actually another reincarnation of the Sage, Juno’s husband and wants to make the researcher a new host for Juno but he fails and is later killed by Abstergo security. He is wrongly dubbed as the Hacker and no one suspects the researcher.  



In 2014, an anonymous person dubbed ‘The Initiate’ becomes a player of Helix, cloud computing gaming device produced by Abstergo that allows access to many different genetic memories. The Initiate begins reliving the memories of a French Assassin called Arno Dorian. A hacker Assassin dubbed as ‘The Bishop’ guide the Initiate through Arno’s memories to find out more about the different pieces of Eden he came in contact with and what became of them. Bishop provides an internal Abstergo video memo, in which Abstergo describes the capture of a Sage who contains precursor DNA (which is in a triple–rather than a double–helix). Abstergo goes into detail regarding the Phoenix Project, whereby Abstergo hopes to use the Sage to compile a whole precursor genome for unclear purposes. Bishop provides access to another memory segment and directs the new initiate to locate another Sage, whose corpse they hope to recover.  

They later discover that Arno hid the Apple and the bones of a reincarnation of a Sage he came in contact with, inside the catacombs beneath Paris and takes a sigh of relief knowing that Abstergo will never be able to discover them. 

Around the same time, another Helix initiate relives the memories of a rogue Assassin turned Templar called Shay Cormac. While watching the memories, the initiate triggers a hidden memory file within the memories which infects the entire Abstergo’s servers and causes a lockdown. The initiate cleans the Animus servers by living out Cormac’s later memories. Later a senior member of the Templars orders the initiate to upload Shay’s memories to the Assassin’s servers in order to show them how Shay betrayed the Assassins, in order to shake their resolve and trust in one another. The Brotherhood shuts off its connections. Gavin orders every Assassin cell across the world to go into hiding, fearing another attack by Abstergo just like The Great Purge. 

It is later revealed that the one who hid the infected memory file inside Shay’s memories and infected Abstergo’s servers was Juno who was still at large inside the Internet and attacks Abstergo multiple times. 



In 2015, the Helix Initiate who was in contact with the Bishop has now become an Assassin Initiate while still working in Abstergo. The Bishop contacts the Initiate and asks them to find the location of the Shroud of Eden by reliving the memories of two Assassin twins by the name of Jacob and Evie Frye. They intend to locate the Shroud before the Templars do who have their own plans for the Shroud. 

After going through their memories, the Initiate discovers that the Shroud is beneath Buckingham Palace in London. A group of Assassins including Shaun and Rebecca make their way to London but there they come in contact with Templars Otso Berg, Violet da Costa, and Ardant. Rebecca is shot but Ardant is killed by Shaun. Violet da Costa flees with the Shroud but not for the Templars. She was ordered by Juno to recover the Shroud and she has her own plans for it in order to get her body back. 


2017 – 2018

This is where the modern timeline takes a better turn for the Assassins. Layla Hassan is a researcher for Abstergo Entertainment. She works hard but always feels as if her potential was not being realized by Abstergo. Abstergo tasks her with finding an artifact in Egypt and retrieve it. Instead, Layla stumbles upon a very ancient tomb which houses the mummies of an ancient Egyptian couple Bayek and Aya. In order to prove her worth to Abstergo, she builds her own version of the Animus hoping to finally secure her position in the company’s Animus project. She starts reliving the memories of Bayek and Aya with the help of her friend Deanna. But when she fails to report back, Abstergo sends Templars to kill both of them. Deanna is killed but Layla takes care of the other goons using the experience she gains from living in Bayek’s shoes, The Bleeding Effect having an influence on her.  

Layla is grief stricken by Deanna’s death but decides to complete the memories of Bayek and Aya. She comes to know that Bayek and Aya were the original and the very first Assassins and they were the ones who founded a secret organization called the Hidden Ones in order to counter the Order of the Ancients. The Hidden Ones and the Order of the Ancients later became the Assassin’s Brotherhood and the Order of the Knights Templar. 

After viewing their memories, she is confronted by William Miles who offers her a job as an Assassin which Layla later accepts. 

Sometime after becoming an Assassin, Layla finds the broken spear of Leonidas. With the help from a friend Dr Victoria Bibeau, she recovers DNA samples of two individuals from the spear. These samples belonged to siblings Alexios and Kassandra from the era of Peloponnesian Greece. She picks the DNA of Kassandra to pursue (officially) in order to find the location of the Staff of Hermes Trimegustus.  

Through Kassandra’s memories, Layla and the others discover the entrance to Atlantis and set up their base there. After carefully viewing Kassandra’s memories to find the staff, Kassandra herself appears in the flesh with the staff revealing that she was granted eternal life due to the staff. She gives the Staff to Layla and reveals that the neither the Assassins and nor the Templars can emerge victorious in this war and there needs to be a balance between order and chaos. If either side wins, it will mark the end of the world. She believes that Layla can achieve this balance and gives the Staff to her and thus ending her eternal life.  

Layla decides to finish what she started and begins viewing the later memories of Kassandra.  

In the modern day, Layla experiences the remaining memories of Kassandra and she meets the Isu Aletheia who sends her through the simulations of Elysium, Hades, and Atlantis, so she could become the Staff’s Keeper. After the rebellion in Elysium, she was pulled out forcefully by Victoria, who fears what this is doing to her. As the two argue, an Abstergo strike team arrives, and Layla kills all but one, telling him to tell their boss Otso Berg that he lost. After helping Hades, Layla is once again forced out by Victoria, who is taking the staff away to keep Layla from killing herself. Layla takes the staff back and accidentally kills Victoria, angering Aletheia, who fears she chose poorly. Layla is able to convince her to give her another chance. After Atlantis’ destruction, Layla is warned of an approaching Interloper, who is Otso Berg himself. He wants the staff for the Templar Order to ensure they survive the coming End, but Layla refuses to give it up. They fight and she wins, crippling Otso Berg after telling him the Templars have lost the fight. Eventually, Layla restores communication with the Altair II, the ship of Gavin Banks and gives the details of the recent details to the Assassins.  

This article has been authored by Nilay Saxena.

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