Best AI Chatbot Apps to Talk to as a Friend [2022]

If you own a website or are running any business, then chatbots will be an innovative way to grab and improve your customer’s experience. Users can get all their answers with the chatbot without the requirement of humans for the reply. Without more investment or involving code, you can make a responsive set of answers to the commonly asked questions from the customers.  

We provided the top 6 AI chatbot available online. Some of them are accessible even to beginners, and also we added some professional suggestions.



ManyChat provides you with a free account, and it is fast and simple to use. It provides you unlimited broadcasts, customization options, and two sequences. With this free account, you can interact with more than 1,000 contacts. The pro account comes for 15 dollars per month, so you can contact numerous contacts.

ManyChat is only limited to Facebook media, and also it’s the most suitable platform for bots. Facebook has a huge number of customers, and it’s more appropriate to use a chatbot here to grab your customer’s attention.

Without any code, you can start and build your own bot in four simple steps. With a drag and drop option, you can create chats, responses, and other settings as required. For sellers, it will be a great chance to get used to it.



Here you can get an API ( application programming interface ) that enables you to deploy the bot anywhere you require. It provides a great user interface and usage like any social platform. PandoraBots has crossed 275k developers, 325k bots, and 90 billion+ messages so far. It provides unlimited Sandbox messages for free for one month. The paid versions are given as follows,

  1. Developer platform $19/ month with 10,000 messages
  2. Pro platform $199/month 100,000 messages per month.
  3. There is an Enterprise plan which offers custom pricing,

PandoraBots can be handled by beginners as well as professional developers. It is built with some user-friendly features and APIs integration too. There are many other features to check with this.



Chatfuel AI bot can be implemented on Facebook Messenger and on Telegram. Here it offers you ready-made templates to make your bot run easily—some of the templates like a real estate agent, Shopify bots, publisher, and more.

Chatfuel offers a basic account for free; it comes with basic features and branding of them. The paid plan is mentioned below.

  1. Pro plan – 15$ per month
  2. Premium plan – Prices may vary – comes with account manager, guidance for building a bot.
  3. Enterprise plan – Agency support, multiple bots for a discounted price.

By logging in with your Facebook account, you can activate your account in a few steps. Then with the blank templates, you can start your bot with your innovations.

The simplicity in getting started can’t be overstated. It is possible to start an account in Chatfuel with a Facebook account, choose a page, and a blank template will show up on the screen.Once you done with creating your account, you find no-time to build your bot.



HubSpot was formerly called It offers a wide range of social platform usage like SMS, Gmail, websites, Facebook Messenger. Here the backend is built with a flowchart style.

HubSpot will be familiar and easy to start for project managers. It is a content marketing company, so it has experience providing qualified leads, booking client meetings, and providing more customer hirings without involving more representatives.

Here also, like others, you can get a free account with basic features. The pricing account starts with $45/month, $800/month as a professional package, and $3,200/month as an enterprise package. This is the right place if you are looking for an AI bot for marketing purposes.



ChatBot provides you reasonably best bots to make your customer’s conversations automatic. It offers you to integrate into various social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Slack, Twitter, MailChimp, and LiveChat.

It offers a 14-day trial and $50 per month with 1,000 conversations. If you integrate your bot with, you will receive superpowers to the bot. Some of the powers like 24/7 customer services, automatic reply, and filtering spam. website provides you, partners, to build your own bots that will meet all your requirements. They are all experts and will end up with your idea as you expect.


Replica: The mini-me chatbot

The interesting feature of this AI chatbot is you can train yourself to replicate yourself to others. With your personal conversations and sessions of the daily experience, the bot learns about yourself and presents a bot.

The important part of developing a bot in this Replica is your conversations as it builds your bot. In this, you have to upvote or downvote your responses since it is important for your development.

It is lifted by SAP, one of the biggest enterprise software in the world. SAP’s bot builder allows you to integrate with various social platforms like Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Kik, Slack, and some others. The paid plan starts from 300 Euros/month with 1,000 chats. Moreover, if you require more chats, you can work with SAP sales for a custom price.


Wysa: The good chatbot

Unlike other chatbots, the Wysa made for a unique goal. The chat from this bot makes chat  to customers focusing on anxiety, stress, and depression. Since many other AI bots are available for health purposes, this Wysa is different from those. You are allowed to provide your own responsibility to make the chat meaningful rather than answering with pre-written answers. However, the bot made in Wysa responds with respect to your input.

During a chat with your customers, you can disable the suggested response so that you can make the chat easier and quicker.



Since chatbots are widely getting used in various places and purposes, many industries are developing them. Apart from the standalone chatbot apps, companies like Facebook, Twitter started implementing their own chatbots for their platforms.

The chatbots we provided can be used for various purposes by building with your innovations. As AI becomes advanced day by day, these chatbots surely provide an entertaining and casual chat with your customers. And it’s highly likely that AI will pop up in most places in the future.

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