Best Discord bots for moderation 2021

Discord has been one of the largest and fastest-growing software which allows people from all over the world to make large communities relating to different niches as per their interest. But one of the most amazing features that its users get is the adding of different kinds of bots to their servers. Yes, these bots are the ones made by random developers all around the world, and once added to your server they can really handle your server in the best way, provided you choose the correct bot for your server as per your niche. Bots on discord have been in use for a long time. People generally use them to boost the productivity of their servers, attract a greater audience and grow their own community over discord. But apart from some kinds of bots that provide games, fun, and other features on your server, there are certain bots known as the “moderation bots” that once added to your server are able to handle most of the work over the server such as carrying on different tasks and managing the server automatically. The main purpose of these moderation bots is to flag toxic activities, stop spamming messages, and manage your community by banning unwanted and spam users. So let’s know about some of the best discord bots for moderation that you can use to your servers and enhance the user experience of your servers much more interesting and attractive.


Carl Bot

Starting with one of the best bots out there that handles your server the best is the Carl bot. It is one of the highest trending bots for the moderation of a server. The carl bot is a multipurpose bot like any other discord bot, providing multiple features to enhance your server’s productivity. The bot includes an amazing moderation technique of auto mod which means that the bot is self-sufficient to take care of the server all by itself. Some of the most amazing features that this bot has included a blizzard game like warfare, it has the “config” feature that allows you to configure commands for the bot as per your choice, the bot also includes a “greetings” feature that displays a different message like a welcome, farewell or a banning message. One of the most amazing features that this bot has is the “levels” that are allotted to the users, depending on the status of their activity on the server. So, the more you talk on the server the higher your level goes. Adding to these, the bot also has the “Misc” feature in it that displays the information of the members of the server. Apart from these, the bot also has amazing fun things to do such as listening to music, roles, displaying statistics, subscriptions, tags, and many more to make your server bright every moment. Thus, the carl bot stands to be one of the best bots that can be added to your server for moderation.   


MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 bot is a pretty popular one among the discord community. The bot is another great one for acting as a moderator to your discord server. The MEE6 bot basically consists of many plugins that act as a key feature in maintaining the reputation of this bot. The major plugins it has include Music plugins, Music quiz plugins, Record plugins, and certain others. The bot allows you full control over itself working as per your choice by enabling or disabling any plugins at any moment. The bot also offers the feature of auto-moderation as that of the carl bot. One of the negatives of this bot is that it has a premium version too and most of the features remain locked unless you purchase the premium version of the bot.


Dyno Bot 

The next one on the list is the dyno bot. This one is the most automated bot on the list providing you with features such as auto mod, auto message, auto-response, auto roles, fun, tags, welcome message, and many more other features. The bot also allows you to build your own custom commands and modify the bot as per your requirements. Other than these, the dyno bot has the music feature and a warning log too. Though it also has a premium version, yet the free one is sufficient enough to fulfil all the requirements of a server.


Tatsumaki Bot

The tatsumaki bot is another widely known bot around the discord community. The bot is mainly known for its leveling features. Apart from those, it also allows you to customize prefixes and change the NSFW setting of the bot if you are adding it to the server having adult content or so. The bot also has amazing features such as auto roll, welcome, and goodbye messages. One can get to know every detail of the bot from its website, which is also an attractive one. The website can guide you with each and every aspect of the bot and how it works. The bot is also known for moderation though its leveling features are the most popular ones.


Nadeko Bot

This bot is the one allowing you to add moderation to your server but it provides a huge number of features when moderating your server. The Nadeko bot has many amazing features such as custom reactions where you can set a particular reaction for a particular role, gambling, games, music, NSFW settings, XP- the bot also allows you to earn XP and the last is the utility section where you can get the information of your server. The nadeko bot has an administration section wherein you can find a list of amazing features to carry out an amazing moderation of your server. So definitely give this one a try!


Atlas Bot

Being the last on the list, the atlas bot is one of the coolest and the sweetest bot to be added to your servers. The bot will give you a touch of the MEE6 bot if you have used it earlier. It has almost every possible command needed for moderating a server. The key features involve deleting messages, warnings, reports, marking as spam, and many others. Thus the bot is another good choice for moderating a server. It also has its premium version which has some more features locked in itself. Though one can be easily satisfied with the free version, you can definitely try out the premium one if you wish to. 



With this, we come to an end of the list for top bots for the moderation of servers. Do check out all of these bots and you will surely like them. All the above-mentioned bots work amazingly to moderate a server along with making it interesting, attractive thus gathering more audience. All the above discord bots are mostly free to use but some have a premium version too, which you can try as per your choice. So, do try these ones and let your servers get moderated by the bots.


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