Best Discord Bots for Small Servers 2021

Discord has now grown to be one of the largest super chat applications. Discord has now been used by content creators, streamers, gamers, and many more for a variety of purposes.
With Discord servers comes the requirement of a discord bot. Whenever we start a discord server we always find ourselves thinking what are the bots that we require for our server. We will be talking about what discord bots are best suited for the small servers. Although, there are many paid bots for the server free bots can do most of the work on small servers.
Mostly the discord servers require bots for moderation, announcements, games, and memes, music, etc. We will mention the bots for each of those requirements in a small discord server.


Mee6 bot

Mee6 Bot is one of the best discord bots for moderation. The moderation bots are very necessary for any discord server and to maintain a healthy environment between users. The Mee6 bot can scan the conversation with the user and detect if there is the usage of foul language or sharing of spam links. With the help of the Mee6 bot, you can set rules for the server and if the user does not abide by the rule then you can automate the response messages and even kick or ban the user from the user. The best thing about moderation bots is that they can prevent a heated debate from happening that can greatly spoil the experience of the users. You can also use Mee6 for leveling purposes where you can reward the users for their activities with increased levels and experience, which means more privileges to the discord user.


Dank Memer

Dank Memer is one of the most popular bots on discord. The dank memer bot is a meme bot that keeps the community engaged. Besides memes, the dank memer is an economy-rich bot, which means dank memer has its own currency system and a store that accepts its own money and you can make money by doing various activities. The dank memer also has 9 games that you can play in discord with other users. The dank memer is the largest meme bot that exists so you can give it a go. The dank memer bot is the best bot to keep the community engine and I will strongly recommend this bot for small servers and it will help to spend a great time with users.


Hydra Bot

The hydra bot is one of the best music bots. The server is never complete without a good music bot in the voice channel. As many discord music, bots are going down such as groovy and Rhythm because of using YouTube API, therefore the Hydra Bot has removed the support for using YouTube for playing the songs and that’s why we are suggesting this bot as it may last more number of days than other music bots on discord. Apart from this Hydra Bot is also a great music bot and it is developed by the same developer of dank memer. Earlier dank memer has the feature of playing music as the dank memer grow in popularity the creator separated music features into a separate bot and that is how Hydra was created. The Hydra has a great interface to control the music with the help of emotes and great sound quality.


Arcane Bot

Arcane is a great leveling bot. The leveling system works on the activity of the discord users. You can configure the Arcane bot to reward the users on certain activities, and these rewards help them to level up their ranks on the server. When the user levels up the permission that is provided to that user within the discord server increases and the user is able to access that level text channel and also configure some channels depending upon the permissions.
The best thing about the arcane bot is that it is well suited for the needs of content creators. As the arcane bot can send a notification to their users whenever any new YouTube video comes out or any other announcement that they wanted to create for their user.



Xenon is a must-have bot for small discord servers. Xenon helps you get backup of your discord server with the free tier you can get up to 25 backups of the server for free. If the server goes down for some reason then in that case that backup will greatly help you to restore it to the previous backed up version. Also, xenon has some great templates for any kind of category that you require whether it is gaming or study. There are templates for each of them. Also, Xenon can help to transfer templates and also help you use your own created template on the discord server. Also, you can automate the backup of your discord server so that it can happen after every certain interval of time.

These are some great lists of discord bots that small servers can have. These are some basic bots that each server should have on their server that help to maintain and manage the discord server.

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