Best Discord Bots to play Spotify 2021

Music has been the best time pass and one of the most traditional ways to kill boredom. Not just that, music also relaxes one’s mind and body. From the ages of Kings, music has been an essential part of the human lifestyle. As time passed and the revolution of technology came into being, things changed rapidly and so did the human way of carrying out things. Everything became digital and virtual. The same happened with music. Talking of the 21st century, music has today taken a completely new look being available on smartphones and gadgets. Moreover, one of the most premium providers of music today is Spotify preferred worldwide. Thus, when we talk of the discord platform, there are many bots available that provide the service of fetching Spotify music to discord servers. In this blog, we will know some of the best bots that provide such service and are thus known worldwide. So let’s get started with the list.


Hydra Bot

Sitting on top of the list is the most widely known and famous discord bot called the “Hydra”. The Hydra bot is an amazing one that plays Spotify music directly on your servers. It has been to date the best musical bot over discord. The special features of the bot include the use of multiple languages for different users. Apart from this, Hydra also has some amazing features which make the user experience even more interesting and fun. These features include creating your playlist, both private and public playlist as per your choice, assigning DJ roles, autoplay, and many such amazing features. The bot also includes a premium feature that unlocks a bunch of interesting commands thus making the bot even more fun and enjoyable. Thus the bot proves to be the best one for playing Spotify music on your server. Give this one a try and it will be worth it.


Tempo Bot

The tempo bot is another one known for playing the best quality Spotify music. The bot is especially known for its high-quality audio that will take you deep down in the musical world. Along with Spotify, the bot also allows its users to play music from some of the other platforms. One of the most suitable features of the bot is that it gives complete control to its users. Not just that, the tempo bot developers also claim to have the best hardware out there among the musical bots. The tempo bot also contains a premium version of itself that includes unlocking a bunch of many other commands, much more lyrics, and several other premium features to make the user experience much more fun and interesting. One of the unique and the best feature of the bot is its trend of hosting a monthly giveaway. Though this practice is surely a way of promoting the bot, it has been a topic of talk among the people and has also attracted a large audience to join the Tempo Bot community. So, one can consider giving a try to this bot and have fun listening to amazing Spotify music.


DisTube Bot

Sounding very familiar to YouTube, the distube bot is another amazing alternative for playing top-notch Spotify music on your discord servers. The Distube bot is also a very famous one over the discord community acquiring a large population with over 1000K members and still counting. The bot easily supports Spotify music in its best manner. It also includes some of the most amazing features including 3D, Bass boost, echo, karaoke, nightcore, vaporwave, and an unending list of all sorts of amazing features. Since the name of the bot is a bit similar to youtube, it is pretty understood that the bot is even capable of playing youtube videos on your servers where it includes certain other features that include autoplay, skip DJ, creating playlists, and much more. Try this one out and take your servers to the next level.


Soul Music Bot

An amazing development by the soul developers community, the soul bot is another amazing one that provides premium Spotify music on your discord servers. Along with Spotify music, the bot is also capable of playing tracks from SoundCloud and twitch. When talking of the commands there is a huge but interesting list of amazing commands that one can get access to from the bot website. Soul music also allows you to apply many filters including 8D, bass boost, earrape, electronic, karaoke, and many more. About the music, the bot has features like autoplay, back, next, grab, join, loop, skip, etc. All over the bot is good and provides a decent service.


Musical Tune Bot

The musical tune bot is another great one from the list. The bot provides an excellent 24/7 service for playing music on your servers. It includes features like autoplay, easy configuration as per the user’s choice, audio filters. The bot is another best suited for Spotify, but it also plays music from the sound cloud. One of the best features that the Musical Tune bot provides is allowing the use of filters to infinity. One can use as many filters on their tracks as needed. This feature is generally a premium one in most of the bots out there, but the musical tune bot provides is completely free. Thus the bot can be of good use and excellent service to you. Try it out on your servers and enjoy the best tracks.



With the list of six of the most premium bots that provide the best service for your discord severs, when listening to Spotify, the list comes to an end. The above-mentioned bots are the most amazing ones that provide the best quality service for the mentioned niche and will not only make your discord servers bright and attractive but also gather a huge audience on them. Though some bots from the list offer their premium services only after a premium version of them is bought, yet the free services they provide are no less than the premium ones. Moreover, there are even bots like Musical tune that will provide you the best and the most premium features without purchasing a premium pack. Thus, try these bots on your server and enhance them in the best manner ever.

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