Top 5 Best Discord Game Bots that play Free Games 2021

Discord has surely been an amazing platform for people all over the world to join communities of their own interest. But the best community the rapidly grew on discord was the community of gamers for different games. It was after this growth of the gamers community was tracked that the evolution of gaming bots came into being. Thus, developers from all over the world started making bots that could be fun, exciting and an awesome time pass for people by letting them play small and cool games that could kill boredom and maximize the time spent on discord. The plan of making such bots worked too. After the launching of the first few bots for games in the discord community, people started liking them a lot. Such bots were being added rapidly to more and more servers each and their reach increased in no time. Thus, these discord bots for games became a trend in the discord community and are liked by people to date. Among the herd of thousands of such bots, there came up certain of them that really made a place in the discord community proving themselves to be of so much fun and interest that users couldn’t resist using them or adding them to their servers. Let’s get to know some of the best discord bots for games that exist in the discord community.


Discord Dungeons Bot 

One of the best bots for the game among the discord community, this bot is also known as “Discord RPG”. The bot takes you on an adventurous journey of playing an interesting game where the main concept of the game is to travel inside dungeons and fight or attack monsters. You can even catch the monster and make it your pet. Believe all this is an amazing and lovely experience and one can spend hours sitting on the game not getting bored. Apart from the dungeons and monsters, the game also has other features like chopping, mining, and a lot more things to do. There are some tough levels too that include challenging the boss. All over the game is fun, addictive and an awesome one to play over discord. Do give it a try at this awesome concept!


Pokecord Bot 

This bot is another interesting and amazing one solely based on the concept of one of the oldest shows of our childhood “Pokemon”. The bot surely will give you flashbacks of childhood where almost every child has watched pokemon. Based on the same concept the game challenges one to catch different pokemon and take them to battle. There is no limit to how many pokemon you can catch. Thus, the game seems to be an unending and interesting one where you can spend time playing for hours. All over the game stands out to be an awesome one, cool and interesting. If you are someone deeply connected with pokemon since childhood, the game could be a bit addictive too but it is a must-recommended one to give at least one try. So, grab on your desktop and add it to your server now!


Idle RPG Bot

Another awesome discord bot to kill boredom and make your discord session an interesting one is the Idle RPG Bot. The bot is another best one for games. It somewhat works on the same concept as that of the discord dungeons bot. Though Idle RPG is below in the list due to certain reasons where it is defeated by discord dungeons. Yet, the bot is an interesting one and is a must recommended one to add to your servers. The bot offers a game based on the same concept as the discord dungeons including adventure, battles, keeping pets, fighting in tournaments, and many other exciting things to do. Though it is a little less smooth and simpler as compared to discord dungeon, yet is a must-try kind of bot for your servers. Do give it a try and you’ll definitely feel the fun.


Idle Miner Bot

Based on the concept of the Minecraft game and somewhat similar to it, this bot is another outstanding one in the list that has been trending among the discord community for quite a time. The bot lets you have fun with a game similar to Minecraft (if you have ever experienced Minecraft), including fun things like keeping pets, dimensions, rebirth, mining, and much more things to do. Though the downside of the bot is that it might sometimes face some issues although they are fixed pretty quickly. Idle miner bot is growing over the discord community rapidly getting linked to thousands of servers in no time. Thus, this is another much recommended one, so do give it a try!


BoxBot Discord 

BoxBot came out to another interesting and unique bot for games on discord. The bot provides a fun time pass for its users where they have to buy boxes from coins, open them up and sell the products inside the box. The bot might not seem of much interest when read about it but is surely fun when tried in real. The fun here is that you may sometimes get free products inside the box or rare items that one can sell and earn well. Thus, the bot is an extremely interesting one with a unique concept and interface. So, do give it a try!



Thus, with this, we come to the end of some of the most amazing bots for the game available on discord. The gaming bots are something that can help you pass your boring time or help you refresh your mind for a time being. Thus, these bots are a presentation of how hard a developer has worked upon them. The above discord bots are also worth adding to your server since they can help to boost the reach of your servers greatly. When your community gets an interesting job to do meanwhile killing their boredom, everyone would like to join such a server and thus the above-mentioned bots are some of the best ones that can be used to attract a huge amount of audience. Thus, definitely give a try to the above-mentioned best bots in discord for games and enjoy the discord community at its peak.

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