Best Discord Music Bot 2021 [Free High Quality Music Bot]

Music is the lifeline for many game players and people in discord. If you want to listen to the music on the discord then you have to just connect with any voice channel that contains one of the music bots and groove with them. The users on the discord are assigned privileges such as the DJ role who can control the music in the queue in the discord voice channel. Members of the server can also vote to play specific music on the text channel.

The discord music bot has so many functionalities such as play, skip, resume, loop, queue, etc which can be easily operated from the bot commands. These bots can play music from various platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. These bots are a great way to share new music and host music parties with hundreds of discord users. 

Recently, the most popular discord music bot i.e groovy bot was closed and if you are here to find the alternatives that can take place for the groovy bot then you are at the right place. Groovy had been one of the best music bots on discord, recently they have received cease and desist letter from YouTube and had to close Groovy down on 31st August 2021. The second bot that can take the place of the groovy bot is the Rythm bot.

Let’s see what are the best discord music bot that is currently up and running in most of the discord servers.

Best Discord Music Bots 2021

Rythm Bot

Server Count: 19M+

The Rythm Bot has become the largest music bot after Groovy has been shut down. The Rythm Bot owners do not have any plan to shut the bot and will keep the bot active and online. As you can see the Server count of the Rythm bot has been increasing exponentially. The Rythm Bot provides high-quality music most of the time, sometimes you can face glitches or lag because of the sheer amount of people using that bot. It’s a perfect bot to vibe with people but the volume is locked for premium members only. Also, you can face some challenges with people spamming music on the server. The Rythm bot can play music from various music platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more. Apart from its critics, It is by far one of the best music bots that you can find on discord. 

Hydra Bot

Server Count: 2.5M+

The Hydra Bot is the second-largest bot compared to Rythm Bot. The Hydra bot has a unique look and feel. The best thing that I personally found great in Hydra Bot is that it has emotes to control the songs which act as a visual music player. You have to use commands to control music in other bots but the Hydra bot gives you the feature to control it with commands and emotes. Some people will claim Hydra Bot as the best music bot on discord for its simple design and support for all major music streaming platforms along with great uptime. Hydra is definitely a stand-out Music Bot that you must try once on your server. With the free Hydra Bot version you get to create a queue and skip, loop, vote skip, replay, shuffle the songs. With the premium Hydra Bot version, you get to control volume, audio effects, 24/7 music, and an unlimited saved playlist. 

Octave Bot

Server Count: 2k+

Earlier Dank Memer Bot (Largest Meme Bot) had the feature to play music later the Dank Memer team decided to separate the music feature into a new bot which was known as “gnar” and later renamed to Octave. The Sound quality of the octave bot is amazing and has decent features, although the uptime and availability are not up to the mark. The Octave Bot is known for the quality of music that it provides that is as par as song quality that is played over the Spotify web player, which is absolutely amazing. In the free Octave bot, you can play songs from various platforms, form queues, save a playlist, manage queues and songs. In the premium version of Octave Bot, you will unlock the volume, bass boost, unlimited playlist to save, 24/7 songs, and more queue size.

MEE6 Bot

Server Count: 3.5M+

MEE6 is one of the best moderation bots on discord that can play music. MEE6 music bot has a unique visual music player where you can control the music instead of typing the commands in the channel. The MEE6 bot has a separate dashboard on its website where you will get access to this visual music player. With this player you can queue, search, play, loop, replay songs. The only backlash with MEE6 is that most of the features are paid for which you can access by paying 79.90 dollars which can be quite costly. With the premium version, you can access volume control, record music, 24/7 music, and many more.


Server Count: 2.6M+

Probot is also a widely-used general-purpose bot that can play music. The Probot is loved by users as most of its features are free and do not keep its important features behind the paywall as the MEE6 bot. The Probot has the feature to play music with the help of commands. The Probot has great uptime and is well maintained by the developers. It is also the top-rated bot in the music category on website, so it will be worth a try.

Honoarable Mentions

Jockie Music Bot – The Jockie Music Bot has many commands as compared to other music bots therefore more free features in the bot.

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