Best Discord Servers to Make Friends 2021

The popularity of discord has been growing exponentially and the user base of discord has grown 10 times and even more in just a couple of years. Discord has always been one of the best places for gamers and anime lovers to get information about the latest updates and take help from the community and even make a great discussion. People are looking to find some new friends in the discord server similar to you. 

 Although you can join any community to make friends on discord that is related to something you love, people will connect with you in person if they find you interesting. Nevertheless, I have made a list of some discord servers that you can join to make friends. 

The Daddy Server

The daddy server is one of the largest communities that you will find on discord with over 250,000 members and this is the right server that you are looking for to make friends on discord. At any time point in time, you can have more than 40,000 active users on the participants, imagine with that number when they all type together it becomes very hard to track a particular user. The server is completely dedicated to being a great social networking group for its members. There are many features in this discord server that helps people to connect such as it has more than 20 voice channels and there can be more than 50 members on the server at a time.

Chill zone

Chillzone is one of the most active discord communities with over 200,000 members and you can never get bored of this server which can have more than 50,000 active members at a time. You can converse with anyone on the server for almost anything such as games, anime, manga, new releases, and anything. Also, there is no limitation on this discord server so you can join and interact with a variety of people. 

Weeb Empire 

You can make friends on this discord server as it is also one of the most active discord servers. If you are interested in anime or games then it will take no time to make friends as most of the people on the server have similar interests. Only in the anime hub of this server, there are over 100,000 and at a time you can find 30,000 active members that are ready to interact with you. just drop a message and you cannot imagine how many people will respond to your message. 

Chill zone

Chillzone is one of the best places to make friends where you can talk about any topic on the server. Until now there have been over 15 million messages that have been sent on the general chat channel of this server alone. This server is also divided into various gaming and anime channels so you can join them. This server is a great place when you feel bored and want to have some chat with some new people and find someone interesting on the server. With over 50,000 members in this discord server, there is rarely a moment when the 

Frogs Dream World

Frogs Dream World is one of the biggest global emotes servers that are a part of the Dream World network. There are almost 32 global emotes on the server making them one of the biggest standing global emotes servers. If you are a person with emotions then you can easily find people with similar interests. As this server is run by frog’s dream world which has other similar servers such as Slippys Dream or Skarz Dream World therefore you can find one person in many other similar servers. 

Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs is one of the other biggest servers which have more than 100,000 members. This server is highly organized and has a great professional look. The server is almost 24/7 operational with people chatting to each other constantly. This makes it one of the popular servers. You can join this server and also reap the benefits of 20+ global emotes. 


WLA is one of the biggest anime communities on the discord and also one of the most active communities in the discord. You can easily find people with similar interests on this server. If you are an anime fan then you can easily find people to share the interest.


Discord is one of the greatest places to make friends and that too with an anonymous profile. Make full use of the opportunity that you get on the discord where you can speak to thousands within a few seconds. I have compiled this list to help you find friends on the discord and do not get bored on the discord alone. Most of the servers on the above list are very active and try to engage with people and people will respond to you. if you do not find the right community that you are looking for then do not stop there are thousands of servers with thousands of people the possibilities are endless. To find the right servers you can always look up in various discord website search engines such as or that will provide you a list of good servers on the discord.

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