Best Discord Servers to Make Friends 2022

The popularity of discord has been growing exponentially and the user base of discord has grown 10 times and even more in just a couple of years. Discord has always been one of the best places for gamers and anime lovers to get information about the latest updates and take help from the community and even make a great discussion. People are looking to find some new friends in the discord server similar to you. 

While discord has changed into once a chat app that lived and breathed as a place for game enthusiasts to communicate, Discord has evolved into “Your Place to Talk.” It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and laptop, and you can leap inside and outside of conversations as often as you would love. The biggest project with Discord may be finding the quality servers in your situation. Fortunately, we will help with that.



The system of converting unfashionable video games into emulators on PC can be pretty intricate and painstaking, and having a network to show to when you’re getting misplaced within the settings of RetroArch or want to know how best to shop all of your games in a pleasing frontend can be super-helpful.

The Emulation Discord boasts over 8000 contributors and isn’t always just a remarkable resource for technical assistance, but additionally a place where you could simply chat retro video games with a passionate community. There’s a dedicated channel called “Netplay,” where you could get people to play online. They even put together regular tournaments!

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Whether you accept it as true with it’s the destiny of the internet or just a convoluted shape of gambling, cryptocurrency is quite a big phenomenon, and it’s right here to stay. While you may examine all you want about crypto and watch lots of YouTube movies, there’s nothing pretty like interacting immediately with those who are knee-deep in the alternate.

RCryptoCurrency is the reputable Discord server of the extraordinarily-popular subreddit of the same call. You’ll be capable of without delay monitoring diverse crypto fees, the use of the bots, as well as chat with fellow buyers, and even plotting your subsequent movements collectively.

Whether you’re just dipping your ft in the one’s virtual waters or are already wading in them, this is an extraordinary location to bond with others to your position.

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Your Favorite Podcast/Streamer/YouTuber/Subreddit

Starting off with a chunk of a broad one, however glaringly there are many unique sorts of humans with many specific hobbies available, to be able to cover that we figured we’d begin by guiding you to the kinds of subjects that interest you.

An accurate place to begin on this front is by accumulating a listing of your favored podcasts, Twitch streams, Youtube channels, you-call-it, then kind in its call into Google observed through ‘discord.’ This is a tremendous manner to quickly see if there’s an authentic or fan-made Discord channel relating to subjects that you’re most inquisitive about – whether or not it’s philosophy, finance or grisly genuine crime!

So begin looking for those communities referring to belongings you already pay attention to and watch. You’re certain to discover something obtainable!


Movies & Filmmaking

Movies & Filmmaking is the self-proclaimed biggest Discord server for discussing all things movies, television, and filmmaking, with currently greater than 24,000 members to chat with. If you need to speak about action-journey titles, there’s a vibrant channel looking ahead to you.

This holds true for delusion and sci-fi, comedy, and drama channels. Filmmakers – both contemporary and destiny – have their very own channel options, which include an honestly extremely good organization as a way to provide feedback for scripts.

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Unsurprisingly, gaming is home to some of the biggest and most lively Discord servers. Minecraft isn’t any exception; however, this will simply as without difficulty, be replaced with Fortnite, Roblox, Genshin Impact, or many others. This server has many channels and active members to make friends. This is the right place to reveal your creations and builds.

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Fantasy Football Chat

With the NFL season in complete swing inside the United States, locating a Discord server for Fantasy Football Chat takes no time at all. In this case, around 12,000 contributors populate this server with channels that range from a match, helping to find a league for your area, well-known chat, and extra. As the most popular of all delusion sports, there may be something here for each fantasy fan.

Link to join:



This Amazon Prime display became a bona fide hit of 2021. So much so that it was renewed for two extra seasons. Created with the aid of Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman, this display is without a doubt adult-orientated and it positively is a lot of (gory) amusing.

Something of a comic book version of “The Boys,” the Invincible Discord is constantly lively in spite of the show off the air now for some months. As the comic collection has ended, spoilers can be abundant, but if you could ignore those, you’ll discover a passionate institution of like-minded lovers while you visit this Discord server.

Link to join:



ChillZone is the place where people speak more about sports, movies, or video games. This 290,000 plus member Discord server is complete with channels that can be of interest. You can put up selfies, stream video or participate in one of the three well-known channels that modify topics and route on the hour.

Every day someone new shares their display screen and opens a window into their world, allowing you to take part within the verbal exchange or simply concentrate. It’s brilliant damage from the outdoor global with no dedication in your give up.

Link to join:

Anime Soul Discord

At 600,000 individuals strong, the Anime Soul Discord is the best area on Discord to speak approximately all things Anime. The channel listing is a whole of different social organizations and some precise suggestions like Attack on Titan, Naruto, and more.

There are dozens of voice channels, so you can honestly “communicate” to other Discord customers or stick to the written communique-heavy “All Anime” servers for extra free-flowing discussions. It’s a passionate organization to make sure; however, if that is your vicinity of interest, you’ll experience it properly at home.

Link to join:


Reddit /r/gamedev

Game development is tiring paintings, and also, you every so often want a few proposals or simply someplace to rant. Welcome to the /r/gamedev Discord server. The Discord offshoot of the further-named subreddit is actually extra time than Reddit.

Different game engines like cohesion, unreal, java and Vulkan all have their very own channels. If you want a wreck from your recreation improvement, leap to the #display-off-your-stuff channel and gain some idea from the paintings others are doing.

Link to join:


The Daddy Server

The daddy server is one of the largest communities that you will find on discord with over 250,000 members and this is the right server that you are looking for to make friends on discord. At any time point in time, you can have more than 40,000 active users on the participants, imagine with that number when they all type together it becomes very hard to track a particular user. The server is completely dedicated to being a great social networking group for its members. There are many features in this discord server that helps people to connect such as it has more than 20 voice channels and there can be more than 50 members on the server at a time.

Chill zone

Chillzone is one of the most active discord communities with over 200,000 members and you can never get bored of this server which can have more than 50,000 active members at a time. You can converse with anyone on the server for almost anything such as games, anime, manga, new releases, and anything. Also, there is no limitation on this discord server so you can join and interact with a variety of people. 

Weeb Empire 

You can make friends on this discord server as it is also one of the most active discord servers. If you are interested in anime or games then it will take no time to make friends as most of the people on the server have similar interests. Only in the anime hub of this server, there are over 100,000 and at a time you can find 30,000 active members that are ready to interact with you. just drop a message and you cannot imagine how many people will respond to your message. 

Chill zone

Chillzone is one of the best places to make friends where you can talk about any topic on the server. Until now there have been over 15 million messages that have been sent on the general chat channel of this server alone. This server is also divided into various gaming and anime channels so you can join them. This server is a great place when you feel bored and want to have some chat with some new people and find someone interesting on the server. With over 50,000 members in this discord server, there is rarely a moment when the 

Frogs Dream World

Frogs Dream World is one of the biggest global emotes servers that are a part of the Dream World network. There are almost 32 global emotes on the server making them one of the biggest standing global emotes servers. If you are a person with emotions then you can easily find people with similar interests. As this server is run by frog’s dream world which has other similar servers such as Slippys Dream or Skarz Dream World therefore you can find one person in many other similar servers. 

Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs is one of the other biggest servers which have more than 100,000 members. This server is highly organized and has a great professional look. The server is almost 24/7 operational with people chatting to each other constantly. This makes it one of the popular servers. You can join this server and also reap the benefits of 20+ global emotes. 


WLA is one of the biggest anime communities on the discord and also one of the most active communities in the discord. You can easily find people with similar interests on this server. If you are an anime fan then you can easily find people to share the interest.



There are some websites dedicated to supporting Discord server discovery. Sites like discords.Com, discordservers.Com, and disboard.Org are all beneficial with server discovery. Each web page permits you to search via topic, like “finance” or “Star Wars,” and then exhibits the maximum relevant Discord server. Each website online offers a barely different synopsis of each server, but you may recognize whether or not they’re right for you.

However, if you want the absolute excellent manner to discover new Discord servers, begin in-residence. Discord’s very own “Explore Public Servers” positioned on the very backside of your server listing will no longer be the simplest floor by using subject matter, but will even observe whether a server is official, way to a green checkmark—type in “movies,” “Star Wars,” “Dune,” and so forth. And you will find a listing of to be had alternatives. Just kind something into the “Explore Communities” search bar, and you will get on-the-spot consequences.

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