Best Discord Status About Me Ideas That Are Popular,Funny And Cool

One of the first online gaming broadcasting services was called Discord. After numerous modifications all this time, the software has evolved into one of the top social media apps. 

These are humorous Discord statuses that one may use for fun and set them unique apart from other users. On both WhatsApp and Discord, people frequently post amazing status updates so that others may see what they are up to. These statuses will work when one is searching for a method to spice up their discussion or just need a good laugh. One can add one of these statuses on their chat with friends now to make them laugh. Social media is all about impressing the users is what the users want.  

Other than impressing Discord’s status updates reflects one’s current status of the mind, emotions, and situations. It will help make content, one might think about having a humorous Discord status and vice voice. This article is about the list of unique Discord statuses ideas. Use these popular status ideas on Discord to get many impressions. One may get a variety of Discord Status Ideas in this article that will go with your attitude and feeling.


Some of the customization ideas for unique Discord statuses

Discord added custom statuses to allow users to express what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or even direct friends to their websites. If one wants to share some ideas with their friends they can customize the status and create their status.

If the person is passionate about customization about status, they are likely to discover some inspiration for sprucing up their status, from aesthetically pleasing fonts to kaomoji and so much more.

  • Includes Kaomoji

If one wants to personalize their status even more aesthetically good-looking, then they could include kaomoji. Users can pick from a variety of attractive kaomoji, such as polar bears, cheerful faces, and stars. Users should have keen knowledge about the various categories so that they can discover some adorable kaomoji from them. These works can make the status wonderful because they lend a sweet touch to custom statuses. Surely one can impress their friends with these custom statues as they are cute and bring smiles to others ‘ faces. One can find kaomoji on some websites.

  • Add Emoji

One might use emojis to add beauty to their status. Emoji are nothing but emotions. Users can express their emotions by using emojis. There are many ways to inject humor, anger, smiley, and other emojis. You might also use emojis to spice up your status. These are a fantastic way to inject some humor, support your point, or enhance your status!


Here are a few tips to add Emoji to make the status more emotional

  • Always add emoji at the end of the text.
  • Emojis should match the content.
  • Mixing Emojis can make the text more beautiful.
  • Emojis should be scattered throughout the text; for example, one should follow by adding a perfect space between the emojis.
  • Emojis are used to set a unique style. For instance, if you like the color purple, you may use adorable purple-themed emojis like purple cityscapes at night and purple flowers.

  • Aesthetic Discord Status

One can Customize their status with different fonts. They can choose from a wide range of attractive fonts, ranging from monospaced text to cursive handwriting and everything in between.

  • Share What’s up in daily life

Share with friends what is happening in one’s daily life by updating the discord status. Users can post anything like their recent activities, hobbies they have done, activities they are involved in, or the projects they are working on. If they go for a movie they can make content from that post. Not only what’s happening, but users can also add their imaginations there. Adding Emojis at the end will make the text more perfect. 


Some of the discord status ideas

  • Life’s issues suggest that you are only at the edge.
  • I’m a virtual person, so please don’t bother me!
  • There is plenty of vitality in the game; I don’t need to live life.
  • I’ll engage in some gaming in front of me.
  • The team’s spirit is to play with all of our might to win.
  • Escape from the real world & start playing Games. 
  • Steel Wins Battles whereas  Gold Wins Wars.
  • Keep cool and play on.
  • Keep calm and start the games.
  • The attack gets stronger the longer you push the button.
  •  Play games to escape the real world.
  •  I’m in a game that’s not available, so I’m not available.
  •  I’ll beat them in a fight if I can’t outsmart them.
  •  For sale is a used, unopened parachute.
  •  From Friday to Monday, life is lovely
  • Some individuals simply require a high five in the face.
  • I don’t regret being single. Instead, I’m considering my better half, who is single as a result of me.
  • I don’t care what people think or say about me because at least mosquitoes find me attractive.
  •  Likely, you won’t enjoy using the ventilator if you detest wearing a mask.
  •  75% of gym patrons are unaware that their facility is closed.
  • Time is valuable. Spend it wisely.
  • Wise people don’t use away messages, like me… I am so wise!
  •  I have nothing. Nobody is flawless. I am flawless as a result!
  • What are the benefits of away messages? They are so ridiculous!
  • While you’re ready to love, not when you’re by yourself.
  • gaming zone Be cautious.
  • If you need me, wake me up.
  • Gambling is not illegal.
  • All I do is provide things.
  • I wish you were better and that it weren’t so simple.
  • Hope makes us stronger. We are here for that reason. We fight when we do all of this.
  • Gold and steel both win wars.
  • Keep calm and start the games.
  • We are powerless to undo what we have done; we can only depart.
  • Yes! I play video games, but I’m not going to play until you do.
  • Play the game while remaining composed.



I hope this article gave you an idea and helped you come up with some creative Discord statuses.

One can change their status numerous times as they want and as they like.

Users can use all of these at once or make them post every day.

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