best Free AI voice generator online websites

What is an AI voice generator? AI voice generators use text-to-speech (TTS) technology to read text aloud in a human-like voice.

Businesses and producers utilise these generators as the voiceover component of their video evidence and assistive technology to help persons with learning issues like dyslexia and ADHD. Artists utilise it to bring literary works to life in innovative ways. AI voice generators also provide useful options, such as modifying the accent used and the tempo at which the text is read.

Voice cloning technology has been around for a while and has evolved significantly in its advancement since its inception. It was formerly mostly used for entertainment, but it has now expanded to include a variety of commercial and business uses. To perform successfully, voice cloning no longer requires enormous numbers of voice samples or specialised equipment.


Best Free AI voice generator online websites

Play. ht is a web-based voice generator that allows you to generate high-quality text-to-speech. Because of its basic user interface, the platform is exceptionally simple to use. It has a text box on the homepage where you may input your text, choose the language, gender, and voice style, and choose the conversion speed.

Play. ht has become a TTS market leader, using voices from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Although users must register, the platform offers a free trial of the full version, allowing users to create sounds and adjust the speed at which it proceeds. The user’s account is rewarded with 100 free words after joining up.

The platform has 570 distinct AI voices, covers more than 60 languages, and may be used for both business and personal reasons. It is available for free as well as paid editions. The free version is adequate, but the number of voice types available is limited. It also allows you to download the created speech in MP3 or WAV files from the site.


  • To fine-tune speech tone, use voice inflections.
  • Personalise your speech pronunciations.
  • Before applying, listen to all of the voice types.
  • Experiment with various speaking styles.

How to use voices

To use, click Play. ht for yourself, go here and produce audio with voices in various tones, from formal to happy. Multi-voice capability is included in the premium version, allowing numerous voices to be utilised in the same audio file.



Murf.AI is the greatest AI Voice Generator for creating natural-sounding studio-quality AI voices. It is a flexible text-to-speech voice generator that provides studio-quality voice overs for many professional applications. The tool has a large voice library with over 115 distinct voices in 15 languages. Its AI can produce your speech in the appropriate tone, picking up each punctuation and exclamation mark users provide.

It also has grammatical assistance, so you can create proofread scripts that will only improve your voiceover job. You may also use the program to add your video, music, and graphics to be synced with your produced voice. With its enterprise plan, the tool also has a powerful collaboration capability.


  • Create and personalise voiceovers.
  • With a single membership, you may access the whole voice library.
  • Support for audio and text input.
  • Collaboration in a virtual team.
  • Instantly generate high-quality voices.

Because of its clever AI, Murf.AI provides a plethora of innovative capabilities that make speech production seem natural, rapid, and of exceptional quality. You’ll get access to a large voice library that can even turn personal recordings into expert voiceover work. Murf speaks in various accents, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Murf allows you to

  • Add Voices( may be added to films or photos).
  • Get a free grammar checker.

Some of its applications include

  • Voiceover by AI
  • Video with audio
  • Voice modulator
  • Editing of voice
  • Presentation with voiceover
  • Voiceover for e-learning



Text to voice generator is one of Clipchamp’s many applications. It’s a program that allows you to convert text into voice overs.

The tool contains 170 distinct voices in 70 different languages, each chosen by the Clipchamp team separately.

Clipchamp provides the following AI voices

  • Feminine
  • Masculine
  • Neutral

These voices come in a variety of languages, ages, and accents.

A speed control option is included with the tool. You may independently adjust the pace of each sentence to suit your preferences. There are three premium options available for the tool. After signing up, you gain access to the free plan, which only allows you to make films at 480p. To receive higher video quality, you must upgrade to a premium subscription.

Best used in conjunction with a real-time API. operates in a variety of ways. It can not only help you make voice out of the text, but it can also generate text for adverts with a single click. The platform can also produce a personalised voice that you can use as a voice assistant for Alexa, Google, and other services. Call centres may also use the technique to clone their agents’ voices and customise them.

Resemble gives you four alternative ways to create synthetic voices. You may use the API to generate voices, record up to 50 samples immediately on the online platform, choose from many voice actors, or submit raw audio without a script.


  • Customise your brand’s tone.
  • Create responsive IVR agents.
  • Advertise text creation using AI with one click.
  • Instant language translation. is a cutting-edge AI text-to-speech generator with a variety of commercial applications. Developers will benefit from Resemble’s low-latency API, which allows them to generate voices at will and execute other critical development tasks.



Lovo is a low-cost next-generation AI voiceover and text-to-speech technology. It is capable of producing human-like voices of exceptional quality. Over 80,000 creators in 41 countries trust Lovo, which has produced over 7 million voiceovers to date.’s user-friendly platform enables both ordinary users and developers to produce speech from text and create human-sounding voice overs. Over 180 voice types in 33 languages are available on the site. The site is also regularly updated with new voices every day, giving consumers a wide range of options.

In just 15 minutes, the technology can generate personalised voices. On this platform, converting text to speech requires only three easy steps. Users may also use the API to produce completely natural voices and can be fine-tuned to express human emotions.


  • Listening, conversion, and sharing are all unlimited.
  • A large voice library is available.
  • Up to 15000 characters can be converted at once.
  • Voice cloning at home is a fantastic text-to-speech generator that a powerful AI powers. The large voice collection allows you to generate varied voiceover work for audiobooks, videos, podcasts, and other projects. We strongly advise you to test the free version before purchasing the premium options.



These tools can help you save a lot of money and time on voiceovers. They can also help you be more creative by turning stories and other written materials to life.

The days of using computer voice generators only for fun are long gone. The role of AI voice generators in the business sector grew along with technology. They play an important role in today’s video games, films, and animated films. These tools can be used in a wide range of situations.

These tools are now available to everyone because of the integration of AI and the advancement of software technology. All of the programs listed above are among the greatest AI voice generators available today. The above-mentioned AI voice generators will produce in spades, whether it’s a standard voiceover job or converting textual content into high-quality audiobooks.

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