Best Free CD & DVD Cover Maker Software For Windows [2022]

You may personalize CD covers with your image and text using this CD cover creator software. Some of these CD cover creator programs can create covers for various disc formats, including DVDs, Business cards, Tray cards, MiniDiscs, Biz Cards, Cartridges, Slimline cases, and Floppy Disks.

This article explained how to make a CD cover, design a CD cover, print a CD cover, and design a batch of CD covers. You will learn how to create your CD covers here. Images, digital pictures, text, CD cover templates, patterns, colors, shapes, clipart, and so on can all be used. You can also use images in various formats and resize them according to your requirements.

Different font styles, font sizes, colors, effects, alignment, and other factors can be used in the text. Some software allows you to design several CD covers. You’ll discover that several word processors may also be used to create CD covers. These word processors have nearly identical functionality to professional CD cover producers, such as the ability to add images, colors, text, shapes, templates, clipart, and so on.

If you want to keep track of your CD collection with your personalized CD cover, read this article, pick one of the software options, and create your CD covers.

Best Free CD & DVD Cover Maker Software For Windows

Disketch Disc Label Software

Disketch Disc Label Software is a free cross-platform CD cover creator that works on both Windows and Mac. You may create labels, front covers, back covers, and standard cases for CDs, DVDs, BluRay Discs, and a variety of other disc types in this program. It has clipart and frame options. You may share your CD cover designs on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon using this CD cover creator.

Designing CD/DVD Covers

  • Choose File>New>CD/DVD/Bluray Disc Case from the File menu.
  • Select whether you want to create a front or back case.
  • For the background, use color, picture, or gradient effects. If desired, add text, clip art, and frames. You can include CD information such as the artist’s name, album title, tracklist, and so on.
  • To print your created cover, select the Print option.
  • This shareware can only be used for personal purposes. This software must be purchased to be used commercially.

Features of Disketch Disc Label Software

  • Create labels and covers for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs with Disketch.
  • Add your artwork or photographs to the labels.
  • Label your DVDs with stylish text.
  • Export the DVD cover to PDF and JPG formats.
  • Standard A4 paper sizes are printed.


exPressit SE

exPressit SE is a straightforward and free CD cover creator. You may make covers for CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, Blu Ray Disks, Business Cards, Cartridges, MiniDiscs, Jewel Cases, and other disc types. You can use it to add images and text. You can utilize images from its libraries or browse your computer for images. Text can be changed by changing the font style, font size, color, and so on. As a result, it assists you in designing, previewing, saving, and printing your CD cover.

exPressit SE features

  • Personalize DVD covers by importing your images.
  • Add text and modify the font style, color, and other attributes with ease.
  • A printer collaboration tool is included.
  • Basic pictures and designs are pre-loaded.


CDs and DVDs label Creator 

 CDs and DVDs label Creator is a CD cover maker and printer that is completely free. You can customize the cover by selecting either a Jewel case or a Mini case. Add text, photos, lines, and other elements to your cover to make it your own. You can utilize JPEG, PNG, GIF, and other image formats. Text in a variety of font styles, colors, sizes, effects, and alignments can be employed. Print or save your design using the appropriate settings on the main screen.

CD & DVD Label Maker Features

  • Supports Mini CD/DVDs
  • JPG, GIF, PNG, and other image formats can be used to export the DVD cover.
  • Unicode is supported, and functional layouts are available.
  • Free to use and even for commercial purposes.



UnderCover is a free program that allows you to make a disc label and cover. It can design CD, DVD, VHS, CD rear cover, CD front cover, Slimline DVD, Bluray CD, and other disc formats’ covers and labels. It allows you to print CD labels in bulk.

The only drawback to this DVD cover creator program is that it does not allow you to add custom text to the cover you are creating. The UI is simple and comparable to the start menu style in Windows 10.

How to Use UnderCover CD Label Maker Software to Create Batch CD Labels

  • To make a CD label from a list of Templates, first, select the CD label option.
  •  Then select Batch Print, which takes you to the next step, where you must select photos for each Label. 
  • Select 5 photos if you wish to design 5 CD labels at once.

Features of UnderCover CD Label Maker

  • Supports numerous formats for designing and printing covers, including CD, Bluray, PS4, XBOX ONE, and many others.
  • Features of CD/DVD labeling
  • Custom formats for cover design can be created using the built-in format editor.
  • Multilingual capability (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Images can be dragged and dropped.
  • Automatically detects formats.


DRPU Card And Label Designer

DRPU Card And Label Designer is a free CD cover design program. It can create CDs in the following formats: standard, mini, rectangle, round rectangle, and ellipse. It allows you to use a variety of font styles, colors, effects, and sizes while adding text. You can use JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EXIF, and other image formats. It also allows you to add barcodes, clipart, various shapes, grid lines, and other elements.

Note that the free version of the program includes a minor watermark on the design.



This blog included the top five free DVD cover creator programs for Windows. Any of these tools can be used. You can use these software programs to make CD covers and label your discs in addition to DVDs.

One of the best free CD & DVD label-making software I suggest is Undercover because it permits batch processing and CD & DVD Label Maker since it is user-friendly.

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