Best Free Soundboard Software For Windows PC

Soundboard is a computer program where you can add custom sounds and edit the voices from available sounds. Editors often use it to add celebrities’ voices over the audio clip to make it fun. We have a physical soundboard; it seems costly and has limited features. In addition to that, we have lots of free soundboard software, which has lots of features, custom sounds, and a clear interface to edit. 

Moreover, these soundboards can change your voice, which is famously used by gamers for streaming. Based on your ideas and creativity, you can find many usages of this software. Now you may have an idea, what are Soundboard software and its usages? These top soundboard-free software are specially made for Windows users. 

Before uploading your audio, you must check its file format whether it is compatible with particular software. Most of the software from our list supports MP3, WAV, OGG, and many others. 


EXP Soundboard

It is a free, open-source software where you can set up a virtual soundboard. You can use this EXP Soundboard in Windows, Linux, and macOS. Once you have added your audio clips, start assigning a hotkey to the required sound clip, and you can trigger it. Apart from sound clips, adding a microphone feed to the audio file is possible. 

EXP Soundboard Main Features

ADD: To add new sound clips in the formats of MP3 and WAV and assign hotkeys. 

TWO OUTPUTS: EXP Soundboard is capable of generating two sound streams for speakers as well as for virtual audio cable. 

AUDIO LEVELS: To manually adjust primary and secondary output gain based on your requirement. 

AUDIO CONVERTERS: This software can convert various audio file formats to MP2 and WAV audio formats. Then it can be used to edit here. 


Jingle Palette

The next best and free, open-source soundboard software is Jingle Palette for Windows users. This software is apt for radio broadcasts and sporting events as we can play jingle tones between them. 

By clicking various soundboard buttons on the interface, you can store sound effects and tones in your sound clip. Here you can create multiple soundboard pallets, useful for professionals. On each palette, you can store 30 various sounds/tunes. This software is compatible with various sound file formats like MP3, MP2, WAV, OGG, and more. 

Main Features:

PALLETS: These soundboard pallets come with pre-configured jingle tones. You can erase it and add your required sound tunes by selecting the Assign Jingle option. With that, you can assign sounds on each button of the palette. 

SOUND CONTROLLER: With this feature, it is possible to set tunes in repeat mode, mix sounds, and more. 

TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: If you have a touch screen windows device, then this software makes use of it. 

TIME ANNOUNCE: It is possible to schedule a tone to play at a specific time. 



This is another free, open-source software for Windows users. As this software name says, you can mix different sound samples of various formats like OGG, MP3, AIFF, WAV, and more. Once you add multiple sounds on separate tracks, you can control it by playing/pausing sound tones, adjusting the sound intensity, and more.  

Main features

TRACKS: With 64 separate tracks, you can add 64 unique sounds that can play with media controls. Here you can play multiple tracks to mix your audio. 

MEDIA CONTROLS: With this feature, you can control a track, adjust auto pitch audio balance, play sound clips in a loop and alter its volume. 

MULTI_WINDOW INTERFACE: So you can open and maintain multiple mixer windows, having 64 separate tracks. 



The next suggestion for editing your sound clip is Soundboard. It provides you with a simple interface and has 16 mappable buttons. Moreover, you can add required sounds or beats to those buttons, making your custom soundboard. 

You can get the media controller option to control the edited audio. The only limitation of this software is it’s only compatible with the WAV format. I have mentioned its main features below. 

Main features


With this feature, you can add a unique audio file to those soundboard buttons.


Like other software, it also offers similar controllers to control your playback audio, like adjusting the sound volume, muting sounds, playing a particular tune in a loop, and more. 


Silica Interactive Soundboard

The last best and most supportive soundboard software on our list is Silica Interactive Soundboard. Here you can add as many possible unique sounds as you want. Since it doesn’t have any buttons initially, you have to add buttons to add a sound file. With those buttons, you can add unique sounds. 

With the help of the hotkey, you can switch between those sounds. 

Main features


There is no limit to adding sound samples on this software.


Available hotkeys to switch between sound samples easily and virtual buttons support.

CUSTOM BUTTON NAMES: You can rename each soundboard button with this feature. 

CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS: This soundboard software allows you to delete, rename and replace the sound files of the buttons. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Soundboards expensive?

Since expensive soundboards are available, there are many soundboard software available online. With this free software, you can add many sound clips, edit them, and customize them. 

Can we use soundboards in Discord?

Yes, it’s possible. With this soundboard software, you can play new sounds and YouTube streams on your Discord channel. Moreover, you can add your favorite sounds to your discord server with the Discord Soundboard bot. 

How does a Soundboard work?

It operates on the principle of forced vibration. Despite their different size and composition, the string will vibrate the boards and make sounds.

Can a phone be used as Soundboard?

Yes, you can add audio or even record live audio using a mobile microphone with your phone. Then the sound clip can be edited, and also the phone can be used to take backup of your soundboards. 



We have presented you with some top soundboard software found online. The additional information like its facts and main features make your choice easier. This soundboard software has a decent look and is well designed to make your sound clips and editing unique. Also, we like to know your favorite or recommended soundboard software to us in the comment section. 

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