Best GIF Overlay Websites To Add Images On GIFs

GIFs are used widely during our chats, and it’s interesting too. It can be created on our own using online websites and even with applications. In addition to creating a GIF, we can add an overlay. It may be an image, a watermark, and even a GIF. First, you need to find a GIF editor with this particular feature. 

We have presented the best GIF overlay websites to add images to your GIFs to make your work easier. We also added the steps and the website’s main features. With our information, you can make your choice better and add an overlay in a minute. Let’s start with our collection of lists.



FlexClip is a free online video editor tool that has a feature to edit your GIFs and an overlay into it. FlexClip also provides a vast collection of GIFs and stickers, which can be edited there. Before uploading here, check whether your image, audio, or video belongs to one of the formats of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, MP3, MP4, MOV, WEBP, WEBM. If yes, start uploading your GIF and overlay it with an image. The exciting feature about FlexClip is that it provides the finished product without any watermark or price. 

Steps to Follow:

  1. Don’t worry if you don’t have any GIF to make an overlay. This website has a vast collection of GIFs; you can search by clicking the “Photo” icon on the left sidebar. 
  2. Initially, add your GIF as an overlay in the storyboard and add an image or watermark to it. The added image can be cropped, control its motion, duration and be placed anywhere in the GIF as an overlay. 
  3. Once done, make a preview of your creation and download it as a GIF or MP4.

Main features of FlexClip:

  1. Available of a massive collection of GIFs
  2. Supports multiple images overlay into a GIF.
  3. Possible to overlay a GIF over another GIF.



Photopea is a free online Photoshop website where you can quickly overlay an image into your GIF. It supports various formats, such as PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, DDS, TIFF. Moreover, it supports the camera’s raw like AI, PSD, XD, SKETCH, XCF, PDF. If you have any of these formats, start uploading your GIF and overlay it with your image or watermark. 

Steps to Follow:

  1. Start by uploading your GIF, then Photopea will automatically create a folder. Over there, you can see multiple image layers of your GIF. 
  2. Get into the Watermark/Image tab, select the Watermark/image layer, and click Duplicate. So a pop-up window will appear and request you choose the GIF’s name for duplication.
  3. Then, get into the GIF’s tab and click Edit -> Transform -> Scale. With this, you can scale your image/watermark on the GIF. Its opacity and blending mode can also be adjusted. 
  4. After customizing the GIF with its speed, quality, get into the File -> Export as GIF to save it to your local storage. 

Main features of Photopea:

  1. Supports multiple images overlay into a GIF.

It’s not possible to overlay a GIF over another GIF.



Canva – the commonly used graphic design platform worldwide. It allows you to do adding an image, watermark, and even a GIF over another GIF. Like FlexClip, you can also get a vast collection of GIFs that can be used for editing. It offers you lots of filters and customizing options, making it a powerful platform. There is no watermark for your creations. Personally, I have used Canva, it is easy to use, and everything is perfectly arranged. 

Steps to Follow:

  1. Get into the Canva website click on the “Create a Design” visible on the top right side. Then select the “Customize Size” to make your own dimensions. 
  2. On your left, click on the Uploads button to upload an image or a GIF. 
  3. Then add an image to place over the GIF already placed in the background. 
  4. Preview your creation and export it as a GIF. 

Main features of Canva:

  1. Available in a massive collection of GIFs.
  2. Supports multiple images overlay into a GIF.
  3. Possible to overlay a GIF over another GIF.
  4. Predetermined sizes and templates. 



The most classic GIF maker website is available for free online. The possible tools for customizing the GIFs are given at the top of the screen. The uploading file formats are limited here with PNG, GIF, and JPG. On this website, you can add only one image/watermark, and not possible to drag and crop your image. The only way to align your image is by entering the numbers. This way will be hard when your image or watermark is bigger than your background GIF. 

Steps to Follow:

The steps to make an image overlay to the GIF are very simple compared to other websites in our article.

  1. Upload your GIF, which has to be a background. Then click on the “Overlay” button available at the top of the screen. 
  2. By now, upload an image as an overlay to the GIF. 
  3. To align the image, enter the numbers.
  4. Preview it and export it to your storage. 

Main features of EZGIF:

  1. Possible to add either one of the images or watermark or GIF as an overlay to a GIF. 
  2. All the customizing options of GIF are available.
  3. Straightforward interface. 



Imgflip is a meme generator and GIF maker website. There it offers you to add an image overlay to a GIF. Once your image overlay is uploaded, you can start scaling and placing it in your required position. It has a wide variety of funny stickers options to add as an overlay on a GIF.

The major drawbacks are given as follows. There is no undo button to erase your mistakes. Only one image or watermark is allowed to add as an overlay. Once you download your GIF, a tiny watermark will be placed on your left bottom corner. There will be limited customizing options for free customers. 

Steps to Follow:

  1. Once you get into, select the “Make a GIF” button and click “Upload Video” to upload a GIF.
  2. Add an Image to be placed as an overlay to the GIF and scale, drag it to your required position.
  3. Once done, preview and download it as a GIF or an MP4 file. There will also be a shareable link or embed code for your website.

Main features of Imgflip:

  1. Possible to add stickers over a GIF.
  2. Can add only one image or logo overlay to a GIF.



You can create your image as an overlay to the GIF in a few minutes with all these sites. It starts with uploading an image and GIF as a background. Then customize your GIF by changing its speed, size, color, and more. At last, save your creation as a GIF and share it everywhere. 

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