Best google chrome extensions for students in 2021

Nowadays, most of the learning has moved online. If you’re using the chrome browser for your studies, then you’re lucky. It has numerous extensions to make use of. Installing apps for a single purpose is tedious, and also it consumes a lot of storage. So just installing these Google chrome extensions makes your learning experience easy for students. Here we present to you the top 10 extensions available on the internet. 



Grammarly is one of the top Google Chrome extensions used by students, bloggers, and anyone who writes online. When you type your essay there, it shows you spelling, grammar, clarity, style, variety, and tone. It helps you to make your essay professional and grammar-free. It has a rating method; it shows you how well you are typing. It is decided by how easy your context is to read, unnecessary adverbs, adjectives, and even using too much passive voice. 



Spelling and grammatical errors can be fixed in real-time.

Before changing errors, it provides you with an explanation of the wrong context.

The Premium version is available.



The pickup time errors happen sometimes.

The Premium version of Grammarly is not affordable for students. 



Are you using an app for editing PDF? Use the Kami extension; with that, you can upload your pdf and play with it. It has some features like writing, drawing, text to speech, shapes, signatures, etc. Kami will be helpful for students to take online classes with its features. Conversion is made easy by using this extension.

Moreover, it has, detecting text option. So you can upload your document to get a text from it. It supports PDF, Google docs, Microsoft Word, RTF, Google slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and mainly used image formats. 



Easy to upload and share files.

Splitting and merging documents in a few steps.




Not mobile-friendly.

Interfaces can be improved. 



If you’re diverting while reading online, then this is an extension for you. It blocks specific websites that you visit often. It blocks websites like social media and is not related to studies.

In addition to that, you can also add some websites you don’t want to visit for a specific time. I used this extension, and it works as I mentioned. 


Time of restriction is available.

Can restrict access to websites, pages, games, and as we need.



Hard to use at the beginning stage.

Not possible to set a time multiple times.


Session Buddy

Session Buddy makes bookmarking the tabs easier. So, you can access it when required. It will be helpful when you are doing project searches. At that time, instead of opening and keeping all tabs open, use this extension to save it. You can avoid searching all opened tabs by bookmarking them in your convenient names. 


Easy to use.

Low memory usage




The option to organize bookmarks is not available. 

A limited number of bookmarks.



Are you a slow reader, then use this extension to make your reading ability faster. It allows you to paste your content and will guide you to read quickly. In some cases, you might have a short time and need to grab the content of the essay. During those cases, it helps a lot. 


It guides you for reading speed. 

Find your speed of reading.

Premium option available.


Copy and paste from websites only in the free version.

The Premium version is not affordable for students. 

Memorize tool

This extension will make you remember a large amount of content while browsing the web. What you all have to do is highlight the required terms or phrases you need to remember. While you are browsing, it will pop up and make you remember. You can customize the time interval of notification and interface for displaying. In addition to those features, it has quiz mode. With that, you can set a few questions and answers, and it will pop up with the time interval you mentioned. 


Completely cost-free

Notification and display can be customized.

Availability of quiz mode

Easy to set.



Since this extension is under construction, it has some bugs. 


Power Thesaurus

It is the most used Google chrome extension by students. It will be more helpful while typing essays, reports. It has two modes of operation. You can select the word, right-click and then select thesaurus. It will show up some synonyms and antonyms that match your phrase. The next mode is to click on the extension icon in the browser toolbar to type words manually and get the suggestions. 


Easy to use.

Low memory usage.

Minimalist interface


Sometimes pop-up will not work.


Bitly is the most commonly used extension in chrome to shorten the links before sharing. It makes it easy to share a large number of links. While doing a project, it allows you to save important links for future reference. With a few clicks, you can shorten it before sharing. 


Simple to use

Can manage a large number of links


Recognizing links is difficult. 

Customization of saved links is complicated. 

Voice In

Voice In, the name explains about it. It takes in your voice and gives you the text out. Assume you want to type in the Gmail text area. Then right-click, select “Start Recording.” Now start your speech; it converts and appears as text in the selected area. It works on platforms like Google Docs, Outlook, Slack, and all sites with text areas.


40 languages are supported

The free basic plan itself has enough features.

Mainly in all sites, we have a text area to use this extension.


Premium plans are costly for students. 

Not valuable for some textboxes mentioned by users.



This Visor extension is useful for students while they are reading at night. It helps to reduce your eye strain and is highly focused on your reading. You can highlight the text and be able to move across the screen. The chance of missing the line during reading is minimized. It also allows you to increase or decrease the text on the screen for a better look.


Interface is minimized

Simple to operate

Useful during night reading


Features are limited.

Not compatible with mobile devices.



Here we have provided you with the top 10 Google Chrome extensions used by students in 2021. It changes your reading styles and makes your grades boost. These chrome extensions make you motivated and focused on your reading. Please make use of those extensions and let us know the best of you in the comments. Also, mention your favorite extension, which is not mentioned in our article. 

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