Best Pokemon Discord Bots 2021

The discord servers are always flooded with a lot of bots available worldwide. The discord servers are one of the best places to chill and hang out with your loved ones, and especially talking with respect to gamers, discord proves to be the most used platform by gamers to interact and connect with each other. Though discord offers a lot of amazing bots specifically dedicated to the gamers community, one of the most famous bots that are liked by almost every discord community especially talking of the gamers community is the Pokemon discord bots. There are currently hundreds of pokemon bots available on discord that are constantly being liked by people all over the world and added to servers each day. The most special thing about these bots is that they give users a nostalgia of the past when pokemon used to be the only anime that was famous among the youth. We have come up with a lit of top pokemon bots available on discord that are really fun to have on your servers. All the bots are the best ones and a must recommended ones. Let’s get started with the list.



Meow Bot is though a less famous bot over the discord server yet is an amazing one worth trying. The bot is almost similar to the Pokecord bot though a lot of users might not know about it yet. It has amazing battles that are much more fun as compared to the Pokecord bot, have much more features and functions to perform. Along with it, the bot also contains simple and fun minigames that mainly including game corner and fishing. 

Though the downside of the bot includes minor bugs that are needed to be fixed for a better user experience. Yet the bot is worth giving a try and a must-recommended one for your servers.


PokeTwo Bot

The poketwo bot is another less known and pretty good bot. The most attractive part of the bot is its attractive and eye-catching interface. Though the bot is less known till now, it is famous among its users for its best voting system. Along with it, the bot also has a lot of new and fun features for gameplay and many ongoing events like auto-catching bot and others. Poketwo according to me is among the bots that are needed to be recognized and added to servers since it provides one of the best experiences for gamers and their server.


PM Discord Bot

Did you guess it right? Yes, the PM Discord bot is an amazing one completely based on the concept of the pokemon mystery dungeon series. Though there aren’t any dungeons in the games that the bot has, yet it is of much fun with amazing features including complex battles along with a lot of new features that aren’t available in any other bot. The bot also has terrains, boosts, mechanics, and other fun features to have an amazing gaming experience throughout. The bot mainly focuses on coming up with new features for battles also allowing multiplayer and team-based games that are much more fun and a great way to kill boredom. 

Though the downside of the bot includes it being a little less popular to date among the discord servers, also, it can be a bit confusing and might seem complex at the start, but as you get a grip of it, this bot is the best experience you can have.


Myuu Bot 

The myuu bot is another amazing one from the list. The bot has amazing features that allow all the server members to participate which is also the best part of the bot. It has attractive things to perform including parties, forming teams, amazing and fierce battles, regions, and many more. The bot is a must recommended one when looking to engage all the server members. Along with it, the bot is also a bit informative and easy to use. Thus it is another recommended one for your servers to give a great discord experience.


Poke Catcher Bot 

The poke catcher bot is another amazing and solely dedicated to gamers’ discord bot. The bot itself claims to be not just a “Chatbot”. Poke catcher aims to provide an amazing multiplayer gaming experience for its users including exciting features like catching, evolving and training pokemon. Along with it, the bot also offers amazing battles and with other players. Not just these, one can even explore new locations with this bot trying to catch pokemon and having a fun experience. So, definitely try this one out on your discord servers.


Pokeventure Bot 

The pokeventure bot is another one having completely unique features as compared to others from the list. The bot offers fun things like catching and fighting with pokemon including some of the rarest pokemon. Along with it, the bot also offers an amazing gaming experience of raiding other players and catching rare pokemon. Not just this, there are even different generations of pokemon available. The bot also allows one to buy and sell pokemon as per their choice. Thus a completely dedicate pokemon bot, this one is a must-recommended one for your servers.


PokeWorld Bot 

The last of the list yet an exciting and amazing one, the pokeworld bot is the closest imitation to the actual pokemon anime. The bot offers amazing features of catching pokemon while chatting with friends. It also has the unique concept of chatting more and catching more. The bot also allows one to trade pokemon and also offers to trade pokemon with other users. Altogether, the bot is an amazing one to try out on your servers.



Thus ending the list of the best pokemon bots available on discord, these bots offer an amazing gaming experience and the fun of being connected with friends at the same time living the childhood with the best anime. Though there are thousands of bots on discord that provide an amazing gaming experience for their users, yet this fact cannot be denied that pokemon has been the most widely loved and to date flourishing love of the youth, which might not be expressed by watching anime, but is still seen in other formats as of the discord bots.

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