10 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Mike Winklemann founded it in 2007. This digital asset proves ownership of digital items like images, art, video games, or virtual land. These are one-of-a-kind digital assets that can take the form of GIFs, tweets, and more. They exist on a blockchain currency & give the buyer digital ownership rights.

Digital ownership is stored on blockchain technology such as Ethereum or Solana. These are unique and can’t be replaced with something else. These are often based on the Ethereum blockchain, in the form of ERC- 721 tokens.

These tokens can be bought and sold on second-hand marketplaces. Few examples of Top NFT tokens

  • Crypto kitties
  • Football trading cards
  • Banksy artwork
  • Kings of Leon album
  • Basketball trading cards
  • Features of NFT
  • Storefront
  • Wallet
  • Searching for items
  • Buy and Bid
  • Create listings
  • Filters

Now we are going to tell you about Solana or the SOL.


Solana (SOL)

It has launched multiple products, but the NFT marketplace has been one of the most successful. This SOL team recently announced that the Solana NFT marketplace was approaching the $1 billion market cap.

This is a very noticeable growth for such a new product. Although the versatility of the Solana (SOL) NFTs could be the reason for this growth, there is more to it.

The Solana blockchain speed and gas fee, compared to Ethereum and Binance. This is one of the reasons the NFT marketplace is doing well.

The Solana was the fastest in the industry and had the lowest gas of all the blockchains with NFT. And that’s why millions of Enthusiasts have been joining Solana. But Biggert is giving it tough competition. Best Solana (SOL) NFT marketplaces are-

  1. MagicEden
  2. Solanart
  3. Solea
  4. Digitales
  5. Megaplex
  6. Alpha
  7. Exchange
  8. Artz
  9. Support
  10. SupaDrop


10 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

spa drop

SupaDrop is a dedicated NFT Art Marketplace fully focused on Independent creators who have authentic and rare digital arts, user experience, and community.

Its goal is to empower emerging digital creators to start building something they love and find their first 1,000 true fans who can support their work.

Features :

  • Various listing options
  • Creator royalties
  • Creator splits
  • Low minting fee
  • 5% platform fee



It is an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain, offering user Auctioning, Rarity Filtering, Discord/ Telegram notifications for the marketplace activity, and much more.

Currently, there is no listing fee or refunding fee on Sport. Support charges a 2% fee for sellers on all successful transactions.

Top Solana projects such as Realm Kings and Mutant Monkey Business are listed on Solport -io. Phantom and Solflare are the only two wallets that Sports Marketplace supports.

Features :

  • Various listing options
  • Free listing/minting
  • Collection Rankings
  • Reward programs
  • 2% service fee



Artz is the first decentralized NFT Marketplace on Solana. Artz is an open marketplace to discover and collect unique art ( NFT ).

Currently, a Phantom wallet is supported by Artz.

It’s good that they would emphasize this, as it does suggest that most of the other Solana NFT marketplaces may be significantly more centralized.

Features include:

  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Mobile app (coming soon)
  • 2% commission



It promotes itself as the SOL NFT marketplace for everyone, with a strong focus on 1/1 art and its independent creators. The exchange team takes a slightly more curated approach to NFTs, selecting and featuring handpicked art collections and various other types of digital art.

You can find Handpicked art collections sets, illustrations, drawing, photography, painting, algorithmic arts, profile picture, AI arts, 3D arts, and Banner in the Exchange marketplace.

Exchange doesn’t charge any listing fee. They have a 2.5% fee for every successful transaction. There is no purchase fee; however, you have to pay the Solana Network fee.

Exchange Creators Portal is a completely integrated dashboard for artists and creators for posting and managing collections for their entire brand very easily.

Its supported Wallets are- Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Torus, Ledger, Blocto, And Sollet.


  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Creators Portal
  • Creator royalties
  • Creator splits
  • 5% platform fee



Alpha art is the revolutionary NFT marketplace, which allows users to buy/sell Solana-based NFTs. Alpha doesn’t charge any listing fees. They have a flat 2% seller fee taken at the time of the sale.

Currently, Alpha doesn’t support minting at their marketplace.

Its supported Solana wallet is- Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Ledger, Sollet, etc. The Alpha team has created their NFT collection called “Piggy Sol Gang”, which can be staked directly on the Alpha website.


  • Common listing options
  • Creator tools
  • Property filters
  • Collections
  • NFT staking (Piggy Sol Gang)
  • 2% service fee



Megaplex is very interesting because they aren’t an SOL NFT marketplace. We can think of Metaplex as Shopify for NFTs, an incredibly interesting value proposition for all who want a more customized toolset. We should mention that Megaplex powers SupaDrop.

So, if you’re planning to start your NFT projects and want to have your storefront, then Metaplex will be the perfect solution for you.

Features include:

  • Developer tools
  • Storefront & marketplace features
  • Social integrations
  • Elevated security
  • Creator-focused features


Digital Eyes

DigitalEyes is the next SOL NFT marketplace that markets itself as the first “open” NFT marketplace. This site comes with all the usual features you will expect, and the team also puts in the effort to verify all the collections that subsequently receive the “Verified” badge.

Features include:

  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Collection verification
  • Mint calendar
  • 5% service fee



Solea is one of the bigger players in the SOL NFT marketplace landscape.

Their marketplace not only empowers the creators to sell, mint, and buy NFTs, but they also provide enterprise data services to sites like CoinMarketCap.

Solea has also launched its own First 100 virtual NFT art fair, which aims to feature pioneers and early adopters.

Features include:

  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Creator royalties
  • Collection rankings
  • Mint calendar
  • Virtual art fair
  • Native $AART token and staking
  • 3% platform fee



This is one of the biggest and most professional SOL NFT marketplaces. This also means that necessarily let just anyone list their NFTs on their marketplace and tend to curate heavily.

The team knows very well that with lower barriers to entry, you usually end up with significant projects and many potential scams.

Features include:

  • Various listing options
  • Global offers
  • Attribute filtering
  • Collection rankings
  • 3% platform fee



The king of the SOL NFT marketplaces is still MagicEden. It is still holding the number one position. It is not only with a wide variety of high-quality NFT collections but also various other services.

It has its own DAO, a Launchpad, and a dedicated section for games, and it also provides API services to other platforms.

MagicEden is essentially the OpenSea of the Solana ecosystem, with over 90% market share for secondary trading.

MagicEden is majorly funded by venture capital giants such as Sequoia, Coinbase Ventures, and Alameda Research.

Features include:

  • Various listing options
  • Attribute filtering
  • Launchpad
  • Magic DAO
  • Drop Calendar
  • Collection rankings
  • Dedicated gaming section
  • White labeling solutions
  • API data services
  • 2% service fee


Other Solana NFT Marketplaces

The Solana ecosystem is massive, So it’s no surprise that the 10 SOL NFT marketplaces listed above are not the only ones.

New Solana NFT marketplaces are popping up, and although we can’t cover them all in detail, we at least want to make sure that we list them here.

So here are some others:-

  • Milkyway
  • LIFT
  • RabbitHole
  • Soluble
  • SolSurfer
  • HyperShape
  • Sol Shop



What’s the most popular Solana NFT marketplace?

Ans. Opens. The biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea, has boosted the Solana NFTs after being added to the platform.

Does Solana support NFT?

Ans. Following last week’s official teaser that support was coming, NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain network are now available to trade on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace by volume.

Can you lose money on NFTs?

Ans. It’s important to remember that, due to the costs of making NFTs, there is the possibility that you could lose money on your creation.



Thus, the best SOL NFT marketplaces to focus on right now are MagicEden, Solanart, and Solea. You can say these are the digital assets that can take the form of GIFs and more. They are on a blockchain currency & give the buyer digital ownership rights.

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