Best voice changer for discord channels – 2022

Discord is one of the most usable and best chat services available for gamers. There are many apps like Discord available in the market. 

It offers both voice and text chat options, and many people use voice changers to change their voice in Discord. 

Some do it for fun, and some people do it for privacy purposes. So, are you willing to change your voice while using Discord? Here are the top 10 best voice changer apps for Discord.  

Also, Soundbuttons is the best and most famous soundboard for discord. It consists of more than 5 Million sound results. It has a large selection of categories that include Television, Politics, Memes, Games, Movies, Sports, Reactions, Pranks, Music, Sound effects, Anime, and Manga. Also, it supports all the languages of the world. The most enjoyable part is that all the sounds offer for free.



Clownfish is very simple to use for beginners. It not only works with Discord but also uses Skype well. 

It can run in the background and modify any audio using the microphone. Clownfish can run in the background and change any audio incoming from the microphone. Clownfish works in all versions of Windows, and it’s simple to set up. 


  • It has various sounds to play with.
  • Voice Assistant is available to convert text into speech
  • Options to manage and control the background of the microphone’s music
  • Wide range of voice effects. 



Voicemod comes with a great look and has a more impressive list of voice filters. It has a wide range of voice effects, including professional and fun purposes. It is best for using voice sounds like a robot. It has the option of adding an imposing baritone to our voice. 

It works under all Windows platforms and is free to use. Not only for Discord, but it is also used in Chatting platforms like Skype, Twitch, and other online chats. 


  • Demos are available for Live voice chats.
  • Available to use in all modern games and apps.
  • Free on Windows


RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

If you are looking for a robust voice changer for your Discord, then have a look at Robovox Voice Changer Pro. It has excellent collections of voice effects and styles. 

Based on your game avatar, you can select your voice to use. It is really impressive for its ability to use female voices. It has customized options to change all your voice’s pitch and modulations. It has a unique feature called vocoder technology, which helps record your voice with more precision. 


  • Option of Pitch and modulation settings.
  • Wide collection of voice effects.
  • New Vocoder technology.



Voicemeeter is for professionals who have some technical knowledge of audio mixing. So it allows you to make your voice effects other than present in the list. It makes Voicemeeter unique when compared with other apps in our list. 

It’s free to use. As said earlier, it’s not for beginners, and it’s flexible to use for professionals. 


    • Options to customize sound effects.
  • Supports interfaces like MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO


Discard Voice Changer

Discard Voice Changer, the name itself defines it offers you a gallery of voice effects to use in Discard. Here you can change your voices to extraterrestrial beings, animals, and even famous pop-culture characters. It has a simple interface, which allows us to choose the agent as required.  


  • Unlimited special voice effects.
  • The interface is clean and straightforward.
  • Option to apply sound effects in real-time.
  • Option to record and save your voice. 


AV Voice changer software

AV Voice Changer is another best option for a voice changer on our list. It completely changes your voice as unrecognizable to your listeners. It has a wide range of voice options like a woman, a child, or a robot. Ultimately, you can use a unique voice with this software on your Discord. 

It can be used in games, online chat applications like Twitch, Discord, Skype, and others like this platform. 


  • Option to record voice
  • Possibility to edit recorded voice.
  • Able to morph voice and file
  • Option for customizing sound effects. 


Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor is smart to record and edit your voice to make it entirely unrecognizable for others while using Discord. It allows you to record your voice and transform it into voices like a baby, demon, robot, and famous superhero characters.

In addition to the above features, you can edit your audio with this. It has tools like, shorten your mp3 audio, transforming your voice to your recorded voices. 


  • Option to record voice and edit.
  • Mp3 cutter and editor.
  • Able to change voice for chat applications. 



MorphVox is another free tool on our list to change your voice. It has built-in voices like a man, woman, child, or even a robot. You can use this free tool to change your voice from man to woman and vice versa.

MorphVox will analyze your voice to provide you with optimized voice change effects. The drawback is that it has only two voices and a disturbance of ads in the app. 


  • Provides optimal voice change effects.
  • Option to fine-tune your actual voice.
  • Works in all Windows versions. 


Voxal Voice Changer

It comes with a limitless option of voice effects and is compatible with almost any game and online chat platform. In real-time, you can transform your voice into a girl, a baby, in a matter of seconds.

This tool is handy to maintain anonymity while playing games, radio, or podcasts. The best feature is that you can use the same settings in all kinds of applications to get better results.


  • Wide range of sound effects.
  • Same settings for all applications.
  • Works in real-time.
  • Low CPU usage.


Voice Changer With Effects

At last, we have a look at Voice changer with Effects which is specially made for android users. As an app, it’s simple to install and change your voice. It displays you, list of voice effects and options to edit your voice. It comes with 40 varieties of voice effects you can choose from. 


  • Option to import pre-recorded audio from files.
  • Option of Text-to-Speech.
  • Able to set ringtones.
  • Option to share on social media.



Voice changers are fun tools used by gamers across various platforms. It helps them to stay anonymous on online streaming. It is also helpful in online chat applications. We provided you with the top 10 best tools for voice changers available online, and they are free to use. The tools we recommended don’t need any prior knowledge to use. So please make use of our recommendations, to enjoy your friends and have fun. 


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