How to buy NFT art on opensea with trust wallet – 2022

OpenSea is the largest marketplace available in the world to date. There we can buy and sell NFTs very easily. Connecting your wallet is a must to make transactions on any marketplace. You can find lots of wallets online, and this article recommends you to go with Trust Wallet. In order to purchase NFTs, you need some ETH in your wallet. Moreover, you have to pay some gas fee for transactions. In this article, we help you to buy your favourite NFT from OpenSea using the Trust Wallet. 


Connect to OpenSea with Trust Wallet

On your browser, either in Android or iOS, search for the official website of OpenSea. Tap on the Menu button, which is seen as three lines in the top right corner of the screen. Then tap on the Connect Wallet button shown on the bottom side. 

Now you are shown various wallet connecting options, from which choose the “WalletConnect.” With this step, the platform lists all the available or supportable wallets on the screen. Choose the Trust Wallet, and the wallet will launch. The OpenSea asks you to connect the OpenSea with the Trust Wallet. On that screen, you can check the total balance available on your wallet and request an option for approval. 

As the last step, click the confirm seen on the top side of the screen and sign in to your wallet account. So now you are just connected your OpenSea account with the Trust Wallet. Now let’s buy some NFTs on the OpenSea platform using some ETH available on your Trust Wallet. 


Buying an NFT using Trust Wallet

Before buying an NFT, it is a must to explore the marketplace and the detailed description of the buying NFT given by the author.

Using the search bar, you can search for a collection of NFTs. Moreover, using the filter option, you can filter your search like recently created, recently listed, recently sold, ending soon, and more filter options are available. Once you select the filter options, click on the filter button on the bottom side. 

For example, we will explain to you buying an NFT, which is less than 0.02 ETH. Once you choose the required NFT to want to buy, you can see the Buy now button. To continue the buying process, click on it. The next screen is popped up by showing the information like the marketplace is available to anyone to upload any content that resembles others. 

On the same screen, you are shown with the following details;

  1. The name of the NFT you selected for buying.
  2. It showed the date when that NFT was created.
  3. The total sales in ETH.
  4. The original creator of that NFT and from when he was a member of that platform. 

Once you review all this information, click on the radio button seen on the bottom side for confirmation. Then confirm the checkout to finalize the buying process. It takes you to Trust Wallet to confirm to pay. On the next screen, it shows your purchase is processing. On this screen, you are allowed to share this item buying information with others using social media.  

The transaction takes a few seconds to minutes; wait for it. Once the transaction is completed, you can confirm the same in two ways.

  1. The bought NFT is shown on your OpenSea account. 
  2. You can see the recently bought NFT from the collectibles section on your Trust Wallet. 

On viewing those collections, in turn, you can see the sell option to sell those NFTs from your wallet. So in this way, you can make a profit by selling in a higher amount of ETH. 


Why you should choose the Trust Wallet

User-friendly mobile app

It’s no surprise that using a crypto wallet for the first time is difficult. Even the people unfamiliar with digital concepts feel the same. Keeping this issue in mind, Trust Wallet has introduced a mobile wallet with a mobile-friendly interface. 

Even a new beginner to the crypto world can easily access the application and discover the world of NFTs. Adding ETH on your Ethereum wallet and connecting with the marketplace is made easily with Trust Wallet. 

Only you can control your Digital funds and assets

Trust Wallet doesn’t hold any of its customer’s private keys. It is called a Decentralized mobile wallet, which allows only the actual account holder to access or control all their digital assets, including their NFT collections. Not even the Trust Wallet can access your digital currencies and NFTs from your wallet. 

It’s accessible to buy and sell NFTs directly from various marketplaces

Being one of the leading crypto wallets globally, many NFT marketplaces allow their users to connect them with the Trust Wallet. You can directly buy, sell and mint NFTs on various NFT marketplaces by following ways;

  1. By using the in-app DApp Browser – Android user
  2. By connecting to a marketplace using WalletConnect – iPhone user.

Send your NFTs to your friends seamlessly

Not every NFT wallet allows its users to send their NFTs to other wallets of their friends, families. The Trust Wallet makes way for you to do that seamlessly. Moreover, using the Trust Wallet, you can send your cryptocurrency to another wallet. 

Trust Wallet collects no user data

Trust Wallet doesn’t collect their user’s data like names, mobile numbers, and even email addresses. They want to maintain their user’s privacy, so they have built the app in that way. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an NFT art?

Initially, you need to mint or make your NFT. To do it, you will be required to choose an NFT platform and a convenient payment wallet. The wallet is required to pay the fees and to receive the payment in case your own NFT is sold 

How to find an NFT address and ID?

On each NFT’s individual page, you can see this information. Moreover, you can find this information on the Etherscan page for your wallet. 



This article has completely focused on the steps to buy an NFT ( Non-Fungible Tokens ) using the Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is trustable by its users. To make it true, we have given some highlights of the Trust Wallet. Mention your doubts in the comment section below; we will reach you with an answer as soon as possible. 

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