Centurylink cloud vs AWS

CenturyLink Cloud is well known for its network so you can have a single data center single location that’s going to have your infrastructure on-demand services.

CenturyLink Cloud network and layer across that managed services which is a great differentiating factor that CenturyLink Cloud offers.

Services that CenturyLink Cloud offered some more hyper scale Auto scale features additional managed services things like add alpha and managed operating system managed applications. 

CenturyLink where you’ve got the ability to take all the different services that we offer and measure them through the control portal so not just your cloud infrastructure but also your networking and all the different components that make up that server or recognition. Auto scale features monitoring different types of storage groups hyper scale all those different services will be available to you and a lot of this stuff is already available and the rest of it is we’re working to integrate into the cloud control portal. 

CenturyLink Cloud Features and capabilities

  1. High performance: optimized throughout the stack for speed
  2. High availability: exceptional uptime with load balancing and redundancy
  3. Enterprise-level security: multi-layer protection for systems and data
  4. Compliant and audited: our data centers are SSAE16 SOC3 Type 2 certified
  5. Managed services: experts to monitor your apps 24/7
  6. Global footprint: deploy in 15 data centers around the world3
  7. SLAs: 99.99% uptime for every customer
  8. Outstanding support: our Network Operations Center (NOC) team is standing by 24/7

CenturyLink Cloud Services 

  1. Comprehensive APIs
  2. Powerful back-office reporting
  3. Support for enterprise hierarchies and permissions
  4. Detailed billing reports
  5. White-label branding options


AWS (amazon Web Services) 

AWS global data centers so whenever we are we will be using some AWS services typically we will deploy it in some AWS geographical area now that geographic area is called AWS regions like in across the world there are different AWS regions available for us like in the u.s. there are seven regions in India there is one region in Europe there are a couple of reasons regions and in all there are 20 regions at the moment till date.

AWS global data centers there are something called edge locations now each locations are something like you can consider it like and caching caching devices which are there across 100 plus cities across the world and your content like your media videos and pictures what you watch may be on the Facebook or YouTube they get cached to the nearest location and from there it is delivered to the user so it basically improves the performance by lowering the latency network latency.

AWS Features and capabilities

  1. AWS has 130 plus services
  2. AWS account you can deploy your infrastructure in any of the AWS region
  3. AWS there are different services and they have different scope with respect to region or ez-zor account level
  4. ec2 auto scaling lambda load balancers container service likewise for data analytics
  5. There is a service called ELB elastic load balancer service which cut dist which can distribute the incoming traffic to multiple back-end ec2 machines


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