Characteristics of the Database Approach

Top 5 Characteristics of the database approach while implementing it by the database management system.


Self-describing nature of database

The meaning of the self-describing nature of databases is that the database information about the structure and the constraints with the help of which the database has been created and this you can say in other terms as “data about data” or which is referred to as metadata. With the help of this metadata that is provided by the database helps the engineer to develop the database which is more suitable for the company’s needs and fulfill their purpose. 

Also, the database is a general-purpose application and is designed in a way that can be used by anyone whether it be an individual or a company. The database, therefore, has to be modifiable in a way that it can suit the purpose and the programmer will require information of metadata of the database to allow him to create the application in the desired manner. 


Insulation between programs and data

When the file system was and all the data are stored in the files in a hierarchical format than you have first specified the location where the while is stored in the system and then you have to read the file with the help of commands and to edit the file you have to use the write command to act and if some changes where made in the file such as location is changed or some new information is added then the program that we made earlier has to changed because the variables used in the program to save the file information has changed too and they have to be updated by re-running the read and write command. But the database is much independent from these changes because their location does not change easily. After all, they are hosted by more than one individual on a server, and also they have role-based security which makes it even harder to make changes until you are authorized to. And also when the changes are made in the data we do not have to change the program because the application that uses the database system communicates the database with the help of query language, unlike the file system which has to read by the program word by word. Because we use query language for the database system to interact with therefore the changes made on the database by the appropriate user also is reflected by the response by the query. 


Multiple View Support

The database has a unique property to support multiple view systems. First, we have to understand exactly what the multiple view system is. The database is designed to fulfill the needs of the users based on their demand and that makes the database system apart from any database system or the file system that has existed to date today. The ability of the database to hide the irrelevant data and provide useful data depending upon the user is the multiple view system. For example, in a school, there exists a big database that contains information about the teachers, students, principals, and other employees. So, when teachers want to view the data he might not be able to see the information about the other employees but he can view the information about the students in his class and similarly the students may not be able to view information about teachers but he will be able to view his data in the class or his rank in the class, so all the data exists in the database but different users are shown different views of the database based on the information that is required to them this is called the multiple view support and this also provide the database role-based security.


Multiple user transaction processing

The database is made to be accessed by more than one user at any time. So, in this case, many users can change the information that is present in the database system at the same time and this can result in an inconsistent database. To avoid this inconsistency in the database various protocols have been made to handle them. Also, the same phenomenon is applied in the transaction processing as multiple users withdraw or submit amounts which will bring changes in the database and these have to be made very carefully because failure in these systems can result in a lot of money records being inconsistent. Let’s take an example of an online ticket booking system such as person A may try to select seat number 1 on the application and he books the seat and at that similar instant the person B selects the seat 1 but he is not able to book the seat as it has already been chosen by person A and this is due to the database protocols had these protocol not prevented the clash then person B might have also booked the seat 1 and this will have resulted into the inconsistent database.

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