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You might think of an 8-bit procession of pulses or the soundtrack to a throwback arcade game when you hear the word “chiptune.” Or perhaps you’ve never heard of chiptune music before. In any event, this article should provide you with some background information about the best free online Chiptune maker’s websites.


About Chiptune

People would program sound chips in personal computers and gaming consoles to make a range of sounds they weren’t initially built for, and then create tunes using these sound chips, hence the name chiptune. Despite its association with video game original soundtracks (OSTs) or lo-fi electronic noises, chiptune is a way of generating music rather than a genre. Because of the sound processors used to create it, it is also known as 8-bit music. Chiptune performers have even built their instruments, such as the Gatari, to perform on stage.

Criteria for Testing

These are the three criteria that must be considered when looking for the best chiptune program.

  • High-quality, authentic sounds – The software required to feature great-sounding samples or emulation that sounded just like the noises from retro consoles.
  • Easy user interface – I was looking for a user interface that was simple to use and had intuitive controls. It was critical to find chiptune software that could be used by both novices and experts.
  • Value – The pricing must be reasonable. Before buying an digital instrument, make sure it’s worth the money.

Each of the software programs on this list has something special to offer. Let’s start with the greatest chiptune plugin overall.


Best free online chiptune music makers websites


OpenMPT is a chiptune music maker with a lot of features. You’ll have to go through a quick setup after the installation and initial run (updates, directories, etc.). The sheer amount of choices and options will most likely overwhelm you at first. Fortunately, the page listed below has some good documentation to get you started.

You can figure out certain things intuitively even if you don’t use the documentation much. Chiptunes are made by adjusting settings in the four tabs above the primary editing area on the right. “General,” “Patterns,” “Samples,” and “Instruments” are the four categories.

8-bit samples can be loaded using the “Samples” tab (in FLAC format). The “Patterns” option allows you to manually enter musical notes into the score using the keyboard. Each letter key represents a different musical note. WAVE, MP3, FLAC, VORBIS, MIDI, and OPUS are all supported as input/output formats. The MPTM format can be used to save modifiable scores.



BeepComp is a strong chiptune music maker software that is also very easy to use. BeepComp relies on code rather than elaborate menus and numerous settings.

Its syntax, which is HTML, is used to make chiptune music. Here instead of describing chiptune music, you describe a website layout using code.

To listen to the composition, press the “Play” button on the right sidebar after filling up the editor on the left. You may alter the key, speed, and loudness.

You must click the “Export” button to export the audio track. MP3, OGG, and WAV are the supported output formats.



MilkyTracker is similar to OpenMRT, except it’s a more straightforward chiptune music maker for Windows 10. Although the interface appears to be outdated, everything functions properly. The controls are located on the top, while the editing area is located below.

You can have numerous channels running at the same time, just like every other program on this list. That’s why the editing area’s columns are numbered. Chiptune tracks can be made in a variety of methods. You can either import genuine audio track samples (WAV, IFF, 8SVX, and more) or type notes on the keyboard. Simply double-click a specific channel to begin taking notes.

You may alter variables like speed, set up loops, and more from the menu at the top. The website below has detailed instructions on how to make chiptunes.


Nintendo VTS

It’s unusual to come across software like the Nintendo VST. This generous chiptune software only emulates one console, and it does it admirably.

The Nintendo VTS is a sound emulator for the original Nintendo NES platform. It’s still on par with the 2A03 sound chip on the console.

This software was created by Matt Montag. Take advantage of this free plugin that efficiently makes chiptune music. You can finally write original chiptune compositions directly into your DAW with our user-friendly NES emulator software.


Schism Tracker

Schism Tracker is a chiptune music maker that runs on Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux. This software, like the MilkyTracker, has an old-fashioned appearance.

It also comes with some basic tracks to get you started. Chiptunes are made in the same way as the other applications we’ve discussed. Using the top menu, you can create a new file.

At the bottom, a pattern editor with vertical channels appears. Then you can start writing music notes on the keyboard. It also allows you to open third-party samples. The function keys can be used to access the menu selections (F1-F12).

Tempo alterations, octave tuning, speed changes, and other options are available. It accepts all common audio formats.



SunVox is like a reversed MilkyTracker. The layouts are similar in the screenshot above, with the exception that the editing area is up top and the options are down below.

SunVox, unlike MilkyTracker, features a more current user interface. It’s the most sophisticated chiptune creation software I’ve used for Windows 10. Chiptunes are made entirely with the keyboard. To begin, select the music channel from the menu above. Using the choices below, you can add new ones. The main menu is found in the top right corner. You may now use a virtual synthesizer underneath the channels as well (instead of the keyboard). You add one note to the chiptune, and the pointer jumps to the next vacant box.



This is in contrast to the modern world’s ultra-high-quality digital experience, in which advanced and simple-to-use materials may be obtained with a little typing and a single left mouse button click. Convenience is becoming increasingly available and is frequently taken for granted. Chiptune has evolved from an underground subculture to a vibrant genre that is more popular than ever before, despite major advancements in music composition and audio output quality. Thousands, if not millions, of people, go to see music that they appreciate or find nostalgic at chiptune concerts throughout the world for some of the most successful performers. Chiptune music has always been about taking simple, constrained technology and transforming it into something unique and creative, converting the commonplace into something greater.

We put all six chiptune music creator programs on the list above to the test. They all worked fine, but keep in mind that you’ll need to spend some time reading the documentation to figure out how everything works and to learn about all of the tools’ capabilities. For more complicated tasks, OpenMPT and SunVox are the ideal options, thanks to their ease of use and attractive user interface.

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