Exciting Crypto Projects to Stake and Earn Passive Income

The process of ‘locking’ up the digital tokens for a set length of time to contribute to the network’s performance and security is known as Crypto Staking

In exchange for staking your tokens, you will be eligible to earn interest.

We examine the best crypto staking platforms for 2022 in this guide and provide a beginner-friendly explanation of how this section of the blockchain industry works.

From an investment standpoint, the best crypto staking coins are those with a high yield. However, how much you earn will be determined by factors such as the platform you choose and the length of your staking period.

With this, we examine the best staking coins for 2022 below.



The most excellent crypto staking stage with up to 12% interest, always astonished that numerous crypto dealers have difficulty producing returns from their cryptocurrency property. AQRU was propelled by a talented bunch of speculation, installment, and technology professionals. The cryptocurrency advertisement was made to create money-related administrations accessible to everybody, but it has rapidly ended up complex, full of language, and blocked off to normal speculators. AQRU is serious about altering that. Giving get to the user-friendly crypto staking stage that permits you to change over fiat into crypto and begin gaining tall returns on your favored crypto resources right absent.

The stage to bolster crypto intrigued accounts is on the beat of this, advertising the same APY. Moreover, you’ll be able to achieve up to 12% per year on stablecoins such as Tie, USD Coin, and Dai.

By lending your digital assets to borrowers, AQRU can give a high yield to its customers, but only after completing a full assessment of their resources and assets. You’ll be able to check your earnings and receive daily rewards directly from your AQRU dashboard.

When it comes to withdrawing funds, you choose to use either bitcoin or fiat money. The nicest feature about AQRU is that there is no lock-in time. This means you have complete control over your digital money and can withdraw them whenever you choose.

First, you will need to deposit a minimum of $100 to open an account. Second, even though there is no deposit fee, you will be asked to pay the equivalent of $20 on your withdrawal. Furthermore, the main limitation is that the platform only supports five digital assets at writing.


  • High-interest rates offered
  • Can earn passive income on stablecoins and crypto
  • Can withdraw in crypto and fiat 


  • Only a few coins are supported.



A well-known crypto staking platform with copy trading capabilities.eToro is a well-known online cryptocurrency dealer that was founded thanks to its low pricing and great analytical and trading tools. It has a CopyTrade feature that allows you to imitate successful trades made by highly skilled traders for free.

On eToro, deposits are similarly free, but withdrawals are $5. Bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal are all accepted on the platform. On eToro, the minimum deposit is $10. You can keep your cryptocurrency in an eToro Wallet, which is the platform’s hot wallet.

Staking payouts at eToro are among the highest on the market, with payouts starting at 75% of the staking yield. eToro takes a small portion of the profit as a fee to cover operational, technical, and legal costs.

It is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to purchase all of the top staking coins described in this book. As of this writing, eToro supports three digital assets for staking: Cardano, Ethereum, and Tron. The eToro Club determines the interest rates you receive, to which you belong, which is determined by your platform’s realized equity.

Diamond and Platinum+ members, for example, are entitled to get 90% of the monthly staking income, while Silver, Gold, and Platinum members receive 85%. By default, all eToro users are Bronze members, and they receive 75% of the monthly payout.

As you can see, once it comes to staking, eToro gives some of the best returns. Although the number of supported staking coins is currently restricted, this platform can be used to purchase hundreds of digital currencies. Furthermore, eToro includes a built-in wallet where you may keep your digital assets for free.

If you wish to sell your crypto investments, eToro can help you do so for a very minimal cost. You can acquire cryptocurrency on eToro by depositing funds via bank transfer, credit/debit card, or e-wallet.

Importantly, eToro does not charge any deposit fees if you fund your account with US dollars. eToro is an excellent broker for investing in stocks and ETFs, trading commodities and FX, and cryptocurrencies. This platform stands out even more by providing a user-friendly mobile app.


The minimum deposit amount is a mere $10, and nearly 60 coins are supported where the Bitcoin wallet is free.


  • Staking is accessible for only three cryptocurrencies.



 It is a reputable crypto staking site that pays out up to 14.5 percent per year. It is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange that provides a variety of services. This popular cryptocurrency exchange handles over 250 cryptocurrencies, has low fees, and rewards crypto fans who hold Crypto.com coins (CRO).

Crypto.com uses a range of security mechanisms to protect account security, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) and whitelisting.

In addition to its security processes, Crypto.com uses strict compliance monitoring and keeps customer deposits offline in cold storage. It also works with local banks in the United States to provide FDIC insurance on up to $250,000 in US currency holdings.

In fact, Crypto.com has created a complete ecosystem that supports a wide range of crypto-related services, such as loans, interest accounts, trading, credit cards, and more. It also allows you to purchase over 250 digital assets for a modest charge and with a simple interface.

Crypto.com accepts payments via its app if you want to buy digital assets. You can pay for your digital assets using a credit/debit card or a bank transfer in over 20 fiat currencies.

Crypto.com’s interest accounts allow you to earn rewards on 50 different digital assets, including nine of the finest staking cryptocurrencies included in our guide. Crypto.com will use the monies you deposit into these accounts to facilitate loans for other verified customers.

Borrowers will pay interest on the loan, which will be remitted to you daily. Furthermore, Crypto.com compounds interest, allowing you to 


  • Earn interest on 50 different cryptocurrencies
  • Up to 14.5% of APY
  • Buy 250+ cryptocurrencies


  • Requires CRO tokens to unlock higher rewards
  • Flexible plans yield low interest rates



Many people know that Binance is one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Due to the rapid growth in Binance’s trading volume, investors have seen a strong interest in staking. There are two ways to stack: locked staking and DeFi staking. The earlier keeps your coins for a specified period before restoring them to you.

Binance intends to provide traders the best of both worlds with the recent introduction of the Binance Decentralized Exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange aims to appeal to a wide range of investors by offering a Basic and Advanced trading platform. There are almost 400 coins available.

Binance is the place to go to obtain instant access to new coins. The consistent flow of coins from its ICOs to Binance’s altcoin listings ensures early access to a plentiful supply of new coins.

Binance, as a controlled exchange, is subject to security breaches, and it claims to ward off dozens every day. With the introduction of its Decentralized Exchange, Binance is avoiding these security concerns.

Binance DEX uses the Binance token and runs on its blockchain, Binance Chain. Decentralised exchanges do not hold customers’ assets and information, making them prime targets for hackers. Rather, monies are held in the individual traders’ wallets.

The Binance DEX launch has been one of the most expected platforms in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance has the trade volume to develop liquidity, which has been a major flaw with other DEXs. The DEX will continue to operate on a crypto-to-crypto basis, keeping it out of reach of regulators.


  • Their customer service is top-notch.
  • Transaction costs are low.
  • The greatest quantity of liquid assets.
  • User anonymity is the safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies. There aren’t many drawbacks. They are currently offering low coin prices, and their service has been suspended in prominent cities such as New York.


  • Account verification issues.
  •  A huge number of coins are to be chosen.
  •  Not accessible in the United States.
  •  A wide range of optional services
  •  An opaque corporate structure.



Coinbase offers a simple staking solution for regular cryptocurrency users. You can acquire staking-compatible crypto on Coinbase’s exchange or transfer from any external crypto wallet to your Coinbase account to start staking. After that, you can stake at the specific assets page in your portfolio.

This is the simplest but also the most expensive form of staking. Coinbase’s commission is clearly stated in the user agreement.

They don’t charge more for certain coins, such as Stake. Fish, but you’ll lose 25% of your staking earnings due to the increased simplicity.

The main advantage, aside from the simple approach, is that, unlike Binance, there is no minimum staking limit.


  • Advanced trading platform with a top-rated mobile app
  • Offers to earn free cryptocurrency 


  • Fees are high on the regular Coinbase platform
  • fee structures are complex.


Be aware that; crypto staking has a high level of risk, so you must conduct a comprehensive study and invest prudently. It increases your long-term profits. The rates available depending on the coin you choose and the lock-in period you select.

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