Difference between Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality and Augmented reality have been one of the top buzzing technologies that we hear today and they are changing the perception of how we can operate our device. So let’s see what is the difference between the virtual and Augmented reality.

Let’s first start with virtual reality, virtual reality is the technology which can simulate the environment with the help of the devices blocking out the real environment, Unlike the user interfaces which are superimposed on our real environment like in Augmented reality. Virtual reality creates an environment to completely fool our senses and tricks our senses into the digital environment.

The concept of virtual reality was born in the year 1962, Morton Heilig who was a filmmaker created a device called Sensorama the device was able to provide 3D virtual effect and it was in a sort of a cabinet in which a person can place their head-on on the front of a shelf-like structure and his head will be covered from the three sides. There will be all the factors working such as the video view that will have a 3D effect and as well as you can feel the vibrations and the wind if there are scenes involving those instances along with engaging the olfactory receptors of the nose by also adding the scents with those instances.

One of the experiences that were in the Sensorama was of riding a motorcycle bike down the streets of the Brooklyn and in this experience the user will put their head in front of the Sensorama and he can see the streets as a rider motorcycle down the street and simultaneously he will be experiencing the vibration of the moving motorcycle  and at the also he can experience the winds that will be blowing on the person face along with the aromas that came from the streets of the Brooklyn. The idea was amazing and gained a great amount of attention.

Ivan Sutherland was also called the godfather of creating virtual reality and bringing it down into real-life practices. Ivan along with a group of scholars was the first to try in the virtual reality experiment and bring a perfect device that can be used in various technological fields and applications. Along with this Ivan was also the inventor of the digital touchpad which he invented in 1963 which was an Advanced Computer-aided design and also it changed the interaction of human-computer experience.

The virtual reality headset from then was developed for not consumer usage but for moreover Testing purposes of human-computer interaction and the design of the virtual reality headset during that time even much bulkier that we see today.

Big companies such as Nintendo and HTC had tried to bring virtual reality into the consumer market and for uses of their market consumers such as the gamers and computer operators but had failed in completely bringing these technologies for the mass consumers.

 It was also due to the reason because the technology had not been yet polished up to that level that we can have a better User experience then we are having on the computer systems also today these technology has very much improved from before and is now in much more attention they are now more commonly used by The Gamers and the Architects also in various other technological fields like teachers and students and Astronaut, and these techniques with the right software in place and appropriate hardware new virtual reality can become new technology for the next generation along with Augmented reality. 

Now let us see what is augmented reality all about. Augmented reality is a different Technology from the virtual reality and Augmented reality focus is much more in enhancing our real environment then blocking our environment and creating its environment like in the virtual reality or a kind of virtual world.

 Augmented reality focuses on increasing the User experience in the real world by creating digital imprints on the object we perceive in our world, We are all had experienced the primitive world of Augmented reality such as if you had played the game of Pokemon where you have to find the animals in the real world with your smartphone devices at different specific locations, then it was a form of Augmented reality where your real-world was augmented with computer-generated graphics which are usually motion tracked by the computers. Also, another example of Augmented reality can be the Snapchat feature which offers you adding extra features when you are going to take your photograph. 

If you find out the meaning of augmented you will come to know that it is defined by adding something into the already existing thing and in the Augmented reality we are adding the computer-generated reality into our real-world reality.

The goal of virtual reality is to create a completely different experience such that it can take you away from our real-world experience to a completely different place and a sharp contrast to this easy Augmented reality which create and extra intrusion in the real world such as these objects are motion craft by the user field of views such as a floating application window and the objects on the table.

The augmented and virtual reality as said by some group that it can be a thing for the technology that was hyped during the 80s and 90s but it can also be something a Revolutionary technology that came just as the smartphone was revolutionized with the coming of the iPhone in the market and we may require just right application for the AR and VR technology and the right consumer market for targeting and bringing this application into the real world function with the right development. These technologies can show a great amount of potential in changing the human interaction process forever.

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