Different Types of Micro Computers with Examples

A microcomputer is a small computer which is made up of many microprocessors which resides inside a small Central processing unit and it communicates with the input and output devices and also with arrays of registers called the memory unit.

The microcomputer is a much simpler computer as compared to the counter parts such as the minicomputer and the mainframe computers which are either design to support a lot of user at the same time or there greater capacity of processing power and can support many calculations at the same amount of time but the microcomputers are much simpler computer systems.

There are various types of microcomputers such as a personal computer, desktop, laptop, workstation, mobile, and embedded systems


Personal computers

The personal computers of desktop computers are one of the most used microcomputers. You can easily find the personal computer sitting on the desk of the officers and of homes. With the help of personal computers, a person can browse the internet, play video games, utilize computer applications, etc. The personal computer introduced by the third generation of computers and the personal computer did not contain the graphical user interface that they contain now, therefore personal computers have gone through a great revolution from there on. Today the personal computer serves as the heart and soul of businesses. Today people rely on personal computers more than they rely on their paper to send documents. The ability of the personal computer to connect to the internet has also introduced us to the possibility of the world while the web.



The workstation is a much more powerful form of a personal computer. The workstation is particularly designed to support the requirement of the users. For example, you have seen gaming workstation computers that have been designed for gaming purposes only, and also the person can upgrade the computer at any time. Workstations are much better than personal computers because personal computers may not be upgraded every time but the workstations are made up of individual component as per the requirement of the user therefore they can be replaced as a requirement of the user changes the workstations are also much more powerful than the personal computer because they have the desired amount of processing power and the memory that the application that the user will perform on the computer system can be supported easily.


Notebook computers

A laptop computer also is known as the notebook computer because they are a portable form of personal computers. The laptop computer has been very popular because of its compact size and easy to carry. Sometimes the laptop can be limited in the processing capacity and fail to upgrade to the requirement of the user because they are much more compact therefore it becomes much more difficult to separate the individual component for further up-gradation as the components of the computer are embedded into circuits.


Mobile computers

Initially, mobile computing was used to describe the technology which is used to communicate between mobile users. Now the same mobile computer is being described for containing the powerful computer in your palm. Initially, the mobile computer only had the technology for communicating between the different mobile users but with their coming up of the internet and increasing the processing capacity of the computer mobile computers it opened up to the wider possibility of performing much more applications and became much more user-friendly. Today mobile computers are much more useful than personal computers.


Embedded computers

Embedded computers are the type of computer which is programmed to perform a set of instructions. Are computers generally found in the refrigerator, TV home devices, etc. These are small circuits which are present in the devices such as the microwave and we can only perform some given instructions which are written on the microwave with these computers. They have very limited memory and limited processing capacity which can perform all the functions that are required to use the application.


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