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Elon Musk was born in the year 1971 in South Africa. As a child, Elon was always busy in his daydreams and would always think about the invention, once his brother told in an interview that Eon would go on reading a book every day and on weekends we can go up to read up to two-three books in a day. once there was an occasion when Elon Musk read all the books that were present in the neighboring library so then Elon Musk started reading encyclopedia and read the complete Encyclopedia in 2 weeks, after reading the Encyclopedia Elon was told that it was good knowing the things that you are not aware of. Sometimes Elon Musk will not listen to what his parents have to say when he is daydreaming about something that caught the eye of Elon Musk’s mother and she is thought to get a check-up from the doctor to test his hearing.

When Elon was a mother and father divorce Elon was only 10 years old. During that time Elon Musk chose to stay with his father because his father was an engineer and he would tell Elon about how things go on working and this will develop more curiosity in  Elon. Also during that time he was interested in how the computer works at the age 10 he started studying programming and started teaching himself how to interact with machines at the age of 12 he developed a game called Blaster which he sold for $500 Also by making this game he also became popular as a child with computer and his name will also get printed in magazines.

 in school grade musk was introverted and he was always carrying his book around this caught the eye of some school bully and they will go on bullying Musk for a long time. After being fed up many times Elon said that is enough and now he has to take some action so he taught himself how to self-defense and slowly by slowly they started to leave Elon Musk alone. 

Must then went on to America for studying to complete his graduation and with the help of some of his mother’s contact he was able to get into the University of  Pennsylvania where we studied both economics and physics and completed his graduation in the economics and was in his second year of Physics when his work was seen in the Stanford University. He got an offer to study at Stanford University where he will go to pursue his Ph.D. in energy physics. 

During that time Must was interested in the internet boom that was happening in California and he thought that he could pursue a Ph.D. and become a doctor and write some papers which will never be applied in real life or he can go in the real world and make some real changes. He did not complete his Ph.D. program at Stanford University and he joined his brother Kambel in making an internet company that was responsible for providing directions to the yellow papers which took Elon many years to complete the project and make a company that was earning profits out of it. Zip2 was bought by the compact for 340 million dollars and this money Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal started their own company, It was a transaction-based company which was the first to create the online transaction process when the internet was not considered a secure medium for transacting the money Later on the company merged into PayPal and then PayPal got a lot of attention when it acquired the consumer base of eBay and it became very popular. PayPal was acquired by eBay for 1.5 billion dollars and Elon held the 11% stock of PayPal,

Elon Musk after selling his Paypal company was done with the internet and wanted to pursue something that he always wanted to do one of his interests was in space exploration and making commercial space travel possible to every person. Elon Musk interviewed about how he created his first rocket then Elon answered that he had a lot of books also had the privilege of meeting some great minds from where he can learn about how to build the rockets and after that Elon Musk will go on creating his first rocket which will fail and the same thing will have with the second and the third rocket and some of the other reason the rocket will not with work but at the 4th attempt Elon was able to make Rocket that was reusable it means that the rocket can come back to its original position which has never been done before by any other company.only some of the company is also in the rocket Industries aside from NASA and many of the millennial started the rocket company but failed because of the lack of the knowledge but Elon had the proper knowledge and the money and he created the rocket that reduce the cost of spacex launches Greatly and with this Elon was offer a great amount from NASA for for handling cargo to the International Space Station and also for transporting the astronaut in the nearby future.

Also at the same time, Elon was interested in electric card making it viable for the transportation purposes earlier the electric car existed but the battery was not able was capable enough for making the transportation viable for a long-distance although it can have a great amount of engine power but cannot cover long distance so Elon musk took the tesla car company and became the CEO and also started pursuing making the transportation which was completely based on electric cars today the electric car company Tesla is becoming the most valuable company of the world car company of the world.

These were some main companies that was started by Elon Musk focus more of his energy on these companies along with them Elon must have started many more companies such as Starlink, neural link, the Boring Company, SolarCity, Hyperloop and every company is making some Remarkable Discovery and inventions that can change the way the human lives Elon Musk has also called as a person making the most contribution on the planet along with sal Khan. 


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