10 Best Flixtor Alternatives & Similar Apps in 2022

After taking care of the fundamentals, let’s explore our seven Flixtor alternatives. After evaluating dozens of websites for quality, reliability, and safety, we chose these few. Most won’t even require you to sign up in order to access your preferred content, and most importantly, you won’t be inundated with advertisements (getting rid of ads only requires you to have a good free adblocker anyway if you feel the need on any site). Let’s get going.

10 Best Flixtor Alternatives & Similar Apps in 2022

Popcorn Time

Similar to Flixtor, Popcorn Time’s first edition likewise disappeared. But thereafter, many developer teams took the original open-source code and utilised it to build popcorntime.sh, a whole new website for the same users.

To play the videos on the new Popcorn Time, you must download its software, which is hardly the most alluring feature on any website. Having said that, entry is cost-free provided you possess the necessary software. Geo-restrictions, however, prevent the service from being used by everyone in the world. The same applies if you attempt to get around Torrent blocking in a nation that forbids it. However, any of the trustworthy Popcorn Time VPNs are what you’ll need to safely access the vast selection of TV shows, movies, and other stuff available on it.


In terms of free streaming websites, Putlocker is something of a legend. It’s the main entertainment source for millions of users around the world, and it’s unquestionably a top Flixtor substitute. It has existed for a long time. You may quickly switch between the many nations and genres via its menu bar.

The website has a blog that will keep you informed on the most recent developments in the film industry.

Putlocker may be found at putlocker.vip, but be aware that the security of this website has been questioned repeatedly by numerous sources, making it one of the platforms that most definitely requires a VPN.


You must download TorrentTV’s own media player as well. Once you have access, there is a big selection of torrent files that you may watch.

This platform’s sleek design is excellent, which is always a good thing. For instance, it is simple to view a show or a movie because you only need to drag and drop the file into the media player for the stream to begin both downloading and playing.

For many other platforms, including AppleTV, Linux, Windows, and macOS, TorrentTV is accessible. Visit torrentv.github.io to access this platform.


By selecting one of three interfaces, you may tailor your Zona experience. Then you may download torrents for free and watch them on your computer. Zona is, regrettably, only accessible to Windows users.

You must download the Zona media player and point your browser to Zona.ru/en in order to access the platform’s content. You may access thousands of movies, TV shows, songs, radio stations, and TV channels with ease.


The absence of any adverts at all is a really pleasant aspect of MoviesJoy.to. It is a quick platform with material available in regular and full HD.

To assist you choose which options contain the best quality without previewing them first, each video is labelled as either cam or HD. The visual and audio quality are typically awful because Cam refers to movies that were camcorder-recorded in a theatre.

They are hard-wired into every film with closed captions, making it impossible to remove them. On MoviesJoy, the captions are not obtrusive and don’t occupy much screen real estate. Of course, being able to turn them off would be beneficial, but it’s not a major issue.

Project Free TV

The best Flixtor substitute, Project Free TV, is more of a user-friendly TV show index than a streaming service. You look up the show you want to watch, find it, and then click a link to go to a third-party website where the video is hosted.

On this website, things don’t function as smoothly as they did on the previous ones. It’s less straightforward, and you might need to test a few links before you discover the one that has the right content. That’s a little annoying.

It is nice that there is no advertising on the main webpage. However, your luck will run out when you reach the third-party pages, where you will undoubtedly see one or more advertisements. Never download any content, whether it be video or other types of content, from these third-party websites. These are also excellent illustrations of the benefits of using a VPN with an ad blocker, such as Surfshark, when watching free streaming videos.

Nevertheless, despite all of its drawbacks, the indexed catalogue is large, making it more probable that you will locate the show you’re looking for, even if it’s rather unusual, and new content is added every day.

Watch Series

Watch Series, a fascinating substitute for Flixtor, has a sizable selection of television shows and motion pictures. However, you must endure more pop-ups and advertisements than with the other solutions in this guide to compensate for the variety. Your experience on this site will be greatly improved by using a VPN that blocks ads. Your streaming will continue without interruption, but you will still need to manually turn off some advertising.

It is responsive and speedy. However, because your videos are streaming from outside websites, it also functions more like an index. Again, you will need to keep trying because it’s likely that the initial link you click won’t provide you with the information you want.

However, the website is well-organized, making it simple to find the titles you desire. To avoid downloading any content at any costs, it is best to use a streaming VPN while visiting this website.


When you find the sites with the content you want and a good interface that makes it possible for you to watch the content comfortably, watching free movies and television shows online can be a lot of fun. You have no excuse not to use them other than legal considerations.

Let’s face it, Flixtor and many other free streaming websites routinely violate copyright rules in one region or another, putting them in danger of getting into problems and being pulled offline at some point. You should therefore always have backup websites available.

You now have seven excellent alternatives to Flixtor, giving you a variety of streaming entertainment options. However, as we’ve attempted to make clear, protecting your personal information and electronic gadgets is just as crucial—if not more so—than watching the shows you want to watch.

Although a lot of websites include the information you might be looking for, it’s a good idea to make an informed choice and choose websites that support your online security. The fact that a solid VPN service like ExpressVPN will keep you safe and assist with other concerns makes it irrefutable.

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