Top 10 Best Fortnite Discord Servers to Join in 2022

When ABC was looking for a way to grow the stages of conversation between his online gaming squad, he developed the equipment that might ultimately become Discord. Working with Jason Citron, the team turned Discord into one of the most extensively used encrypted communique tools for social/online use. It’s much less like a traditional chat room and more like a social media platform.

Discord is, in most cases, utilized by online game enthusiasts. However, the software program isn’t confined to such makes use of. Given the extent of secrecy to stop users, agencies who want to talk about matters privately have taken to the software program. There are nicely over 130 million human beings using the software program and developing.

The membership numbers are estimated based on several resources, where a few websites show unique records.


AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a cell card game with myth, sword, and sorcery factors. Players face each differently or work in teams. The recreation permits players to organize into teams known as factions. Being a member of a faction will deliver gamers certain benefits in recreation play.

Within the legit Discord, customers can donate unique cards, gadgets, and in-sport talents. There is also a social element in which users shaggy dog story approximately their gaming studies, proportion memes, and shape corporations.

Did You Know?

The sport had four hundred 000 downloads on the Apple save by way of the summertime of 2019. The developer boasts there were 6 million total customers.

Link https://discord.Com/invite/KpNNvAp  


Anime Soul WLA

Another anime-focused Discord, Anime Soul, claims to be the best-tested anime Discord. The organization has a related internet site with critiques on the modern-day anime collection and movies to be launched out of the doors of Japan. It claims to be the most important anime-centered Discord inside the globe. 

Did You Know?

WLA stands for “we love anime.” It becomes the unique name of the Discord.

Link Https://animesoul.Com/  


Meme Jesus Mafia

This Discord is a website for fans of the notorious Instagram account @yourlordandsaviormemejesus. The purpose is mainly about sharing “dank” memes and preferred mischief, but the Discord also sponsors gaming tournaments for multiplayer taking pictures, video games, and Minecraft servers.

Did You Know?

Instagram is constantly banning accounts related to Discord.




Nothing draws server membership like unfastened giveaways. Vast.Gg is the Discord that indicates it. Vast is a marketing group that connects capacity clients and product producers inside the video gaming enterprise. Members have a chance to win samples of brand new should-haves like Bluetooth headphones and gaming computers. Other than getting in danger of getting loose stuff, contributors discuss eSports and other multiplayer games.

Did You Know?

Vast.Gg also markets for the various gaming gurus on youtube, sponsoring giveaway contests of their name.



FN Pro League

Fortnite is one of the most famous multiplayer movement video games internationally. It has ended up a competitive event wherein players compete against each other for prize cash. Players who need to become expert paid Fortnite players or people who are already establishing their career use the Fortnite Pro League Discord to share hints and tips. You also can locate other players to practice with and communicate about upcoming tournaments for your area.

Did You Know?

As many as six hundred,000 Fortnite gamers have attempted the FNPL.



Last Day on Earth: Survival

This is the professional Discord server for the cellular recreation Last Day on Earth: Survival. The recreation allows gamers to experience an imagined zombie apocalypse in which they’re fighting both the undead and different human beings in recreation.

The Discord offers the fundamental hints and hints to move similarly in the game. Members additionally obtain prizes to be able to help their in-recreation revel in. The operators keep contests among members for prizes as nicely.

Did You Know?

The recreation is one of the most popular cell video games of 2019.



Team Atlantis Scrims

Team Atlantis is a competitive Fortnite crew, one of the most popular within the United States. They sponsor several competitions and run tournaments.

The Team Atlantis Discord is centered on making players higher through scrimmages (“scrims”), education, and different suggestions. People who are part of the Discord might also have a hazard to prove their talents and maybe win a niche at the aggressive team.

Did You Know?

One member of Team Atlantis is stated to have earned over $two hundred in prize cash in 2018.




Slippy seems to be a 4-chan styled Discord for general enjoyment. The institution uses a model of the Pepe the Frog meme as its icon, which shows a connection to the 4-chan network. However, Slippy is also the name of a frogman or woman from the Star Fox video games.

Slippy appears to be an all-reason server in which contributors proportion memes, jokes, emotes, speak troubles, and video games. 

Did You Know?

Slippy is mysterious to outsiders. Getting in is straightforward; staying in without being banned is more difficult.



PUBG Mobile

PUBG (aka Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) is a multiplayer online taking pictures game. This Discord is the legit one for the mobile model of the sport, even though dozens of others exist. The recreation itself may be very just like Fortnite, although PUBG predates its famous competition.

It’s doubtful why the cell version has such a big Discord, and there isn’t one for the opposite versions besides that the cell model is less expensive and extra accessible to humans around the world. Similar to other Discords for multiplayer gaming, contributors get hold of hints and can get different in-sport boosts from becoming a member.

Did You Know?

PUBG Mobile is the most famous and worthwhile online game of the past 12 months. It earned Tencent over $146 million.



Fortnite Official

The respectable Discord for Fortnite recreation is the biggest Discord server in the world presently. Members be a part of to discuss the extremely famous video game and get clues about the common unique DLCs and contests. Gamers additionally display as much as find groups and scrims to get concerned with.

There are dozens of different Fortnite-associated Discords, just like the FN Pro League. It can be less complicated to discover opposition or new contacts on a non-legit server.

Did You Know?

In 2018, Fortnite spawned $2.Four billion in sales. Three of the servers in this list are Fortnite-related.




We have discussed the top 10 Discord servers where you find similar minded people to discuss on fortnite. So you can get more tips and tricks to use while playing games. We mentioned all the highlights of those Discord servers to understand more about them. Each server has its own channels and features to make members active and provide an active environment. Moreover, we provide a link to join the required servers. We would like to know, if we have missed mentioning your favourite Discord server in our lists. 

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