10 Games like Corruption of Champions You Must Play Online [2022]

We all are facing kicking life every day. After our long working hours, we want to fresh our minds by playing some indoor or outdoor games. People use Tablets/Laptops or Phones that are easy to access to play games. But there should be a mindset that we should play positive games which will give us positive energy. Selection of games is a challenging task so let’s make it easy with our article below.

If you are also interested and looking for the same, you are reading the right article. Because, in this article, we will tell you about the games which are like corruption of champions. There are ten online games which we would prefer you to play as per your interest-

But we should also play games as per our age group. There is a big wave of online games like- the Corruption of Champions (CoC) is one of the talks of the gaming town. Champions corruption is an erotic -based video game that involves the players who are villagers. The game further extends as per the player’s interest with many tasks and activities.


Top 10 Games like Corruption of Champions You Must Play Online

Kill of The Dragon Pass

If you love to get involved in the fantasy life, this is one of the best games to entertain. This game has very engaging RPG elements and fantasy storylines. As you move forward in the game, you need to collect items and, according to that, upgrade your powers. Monsters and demons are also a part of this game. Overall, you will enjoy this.

The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore game is primarily a treat for those in love with text-based games. This will run on Windows operating system; also, you can download it and play it.

This is an animated game, so it will get involved in many activities like exploring the surrounding world can communicate with other characters. As you will move ahead, step by step, you need to complete the target to move ahead for the following stages.

You will find it natural and exciting as this game offers many customization options as per your demand, and this encounters sex in the form of a second person.

Carnal Souls

Carnal Soul is an RPG-based open-world adventure video game with much sexual stuff. This game is similar to the corruption of champions.

It helps us offer the combat modes to remind you of the Witcher Series and allows you to book with the bosses and enemies. You get various options to seduce the demons.

This game features a mind-blowing storyline and various options to modify the characters, solve and uncover stories, loot the treasure, and explore unique new places.

Flexible Survival

Nuku Valente developed this game. This is one of the best RPGs and has an environment similar to that of the corruption of champions. The storyline of this game describes the situation of a deadly virus, and you need to fight with that by using different tactics to handle the situation. With a start like this, this game is the end of the world.

By hook or crook, the players have to keep themselves safe from those viruses until reduced by the rescue team.

There are options in this game to customize yourselves, and even you can choose your world as per your mood and which kind of world you want to play with. These games give you some erotic elements, which keep on exciting you to play further. This is an excellent alternative to the corruption of the champions.

Kingdom of Loathing

This game was released in the year 2003. It is very similar to the corruption of champions. This is a browser-based game (RPG). The developer of Kingdom of Loathing is Asymmetric Publication by game developer Zack & his creative team.

In this game, players need to go through tasks and adventures. You will see demons and evil characters in this game, so you need to face and fight them. In this game, you can improve your feelings as you want. Also, it would be best if you kept increasing your starts and collecting items, and you can use them as and when needed as per game requirements.

Rollover is also there in this game, which means this game will automatically reset itself. Most of the time, players can craft various items as per their choice and available options, and later you can use those crafts in the game.

The player needs to cross three levels to join the clan and continue the adventures. The best option in this game you can find that you can have chats with other players if you want to communicate about the game something. You would aim to keep on doing adventures, solving puzzles, and killing the demons through this game.

Interaction with other people through chat will not let you get bored.

Trails in Tainted Space

This is an interactive game to entertain your loneliness as Trails in Tainted Space is similar to a sci-fi erotic role play game. This game is a deadly combination of developers of the corruption of champions & Fenexo.

This is the next text-based game after the corruption of champions.

Although many things are similar in this game to the corruption of champions, it does not possess all its characteristics like trials in tainted space are about exploring the galaxy. However, the breakdown of winners is set up on the Earth.

Along with other characters, in this game, you would be able to choose characters from other species; it depends on your choice. It allows the players to customize them as per they want according to their mood. In the corruption of the champions, you will not be able to recognize the evil characters, but trials in tainted space will help you realize bad feelings.

This game is about inheriting a ship left by the last generation. The player needs to do several adventures & collecting items while playing the game.

Free Cities

This is another exciting role play game which keeps you energetic while playing. This is a slave management game. Where the player will do roll play of a slave merchant, this game is not entirely the corruption of the champions.

This game will ask the player to choose the look they want to show them, then habits, etc. This RPG gives you very few options for customizing. Developers have done a great job compensating for this drawback in graphics and other features.

In this game, the player takes complete control of the city, which increases the player’s power and wealth. To be in power and become more powerful, the player needs to do different tasks. To increase revenue, the player needs to attack tourists. Being assertive and wealthy, the player can put the city in their control.

This is also the player’s job to save the people of the city.

There is a drawback of this game, like you will see lots of images and texts which can make you bored.

Fall of Eden

In the game, players can customize their appearance and traits. The Fall of Eden is exceptionally similar to the corruption of champions. In this player needs to do supernatural role play.

This game will leave you in an abandoned house to explore the neighbourhood. When you discover your community, you will find one portal that will connect you with the hell, which is the Demons world and the Earth.

In hell, there will be a beautiful queen who will try to seduce you, but the player needs to save himself from the queen. To escape from hell player needs to interact with the goddess queen.

There will be many locations for the player to escape himself from there.

Gift of Phallus 2: The key to Eternity

This game will give you a good experience of Role Play Games. This is a browser-based game. It is similar to the corruption of the champions.

In Gift of Phallus 2: The key to Eternity, you are a 14 years old princess who will have sexual relations with the guard and then the people with whom she comes in interact.

There are very few options for customization, but you will enjoy the exoticness here.

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

If you are now tired of playing erotic games, then Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure is the best option to switch your mind. This is very similar to the corruption of champions, except for that erotic part of the game.

This game has the best soundtracks and graphics. The setup of this game is in NeoShushi City. This game has many exciting and unique features like capsules, hotels, elevators that talk, etc.

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