Google Future and Sundar Pichai Success

Sundar Pichai took on the game development department for the starting period of his time in Google also he took part in the toolbar management and he did that job even well. Also before the coming of Google Chrome, many of the computers used internet explorers as the web browser and Internet Explorer was developed and managed by Microsoft.

Google was becoming a popular search engine but it was not in the web browser business but Microsoft expanding his business of web browser and Microsoft was very successful in the web browser business and there were many things on the internet that cannot be opened without the help of the Internet Explorer, even most of the Government website was not able to my to be accessed without the help of the Internet Explorer at that time Internet Explorer was one of the gold mines gateways of internet.

Also understood Sundar Pichai knew if he did not hurry in making on the web browser then the Microsoft Internet Explorer will become a default web browser in the windows. And their search engine will become the default search engine of their web browser that will cause great market damage for the Google search engine market. Therefore something has to be done before the windows make the Internet Explorer as the default browser web browser then there will be no market left for Google, earlier it was asked which browser the user wanted to use for the access to the search engine now it will not ask and it will directly open Internet Explorer.

Sundar Pichai told this thing to the then CEO of Google but was rejected on his idea for making a web browser as it will be a very costly project and will cost a great amount of time and also suggested Sundar to stop pursuing this project and help in better work. Sundar Pichai was a determined person and do not stop there Sundar Pichai went to Larry Page and Sergey Brin and told them his story and if they did not hurry in making a new web browser then the Bing will overtake the market and throw them out and Sundar Pichai was able to convince both of the founder and co-founder members of Google permitted him to work on the project. After that Sundar Pichai began working on the Chrome web browser and when he finished his work and launched the product into the market it became one of the most used and most popular web browsers till date and now has become the default browser of many of the operating systems and all of this is due to Sundar Pichai vision.

 Sundar Pichai has made it very clear that Windows will make Internet Explorer as a default browser and it did happen and Bill Gates made Internet Explorer as a default browser but till then Chrome has got a good market hold of its consumer that if people made the Internet Explorer as default browser but Internet Explorer will be so few that it will not cost Google any damages.

Also when Bill Gates started making the internet explorer as a default browser then Sundar Pichai assembled a team of developers and thought of a plan to give the option to users to select the default browser on the Search Engine Home Page and this gave the users of the default Internet Explorer to choose another web browser because of the search engine of Google and therefore created a more market for Google Chrome.

With all the success of Google Chrome, Sundar Pichai was made the vice president Of Google and in 2015 he was publicly announced as the CEO of Google and this Was the combined decision of Sergey Brin and Larry Page to elect Sundar as the CEO of Google which you had turned it into multi-billionaire company till that date.

 Sundar Pichai had many offer from big companies and before Satya Nadella was announced as the CEO of the Microsoft the offer had gone to Sundar Pichai to become the CEO of Microsoft but Sundar Pichai always wanted to stay with Google and that is the reason that he turned down to become the CEO of Microsoft after that Satya nadella was made the CEO. Along with Microsoft, Twitter also tried to make Sundar as the CEO of Twitter but against the founder and co-founder turned it down.

Sundar Pichai’s success was becoming an inspirational story for Google’s future and his part in Google bringing it where it is today was more than any others. Also, Sundar Rajan Pichai was becoming the face person of Google used to attend various conferences and promoted Google Technology campaigns and was head of most of the development projects.

During 2015 when Sundar Pichai was posted as the CEO of Google he focussed more on the Android development part in Google and he wanted to make affordable smartphones for every person. Also, he wanted to expand the internet to every country and places where it was earlier unreachable and because of that Sundar Pichai made a deal with the Indian government to provide internet in the villages helping digital India into reality. 

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