Highest response ratio next in operating system

The highest response ratio next of the name itself says that we are going to find something called a response ratio and now we show pulses having the highest of this we are going to take it so what is response ratio is waiting time plus service time by service time so W means waiting time for a process so for which means whenever you are standing at a point of time and till that point whatever is the waiting time that is called waiting time.
What is the waiting time at the point of your computation so whenever you are computing it at that point you find out the waiting time okay that is W and the Ness is service time or the birth time so s is nothing but the service time now for every process what we do is we find out this factor and now among all the process whichever is having this highest value we are going to pick it up right so here we are not purely depending on the first time we are depending on the birth time as well as waiting time so how are we depending.
First time is less since whenever this birth time is less yes that will be having the higher value fine but along with that if a process has been waiting for a long time then that one will get the higher value isn’t it so it is tricky but in understanding this so if the job is having the ish hottest birth time that is going to get higher value along with that if the process is waiting for a long time that will also get the higher value so what is the main difference between shortage job position this one is, in short, a job we are all we were always taking the shortest possible job but here we are taking both the birth time as well as waiting for that which means if a longer job if a job.
Know a lot of burst time has been waiting for a long time then that could also get scheduled right like this and s is the service time which means series HR RS not only favors the shorter jobs why does it favor the shorter jobs because denominator it you know there is service time, therefore, less of these I am the factor beverage it favors the shorter jobs but also limits the waiting time of longer jobs which means it will not let it a job wait for a long time because they know because it is having a large burst time with the examples it will be clear mode is non-pre-emptive non-preemptive means once we pick up a job we are going to run to completion.
Job completes you are not going to let it go right so that is what it is now taking this example and we shall see how to you know how does this one works on this now at time zero I am going to start it at time zero I am going to start the process P naught and I will be running it till completion why it is non-pre-emptive therefore at 3 and also act 3 is this process P naught gets completed now if we look at time 3 only one process has arrived by them which is P 1, therefore, I do not have any other choice so I am just hitting P 1 and now what is it so P 1 is going to run for 6 units therefore no the time is 9 therefore by timeline all the remaining three are available 2 3 4 are available now which one should I pick among this that depends on the response ratio right.

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