How did I get verified on Rarible? [ Get your NFT Verified on Rarible ]

In the same manner as other online platforms, the verified badge shows others that your profile has been somehow reviewed by people inside the platform to determine its authenticity. In the same manner as other online platforms, the verified badge shows others that your profile has been somehow reviewed by people inside the platform to determine its authenticity. Recently I’ve been working more and more with Rarible and have gotten to enjoy the platform more and more. I hope I’d show a quick example of verification on Rarible.


What does verification mean?

The verified badge will be awarded starting now to creators and collectors who can demonstrate an active dedication and a high level of authenticity. In other words, it’s not a judging instrument, and if you meet all the criteria, you’re awarded the badge!

Multiple factors are taken into account, such as an active presence and following on social media, interactions with community members, and the number of items minted and sold.


Why the Verified Checkmark is Important on Rarible

High Visibility

Items that have been verified will appear at the top of the search results. In the case of Rarible, their leaderboards will show only verified collectors/creators. In this way, Rarible preserves and promotes the authenticity of the items and profiles.

Creating an Account and Verifying Your Rarible Account

There are more than 5 million monthly visitors on Rareible, a multi-chain NFT marketplace supporting Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow NFTs. Rarible is a marketplace where you can buy and sell digital arts, collectibles, music, video, Metaverse lands, and wearables. The verified badge on every platform implies trust and authenticity. Similarly, the verified badge on Rarible signifies the same.

Rarible badges with verified status are marked with a yellow tick. Having a yellow tick means that Rarible has manually verified this account or collection. Finding real accounts and collections is made easier with this tool.

Rarible requires that you sign in with one of the cryptocurrency wallets it supports in order to create a profile. You need to create an account on Rarible, and then click the Get verified button to apply for verification.


Here are the steps for creating an account on Rarible

Regardless of whether you are a creator or a collector, you need to verify your account on Rarible.

  1. Just click Sign in.
  2. Select your wallet.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Create your profile
  5. Click the Update profile button

Step 1: Click Sign in

Visit the Rarible website.

Find and click on the Sign in button located at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Select your wallet

Any supported cryptocurrency wallet can be used to sign in, including MetaMask, Torus, Coinbase, Mobile Wallet, Beacon, Blocto, etc.

We explaining with the MetaMask, one of the most used wallets. 

Clicking Sign in with Metamask must be done after clicking the Sign-in button.

A connection request will be sent from your MetaMask wallet once you click the MetaMask wallet. Confirm the connection.

You can connect with your Tezos or Flow wallets by clicking the respective tabs.

Step 3: Accept the terms and conditions

The Rarible Terms of Service window will appear immediately after signing in. Make sure you read the terms and conditions, then check the two boxes.

Once you’re done, click Proceed. You are now logged in to Rarible.

Note: Rarible is accessible only to users 13 years of age or older.

Step 4: Create your profile

You now need to set up your profile once you’ve signed into Rarible.

You can do this by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner of the page.

After clicking Edit profile, you will be able to access your profile.

You then need to fill out the required details, such as display name, custom URL, Twitter profile link, email, and personal or portfolio site.

To make your profile stand out, you might want to update your profile picture.

Step 5:  Click the update profile button

Click Update profile when you’re finished filling out all the details.

Ensure that you have updated your profile before clicking Get verified.

The wallet will contain a signature request once you click Update profile. Click the Sign button to send it.


How to Get Verified on Rarible

Get verified by clicking get verified button.

On the Edit profile page, you can click the Get verified button after you have filled out your bio, linked your Twitter account, and uploaded a photo. You can increase your chances of being verified by including your bio, linking your Twitter account, and setting a profile picture.

Your online presence can be showcased through this form, where you submit links to social media sites, your wallet address in connection with your Rarible account, your answers to questions on ‘About Yourself’, and your methods of creating art.

Note: To qualify as a creator, you must have owned several NFTs previously created by other users.

There can be a mixture of verified and unverified items, but verifiable items should be given more weight. Rarible requires that you have minted at least one item before applying to be a creator.

It is imperative that you are aware that getting the verification checkmark does not guarantee your success on the market. Being the next big CryptoArtist (or collector) is only one step in a long and difficult process.


Can you tell me how long it takes to get verified on Rarible?

An Rarible profile will be verified within fourteen days after it has been submitted. There are 1,000 requests being received every day and they need to process them manually, so the process will take at most two weeks.

Why is it that non-verified users are not visible in the explore feed?

There will always be concerns about item authenticity on any large, open marketplace like Rarible. Previously, we allowed unverified users to appear in explore and search results before enabling verified-only search and explore. We decided to maintain the current search design since that led to an increase in unauthentic items.



With this article, we made you clear of creating a account on Rarible and also the steps to verify the account. In earlier on this article, we mentioned why the verification is required and stated its importance. Rarible the secured and protected platform to make their customers feel safe. Reach us with the comment section below for your doubts. 

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