How to add a bot to a discord server 2021 [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

The discord is becoming popular as the day progresses with 140 million users the discord has become one of the largest super apps. Discord has various functions that are not provided by other chat apps such as its features to add customized bots and add external themes that make the discord server much more manageable and more pleasing to the audience. To customize the discord server the discord offers you to create bots that help you to manage the server. 

There are discord bots for almost every feature that you need. If you are a gaming fan then you must have a Mudae bot and an Epic RPG bot, if you are a music lover then Groovy and Rythm are the bots that you’re looking for, if you are looking for moderation then Mee6 and Carl bot are there to help you. 

In this guide, I will give you my personal methods of how I find a useful bot for my server and how to install the bots onto your server with simple easy to follow steps that you can repeat in almost every discord bot that you install on the server. 


How to Find Bots for Discord in 2021

So, let’s start by talking about where you can find these bots. The discord bots usually have their dedicated website where you can go by typing in the URL or do a simple google search if you know the bot. 

But if you don’t know the bot but you want to install a bot for say music then you can go to the website such as and search about music bot or from categories section select music. The bot with the most number of servers and active users might be a good one. 

Websites to Search for Discord Bots


You can find almost any bot as per your requirement. The is one of the biggest and oldest search engines for discord bots, you should begin your search from this website, later you can continue to other websites. The discord bots are categorized with tags such as Leveling, Anime, Role Management, Logging, etc. You can explore the categories from this URL:

Some Famous Bots to Explore

  1. Groovy Bot (Music Bot)
  2. Dank Memer (Meme Bot)
  3. Mudae Bot (Game Bot)
  4. Mee6 Bot (Moderation Bot)
  5. Arcane Bot (Utility Bot)

Find Popular Bots here:

Sometimes it might become difficult to choose one bot. Instead what you can do is install more than one bot of the same category and then compare them side by side and then choose which suits you the best. 


How to add a bot to a discord server 2021

Adding a discord is a piece of cake until you mess up some complicated setting. Well, I will tell you all the ways that you can install the discord bots on the server. 

First of all, you have to find the bot that you need. I have detailed how to find bots as per your requirement in the above heading section so don’t forget to check it once. 


When you have found the bot as per your requirement then you have to find the button to add or invite the bot on your discord server. As each bot has its own dedicated websites where the documentation about the commands and other FAQs asked by people are written. This dedicated website homepage contains the link to add the discord or invite the discord bot on your server. Sometimes these buttons are present in the exact center of the homepage and also sometimes these buttons are hiding in the top left or right bar. Look for those buttons and invite the bot on your server. 


So on inviting the bot on your server if you are not logged in to your discord account, it will ask you first of all login and if you are logged in then it will ask you to select the server in which you want your discord bot to be added into. 


Once you have selected the server and hit on the continue button then a new page will open up asking you to provide sufficient permission to the discord bot. These permissions are very important for the bot to work properly but you must go through the permissions. 

Many times the bot is required to have administrator-level permissions which means the creator of the boy who has the bot token has become the administrator of your server. That’s why it is very important that you only provide administrator access to the bot only when the bot has a reputation and is working on a good number of servers, it means that the bot is trustworthy to be installed in our own servers.  

So till now, you have gone through the permission access that you are providing to the discord bot. Don’t worry if you did not provide all the conditions to the bot you will always have the option to provide them the sufficient permissions when you have added the bot on the discord server. Click on the continue button and the bot will be added to the server.


Many times the bot is inactive until they are set up properly, there are many ways to set up the bot you can do it from their dashboard pages or you can do it with the help of commands. There must be sufficient information that will be available on the documentation pages on their website to how to use the bots and how to activate the bot. Go through their documentation and YouTube videos and you will be good to go. Also, if you are facing some problem that is not available at any place then you can join their support server. Every bot has its own support services where developers of the bot are joined and community members who have experience in running the bot can help you. You can find these support servers on the homepage of the bot websites. 

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