How to buy Ethereum in MetaMask

You can easily buy Ethereum with a debit card or Apple Pay directly within Meta Mask by clicking “Add funds”. You can raise funds requests from a friend by sending them a payment request showing your QR code in person or sharing your public address.

Before telling you this thing, we would like to tell you what is meta mask and Ethereum. So, if you are also looking for this, you are reading the right article because here we will tell you about all these things.


What is Meta Mask?

Meta mask is a secure crypto wallet built to connect with Ethereum blockchains & dApps (decentralized applications). This can be installed as a browser extension or a mobile app.

It’s a cryptocurrency wallet that operates as a plugin for standard internet browsers such as chrome & firefox.

An online digital wallet that allows users to manage, transfer & receive Ethereum, operating as an extension to a regular browser.

You can buy ETH directly on Meta mask using a debit card or Apple pay to pay fees. This is possible through in-built third-party solutions like Wyre and Transak inside the Meta Mask wallet.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin. This decentralized computing platform can run various applications, including a universe of decentralized finance (or DeFi) apps and services.


How to buy Ethereum in Meta Mask

To buy Ethereum, we have to follow the following steps:

Step 1. Download Meta Mask

The first thing you’ll want to do is visit and click Download. And after that, click on install Meta Mask for your browser. Then click on- the “Add to Chrome” option available there and then “Add Extension” to install the browser extension.

Step 2. Create your Wallet

Now that you installed Meta Mask, you have the browser its extension. Since this is our first time, we’ll select “Create a Wallet.”

Now, you create a password. This will unlock the Meta Mask extension on your computer system, then type in your password and click “Create.”

Step 3. You should back Up and Verify Your Secret Backup Phrase

This is a very important step! After this, you’ll be presented with your Secrete Backup Phrase. This could go by other names, like the recovery phrase or wallet seed phrase. This is your secret password which provides access to your wallet.

If in case, you lose this phrase, you lose access to your tokens. If someone else gets this phrase, they get access to your wallet.

Click to reveal the secret words. This is a 12word phrase.

It would be best to back up this phrase, and it’s best to use a password manager to store it. And once it is backed up, this will give you some security tips, like-

  • Save a backup in multiple places.
  • Never share the phrase with anyone.
  • If you need to back up your Secret Recovery Phrase one more time, then you can find it in Settings -> Security.

Step 4. Find your Ethereum address

When you have your wallet set up, you can find your Ethereum address. You can now open your wallet by clicking the fox icon in the top right corner to open your wallet; if you click the letters and numbers and copy that, your address.

There are cases when money in the Meta mask was stolen. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with some tips to protect your Meta mask wallets.

1: Don’t click on Meta mask fake links.

2: Clear your cache.

3: Limit the Money transaction on the DeFi Website.

4: Beware of strange tokens.

5: How to Contact Metamask Support.

6: Only make transactions on the site you trust.


Buy Ethereum in India

Wazirx: It’s the largest cryptocurrency in India. At Wazir, you can buy Ethereum at the best price in India at INR 2,39,583.6. It was launched in 2018 & founded by Nishchal Shetty. Its headquarter is in Mumbai(Maharashtra).

Coin switch Kuber: The trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange offers a dedicated platform for Indian traders. It was launched in 2017. Ashish Singhal is the founder of coin switch kuber & its headquarters location is Bangalore (Karnataka).

Bitbns: It’s one of the oldest crypto exchanges in India. It was founded in 2017 by Gaurav Dahakde. It is Bengaluru based crypto exchange.

Coin DCX: It’s known to be one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges in India. It was launched in 2018. It was founded by Sumit Gupta & headquarter is in Mumbai ( Maharashtra), India.

Zep Pay: It was launched in 2014. This, along with robust internal controls, ensures that user assets are safe at any cost. Rahul Pagidipati founded it & its headquarters location is Singapore.

Its requirement

Anybody will require a crypto wallet if they-

  • Want to store their bitcoins and other cryptos safe from hackers.
  • Want to send coins or tokens to someone.
  • Want to receive cryptos from a friend.
  • Shop at companies that accept cryptocurrency.

Crypto wallets are similar to other payment wallets like Paytm and Phone Pay that help us make quick online payments without worrying about the change. A Crypto wallet is different from having a cryptocurrency exchange account.


How to use metamask Ethereum?

You can find the Add to chrome option there, click on that and follow the instructions. This will add an Ethereum wallet to our browser. After that, the Meta Mask icon will appear on the browser’s top right of our window screen. Now, click on the icon to open it. Now we are required to generate a new password.

Next, we will get a secret backup phrase of 8 to 12 words. Keep the phrase securely because it will be required if we forget the password.

Metamask will ask us to verify our secret backup phrase by writing in the box. After which, our wallet will get created.



What is Meta Mask?

Ans. Meta Mask powers you to buy, sell or transfer assets on the blockchain. And Meta Mask is a wallet for the most diverse blockchain in existence–Ethereum.

Is Meta Mask a good wallet?

Ans. Highlights. Being both a browser and mobile-based wallet.

Is Meta Mask a hot or cold wallet?

Ans. Meta Mask is considered a hot wallet because it works as a plugin browser extension and an app connecting to other decentralized web services.

Is Meta Mask only for Ethereum?

Ans. As of now, Meta Mask only functions under the Ethereum blockchain and supports everything else under it. Although, by using a global API, all the users can connect their Ethereum accounts to various applications under the same network.



Crypto are unregulated virtual assets, not a legal tender and subject to market risks.

Before using any of the crypto wallets, we suggest you check your crypto investment needs. Beginners can use Coinbase or Meta mask wallet for exploring & understanding various crypto apps and their uses. Both of the wallets allow easy access to Defi applications, that too without any wallet purchase cost. A long-term investor can pick the Ledger Nano wallet for the safekeeping of bitcoins. And because it allows offline wallet, which will keep us safe from hackers also.

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