How to buy NFT on Opensea with Trust Wallet 2022

An NFT means Non-Fungible Token, and it is a digital asset that can be bought or sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency. It can be anything from the real world like artwork, music, videos, and more. To buy or sell an NFT, you will need an NFT wallet. It’s not like a physical wallet. Here we can’t store NFTs or cryptocurrency in our wallets. Instead, we can get access to the assets held on the blockchain. So before choosing a wallet, there are certain things to consider. We have explained its importance and the best one to buy an NFT. 


Importance of using an NFT wallet

If you are interested in investing in NFT, choosing a wallet will be the first step. Like the debit card, which provides access to the money stored in an ATM, this wallet gives access to your assets stored on the blockchain. It will provide a password or a private key to the holder to access their funds. Anyone with this key can control the assets. They are available across all platforms like desktop, mobile, and web extensions. 


Features to be considered before choosing a wallet

Choosing a wallet is an easy way, but you look deep, there the task starts. Don’t start with any wallet you come across on the internet. Your wallet will be the primary access to all your funds. There are certain important factors to be considered before finalizing a wallet. We have mentioned those below, 


The essential factor to be considered is security to your investments. The wallet should guarantee security to all your assets and NFTs stored there. 


NFTs are already a complicated one to understand for beginners. So at least, the wallet should be user-friendly to make the process easy. Anything complicated will reduce your interest in that. Therefore, choosing a wallet-friendly to users is important, that should provide ease of setup and usability. 

Cross-Chain Compatibility:

The next crucial aspect of finding the best NFT wallet is compatibility with different chains. Ethereum is the popular one among all chains for NFT users. If you want to buy NFTs on various chains, your wallet should have this cross-chain compatibility. 

Multi-device usage:

Another notable feature for choosing the best wallet is the support for multiple devices. Most of the NFT wallets in the market have this feature to allow their users to access their assets. It should run on desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, it will be better if it runs on two devices with real-time synchronization of transactions.


Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is the most popular crypto versatile wallet owned by Binance. This Mobile based application runs in both iOS and Android. The primary reason for its well-known cross-chain feature availability. Like other top wallets, it includes a dApp browser to find NFT marketplaces. So it makes buying NFTs easy within the wallet in a few clicks. 

It is great for storing and accessing your tokens, but you can’t transact through here. This will not be the best option for people looking for swapping or transferring their assets. 


Steps to buying NFTs in OpenSea using Trust wallet

Step 1: Before starting this, check whether the Ethereum wallet is opened on your Trust wallet app.

Step 2: Get into the DApp browser offered by Trust wallet. On the address bar, type “” and enter. If you are using a multi-wallet, it will automatically select your Ethereum wallet. 

Step 3: Then click on the arrow button seen on the top left corner of he screen. Click Account and select My items. It will show a Trust wallet app pop up requesting your permission to Opensea access your wallet. Click the Ok button and click the Opensea logo to return to the homepage.

Step 4: Click the Explore button available on the home page. Now we explore some decentraland wearables using the filter option. 

Step 5: Type “Decentraland wearables” in the search bar and press enter under Collections. 

Step 6: Scroll down and under “On Sale in” select Mana. Select Dcl launch under “Collection.” Finally, move on to the top of the page to tap “Done.” 

Step 7: On the next page, you have two options: All items and Sort by to make your purchase easier. Under Sort by, you can sort items by recently listed, recently sold, lowest price, and more.

Step 8: After choosing an item, click the buy now button to complete the buying process.



  • Awesome UI and graphical portrayal of your NFTs 
  • Supports 53 distinct blockchains 
  • Allows marking for easy revenue
  •  In-built cryptocurrency exchange feature
  • Compatibility with numerous blockchain networks



  • Only compatible with Mobile.


Frequently asked questions:

Is a trusted wallet the safest to safeguard your crypto?

Trust Wallet is the most widely used wallet among crypto or NFTs users. It supports 40 blockchain networks and has more than 160k+ various assets. Only with your wallet’s private keys, you can access your assets.

Can you withdraw from your trust wallet account?

You need to start with swapping the token for BNB or Ethereum first to withdraw money from your wallet to your bank account. Then using popular exchanges like Binance, send the BNB or Ethereum. Within 30-60 minutes, you can withdraw the fiat currency to your bank account.

Why do you see an asterisk on your trust wallet?

If you notice asterisks on your wallet instead of your balance, it means that your balance privacy feature has been activated. It will be useful when you visit your wallet publicly. 

Is Trust wallet available on all platforms?

Unfortunately no, currently Trust wallet has an application for mobile. Moreover, this will be a huge drawback for this wallet. 



Wallets are the essential tool to make deals with the online NFT market. We have shown you how the wallet plays a vital role in the crypto or NFTs market. Moreover, we mentioned the steps to buy NFTs in Opensea easily. Trust wallet is the one we used here for an explanation. I hope you make use of this article to safeguard your digital assets online.

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