How to connect Metamask to Wazirx?

WazirX is the most recognized Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in India. In India, one can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies by using this platform.


Creating a WazirX account

Once you explore the NFT marketplace, you will see a connect button on the upper right-hand edge of the page; click it instead of clicking the signup button. After that, you will be effectively linked to your Metamask wallet of the wazirX platform.

Once you’ve downloaded the metamask wallet browser extension in Chrome or Firefox, you should click the ‘connect’ button. After these, a drop-down menu with your various account numbers will be displayed. You can choose an account number from the list. Then click next, which shows the connect button from the pop-up window again. Then, as the Ethereum mainnet is the one linked on Metamask, you will see a message asking if you want to enable this site to add a new network (in this case, BSC). WazirX, on the other hand, presently supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC), whereas metamask does not.

Then, we should update the BSC network’s information and allow it to add this new network to Metamask. After that, you must approve it if you want to authorize this site to change the network. Once you have approved it, click ‘sign in,’ which will land you on the sign-in page. Your username, display name, and email address all must be entered.

Your account will be successfully created on the WazirX NFT marketplace once you click to register. You may explore your profile, collections, and creations by selecting on profile in the top-right corner. Whenever you go to the edit profile page, you may fill in all of the relevant information. You may also utilize it to link your social media platforms.


Steps to connect Metamask to WazirX

Step 1: Install the MetaMask Extension initially. Skip this step, if you have already completed the installation of Metamask extension.

To start installing MetaMask’s extension, go to their webpage. Click download and start to install once the download is completed. After installing the MetaMask extension, you will notice a Fox icon in your browser’s extension toolbar.

You will be subsequently forwarded to the MetaMask “Get started” page, where you must complete the setup by reading the directions. Select “Create a Wallet” from the drop-down menu. Read the next instructions carefully, and never ever reveal your MetaMask password to anyone in any case. Then click I agree. For retrieving your MetaMask wallet, create a new password.

Make a mental note of this password, and don’t keep it elsewhere available on the internet, particularly in your browser. Make a note of it on a slip of paper and stick it somewhere secure.

The “Secret Recovery Phrase” video guidance will be provided to you on the next screen. If you forget your password, this Secret Recovery Phrase is almost the only method to get access to your MetaMask wallet’s crypto tokens and currencies. If you uninstall MetaMask from your browser or restart your device, this is the only option to retrieve your wallet.

To retrieve your Seed Recovery Phrase, click the Next button. Password; This Secret Recovery Phrase is the only way to gain access to your MetaMask wallet’s crypto tokens and coins.

If you uninstall MetaMask from your browser or restart your device, this is the only option to recover your wallet. To find your Seed Recovery Phrase, click the Next button.

Just like the password, take it down on a sheet of paper and stay it elsewhere safe.

Re-enter the correct recovery sentences on the subsequent screen to make absolutely sure you have got them perfect.


Step 2: Go to the WazirX account and sign in. Sign in to WazirX with an existing username and password. Choose Funds from the main dashboard.

Select Ethereum (ETH) from the resources menu. Select the Withdraw option.

A new section with the “DESTINATION ADDRESS” column will appear.

The MetaMask wallet address will be duplicated into the destination address. You will be capable of transferring cryptocurrencies and tokens from the WazirX wallet to MetaMask using this method.

While MetaMask serves the Ethereum blockchain out of the box, you will need to go through a complex setup process if you want to transfer other coins like BNB or Matic. This page should be kept open.


Step 3: Navigate to MetaMask and open it.

In the toolbar of your browser extension, choose the Fox icon. In a little window, the MetaMask wallet will open.

At the top of your MetaMask window, you’ll see the text “Account 1.” Copy the ETH wallet address linked with your MetaMask account by clicking “Account 1.”

Click on Buy, scroll down, choose “Directly Deposit Ether,” and then click on View Account to discover your MetaMask wallet address.

To copy the wallet address provided above, simply click on it. This is your MetaMask wallet’s Ethereum Blockchain address for receiving ETH currencies. You cannot, and should not, send any other cryptocurrency or token to this address.


Step 4: Launch WazirX and initiate the MetaMask transfer. Return to the WazirX wallet.

Select ETH and then withdraw. Paste your MetaMask wallet address in the “Destination address” field. If the address is incorrect in any way, you will receive an error message. There’s no need to be worried if you don’t.

Enter the amount of ETH you want to send from WazirX to MetaMask. Enter MetaMask 1 within the remarks section ( you can enter any text in that ). Check that all of the details given are right once again. Then, to begin the transfer, click the Proceed With Withdrawal Button. Now Your WazirX balance has been successfully moved to MetaMask. This instruction exclusively applies to ETH transactions. When you install MetaMask for the first time, it only supports the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC20 standard. 

You’ll need to build up a unique network if you wish to transmit coins like Polygon, BNB, or DOGE.


Frequently Asked Question

Is WazirX safe software to use?

WazirX keeps 95% of its funds offline, ensuring that they are protected from any cybersecurity threats. It is regarded as one of the most user-friendly platforms in India 

and around the world, with numerous competitors.

Is it possible to hold crypto on wazirX?

While popular platforms like WazirX are safe enough to retain (or HODL) your assets for as long as you need them, it’s still a good idea to educate yourself on avoiding being scammed or falling victim to hacking when it comes to your cryptocurrencies.

Is WazirX equipped with a wallet?

WazirX, India’s leading crypto exchange platform, provides one of the country’s most secure bitcoin wallets.



WazirX has recently introduced cryptocurrency exchanges and is developing its IT infrastructure and workforce to address the issues. They’ll need a little more time to perfect things.

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