How to Connect Your Ledger Device to OpenSea via MetaMask

With OpenSea, you can manage NFTs directly from your Ledger device and access the NFT market directly from your Ledger device. With this article, you came to know how to manage Ethereum-based NFTs. NFTs can be found on other networks as well, including Polygon, Solana or Tezos.


Prepare yourself before you begin

  • The Ethereum (ETH) app should be installed on your Ledger device in the most recent version. 
  • The blind signing feature should be enabled in the Ethereum (ETH) app on your Ledger device.
  • Ensure that you are using the latest firmware version for your Ledger Nano S or Nano X. For more information, go through (Nano S users) or (Nano X users).
  • Make sure Metamask is updated to 10.5.2 or higher if you wish to connect to OpenSea via Metamask.


To update Metamask follow the below steps

  • You can see what version of your wallet you have by visiting Settings > About.
  • You will need to close and reopen the browser extension to find this information. When you do so the extension is automatically updated.
  • In the case of mobile devices, be sure to check the app store of the device, such as the App Store for iOS. Download and install the MetaMask application as necessary.


Connect your Ledger device to OpenSea using MetaMask

  • Your Ledger device needs to be connected to Metamask
  • OpenSea is where you should be.
  • The Metamask extension can be unlocked using your password if you open it. In your browser you will see your Ledger Metamask account.
  • Choose Metamask from the ‘wallet’ drop-down menu on the OpenSea website. A dialogue box appears where you can connect to Metamask.
  • To connect, click Next and choose your Ledger Metamask account. Ledger Ethereum accounts are connected to OpenSea via Metamask.
  • You can select Profile by clicking the colorful favicon on the OpenSea website. The NFT collection associated with your Ledger account appears.



Before you start

  • Ensure that Ledger Live is updated to the latest version 
  • Make sure your Ledger device is running the latest firmware by opening Ledger Live and connecting your device to the manager.
  • On your Ledger device, you must have the latest version of the Android app for Ethereum (ETH).
  • After you’re finished with Ledger Live, close it as it may conflict with Metamask.



  • MetaMask can be downloaded and installed on your browser.
  • For best results, use Chrome or Firefox.
  • By signing up with MetaMask and opening MetaMask, you can create an account
  • Adding a second account to MetaMask is the next step. It is your Ledger Ethereum (ETH) account.
  • You will then add your Ledger Ethereum (ETH) account to MetaMask in the next step.
  • Click on the three dots icon in MetaMask and select Expand on your browser once you are all set up.
  • A tab is opened that is easier to navigate in MetaMask.
  • You can open the Ethereum (ETH) app on your Ledger device by navigating to the Ethereum icon and pressing both buttons simultaneously after you plug your Ledger device into your computer.
  • Application is ready to appear on your Ledger device.
  • Then click on the round colored icon in MetaMask, choose Connect Hardware Wallet > Ledger, then click Continue.
  • Your account addresses will appear after a short wait.
  • Click on the Unlock button to unlock that specific account.
  • MetaMask displays your Ledger Ethereum account and Ethereum balance.


Please read this important note related to using MetaMask with Ledger 

  • The 12-word Metamask recovery phrase should not be imported into your Ledger device. Recovery phrases generated by Metamask are generated online and are, as a result, unsuitable for cold-storage purposes.
  • A 24-word recovery phrase should be seeded only on the Ledger device during initial setup.
  • If you are using the Import account option, we urge you not to import your 24-word Ledger recovery phrase into MetaMask. If you do, all your sensitive data will be compromised.



The first thing you should do

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of Ledger Live.
  • If your Ledger device is not running the latest firmware version, open Ledger Live and connect your Ledger device to the Manager.
  • In order to use Ethereum (ETH) on Ledger, you need to have the latest Ethereum application installed.
  • On your Ledger device, make sure that Polygon (MATIC) is up-to-date.
  • You can now close Ledger Live since it may conflict with Metamask once you’re finished.



Following these steps, you can download and install the MetaMask extension in your browser.

  • Log into MetaMask by creating a regular MetaMask account.
  • Your Ledger Polygon account will be added to MetaMask in the next step.
  • After you have finished setting everything up, open MetaMask in your browser, click the three-dot icon, and select Expand view.
  • A new tab opens where MetaMask can be navigated more easily.
  • Steps to connect Metamask to the Polygon-Mainnet network are listed below.


To connect Metamask to Polygon, use the following RPC data

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet 


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC 

Block Explorer URL:  

  • MATIC balances are now displayed in Metamask instead of ETH balances.
  • Open the Polygon application on your device by navigating to the Polygon icon and pressing both buttons simultaneously after plugging in your Ledger device.
  • A message stating that the application has been successfully installed on your device.
  • To continue, click the round colored button in MetaMask, select Hardware Wallet > Ledger, and click Continue.
  • The account addresses appear automatically after a short delay.
  • Just tick the box next to the account you wish to select. After that, click Unlock.
  • There are Ledger Polygon accounts and MATIC balances available in MetaMask.



  1. Setting up your hardware wallet and creating your account is a breeze and can be accomplished in just a few steps.
  2. Activate your Ledger wallet.
  3. Establish a pin code and enter a secret phrase to set up the new device.
  4. You will need to create your own account for managing your crypto assets.
  5. From Ledger Live Manager, select the blockchain application you are interested in and download it.



Hope this article will help you to get all the information about Ledger and metamask. This article particularly focuses on how to connect your ledger device to OpenSea through Metamask. We have mentioned all the preliminary steps to take to do it. Moreover, the article is made easy to learn with simple steps to understand. 

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