How to Create NFT on Rarible in 2022 [ Free Method Included ]

The Rarible is the NFT marketplace that was founded in 2019. It has nearly 1.6 million users and a trading value of 274 dollars million. Rarible has owned its partnerships with major companies and celebrities. However, not everyone wants to be a celebrity to create an NFT with Rarible. It offers three various blockchains to any of its users. With this, you can mint your NFTs and list them for purchase to others. Moreover, you can mint NFTs for free by directing the fee to the buyer. It allows them to enter with less financial risk.

An example of well-known NFTs is CrytoKitties, a game where virtual cats could be purchased. In addition to that, the Kitties could even breed to create new cats with different attributes. Digital artworks, memes, lands are some of the NFTs you can easily find on Rarible. 

The cryptocurrency of Rarible is called RARI. If you’re owing RARI tokens, you can vote on proposals. Voting affects the platform, moderate creators, and the listed artworks. 

Creating an NFT in the Rarible Marketplace:

Be aware that, on every transaction of yours, Rarible charges some ETH (Gas) as a transaction fee. Online, you can find various marketplaces to create, buy and sell the NFTs. 

Some of the famous marketplaces are;

  • OpenSea
  • Nifty Gateway
  • SuperRare
  • Cargo

This article will focus on Rarible to create your first NFT. You have to sign in using Ethereum wallets to purchase digital artworks in this marketplace. Once you list your collectibles, you can manage them here. Having a wallet is a must to connect with the Rarible. Some of the famous wallets are;

  • Metamask 
  • Fortmatic
  • WalletConnect 
  • Coinbase wallet 
  • MyEther wallet
  • Torus.

Here, we use the Metamask wallet to do the process with NFTs. Make sure you have already set up a Metamask wallet in your browser. If “No” follows Step 1 or skip it. 


Step 1: Setup Metamask Wallet

  1. Add MetaMask extension on your chrome Click here.
  2. From the chrome toolbar, click on the Metamask logo. So it gets started. 
  3. Click on the Get Started button.
  4. Then click the “Create a wallet.”
  5. The “Help Us IMprove MetaMask” page will appear on the screen. It’s your wish to share your experience with their platform. Then click on “I Agree.”
  6.  After that, it asks you to set a unique password for accessing the wallet. Then click the check box to agree on the terms & conditions and click “Create.”
  7. It gives you a secret backup phrase, as it helps you to restore your account. Click “Next.”
  8. Arrange all the words of the given secret phrase in the original order and click confirm. 
  9. With these steps, you successfully create the wallet in the MetaMask platform. Click on the “All Done.”


Step 2: To add some Ether to the account address

Make sure you’re in Ethereum Mainnet. To create NFT, you must add some ETH to the account address.

Metamask allows you to buy ETH with a debit card. To do it, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Get into the particular account where you need to make the purchase.
  2. Click on the buy icon.
  3. Select the button “Continue to Wyre.”
  4. Enter your card details and the amount to be added.


Step 3: To connect Rarible with the MetaMask

  1. Go to the Rarible website. 
  2. You can see the “Connect wallet” button on the top of the right corner. Click on it.
  3. A list of wallets is displayed to connect with Rarible. But here, we go with Metamask. 
  4. On clicking Metamask, it displays all your account on the metamask wallet. Select the required one and click the Next button. 
  5. Now, the wallet asks permission to make the addresses of permitted accounts view. Click “Connect.”
  6. Once done with Metamask connections, Rarible asks their requirement to continue. Click on the heck boxes available and click “Proceed.”
  7. Now, you’re done with connecting the Metamask wallet with the Rarible. 


Step 4: To create NFT using Rarible

  1. Get into the Home page of Rarible and click on the “Create” seen on the top-right of the screen.
  2. You can see the availability of two different collectibles: Single and multiple. Click on the “Single collectible” if you want to make a single digital copy of your artwork and sell it to one person only. Or else, click on the multiple copies if you want to create multiple copies of your artwork and sell to multiple people. 
  3. Then you have to upload your art as a file. 
  4. There you can see two toggle buttons:
  5. i. “Put on sale” – Click this if you want to receive bids on your item. ii. “Instant sale price” – With this, you can give your amount to make the sale instantly. Note that: 2.5% will be taken from the given amount as a service charge. 
  6. You can select the collection where you want to put your collectible.
  7. Next, enter the apt name for your collectible.
  8. Based on your artwork, describe it in the description section. 
  9. To specify the royalties. It means if you create a collectible, you can set some percent as royalty for secondary sales. It is suggested to give 10% or 20% or 30%. 
  10. You can also mention your artwork’s size, colour, and more. Then finally, click on the “Create item.”


Step 5: Final steps in creating your first NFT

  1. To approve the transaction, you will receive a notification from Metamask. Click on the “Confirm” button.
  2. The next step is to upload the files and mint token. 
  3. To confirm with the contract integration, you will receive a notification from Metamask. Confirm it. 
  4. The final step is to sign for a sell order. So you will receive a notification from meta mask to signature request. Confirm it. 
  5. By doing these steps, now you’re done with creating your unique NFT on Rarible. 


How to find the NFT of your creations?

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Then select the “My items.”

Now you can see all of your collectibles, and also you can check the collectibles which are on sale. 



Rarible, the famous and trustable platform to create, list, and sell your collections as NFTs. We have mentioned all the procedures from the very basic step of creating your wallet. Finally, we provided the steps to create your own NFT and list it for sale. We hope it helps to fulfill your requirement within our article. 

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